Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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I forgot to mention my total addiction to the whole Katrina disaster. Each day I am drawn to the TV and internet... I seriously just want to go down there and help those poor families out... I can't even begin to imagine how horrifying it must be to not even know if your home survived or if there is any peice of your life left where you saw it last....

And then on 2Peas.. I saw this link..... I hadn't even thought about all the poor animals that must be roaming the streets not knowing what has happened...

My boss who lives in Fla has been without power since Katrina hit last Thursday.. but he still has a home... all those families in LA & MS they have nothing....

So little time

Well then.. I have been alittle remiss about keeping up with my blog... but never did I think when I was gone that I would get spammed!! Amazing!! Oh well I guess some people have nothing better to do....

On a whole other topic-- I have been really busy this week working on layouts that I should have completed awhile ago... My 4th of July minibook that I got from the Heidi Swapp secret class. Its been alot tougher than I thought as it is a 6x6 album and my pictures that I had printed at Walmart are 4x6... so even cropping them there is little space for creativity. Which I would have thought would have made it easier... but nooooo I sit there and look at the blank pages wondering what to do... Tonight I will post a few pictures of what I came up with....

I also had a few more things I wanted to upload to Creative Coterie but not sure that will happen either... so much I want to do and so little time to get it done. I am struggling finding scrap time and balancing that with housework, other hobbies and hubby.... For the last two nights I have actually brought some paper and pictures down to the TV room so that I am in the same room as mike.... not the easiest way to scrap but I am getting some things done-- kinda multitasking huh?

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Its strangely quiet.. after a weekend of Madison and Manda the house is really quiet. Even Mr. wiggles and Jake seem to notice the silence... No rest this weekend but lots of puppy love.

Friday, August 26, 2005

8 minute layout

There was a challenge on 2 peas about doing an 8 minute layout--- I didn't quite make 8 minutes but close--- Honestly I need alot more time than that!!! Not the best layout... but it is done!!
Unfortunatley I still haven't found a stitching program so only part is showing hehehe... but you get the idea!

Tag huh???

I never was very good at playing games... well for those of you reading blogs you know whats happening... for those of you who aren't stalking someone Leah has tagged me to list 5 random facts about myself...

1) I have been totally bitten by the blog bug and I am now up to 15 blogs that I check everyday... but only 4 do I actually write on and know the people who write them.

2) I am addicted to HGTV-- and when left alone will have it on 24 hours a day.

3) When traveling I carry my "blankie" with me so I don't have to have my body touch the hotel blankets....

4) I am so addicted to food that no matter what it is I'll try it... and more than likely I will continue to eat it... even if it tastes bad.

5) A good weekend to me is one where I don't shower or leave my house.... and if I can get away with keeping my pj's on all the better.....

So there you have it .... just some random lil factoids.... And LIZ because you are so behind on your blog-----TAG!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Where the antelope play

Over the years dining with my good buddy Kim and her husband has always been a treat --There are some people who come into your life and you gotta love them!!! I have known Kim for over 20 years and she never ceases to amaze me... Usually when you have dinner with friends you know what to expect... Dining with the Yeicks over the years has always been an event... from Crawdaddies to pigs ears.. to the finer pleasures of Remys.... Well last night was no different...
The Serbian Crown was our destination...All the way in Great Falls... of course our 7pm reservation turned into an 8pm reservation...typical of Kim and I.... You wouldn't know it from the outside... alittle on the shabby side.. but once inside you know you are in for a treat... and knowing Kim and Ken I wasn't sure exactly if it would be a good treat or what...
The first menu that arrived on the table should have clued me in for the night ahead of us...It was 4 pages of Vodka drinks... (hence Serbian..)

And then when the dinner menu arrived... I took a quick glance at the evenings specials and I knew they had done it again.... Kangaroo with port wine sauce...... hehehe yes my Red Russian almost came out of my nose as I started to giggle....

Well when the restaurant has Lion, Antelope, Emu and kangaroo on the menu of course you must have the wild game pate for an appetizer..... And why stop there... yes I ordered Antelope.. Ken had Emu, Mike was feeling wild and got a Game platter.... don't even ask! and Kim she stayed domestic with lamb!! In true style she all shared our exotic dishes... and enjoyed the wandering violinist, had decadent desserts and more wine than necessary....

You only live once.. might as well do it on the wild style

hmmmm Exactly how will I top this restaurant????

Tidying up after Moscow Lobster (cold lobster)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Amanda went to her job interview this morning!! and she got the job!!! yea!!! and they even took her credentials and hired her as a vet tech!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Liver Shunt

It was one week ago that we realized Madison was sick... We were in Christiansburg and she was acting funny walking with her head down, circling the room, not willing or wanting to sit, and not eating or drinking... not acting very puppy like at all..... after a night of worry she woke up FINE.... ate like there was no tomorrow and was the puppy we loved...
Then it happened again... hmmmm was she over tired? Too much for a little puppy? Fast forward to Tuesday... Amanda decided something was wrong.. and to the vet they went... white blood count 51,000.... way to high for anyone... so on antibiotics she went... but she continued to get worse.. Thursday they admitted her and the word liver shunt started to come up... She was admitted and pumped full of drugs-- she wasn't walking, nor did she have balance, she was being force feed... and given an enema to remove the toxins that were building in her body... Amanda went back up at midnight to give her more medication as by now she needed round the clock care... A trip to the specialist confirmed our fears.. it was a liver shunt and it would require surgery.. Expensive surgery... Amanda who worked 2 jobs --60 hours a week so she could attend school this fall without worrying about money had spent over $1000 dollars in two days... And when I looked in her eyes I knew the animal lover in her couldn't wrap her heart around anything other then saving Madison...Friday she was better but certainly not stable... and not ready to come home... When prayers are asked miracles come in the form of Angels... Kim stopped by to pick up her car and looked at Amanda and even though the Dog breeder in her said it was time to put Madison down she knew the feeling of loving a puppy and stroked Amanda a check for $1000.00... I couldn't have asked for a better friend.. she certainly did more than I could have ever thought possible.. not only did Madison have a chance at survival but my daughter had a chance at recovering from this horrible ordeal.... That night I went to the clinic with Amanda... and held Madison and whispered softly in her ear that she must have a guardian angel... The next morning Madison came home... on special food "KD" the day was good... she was walking better.. by now we had learned alot about this affliction ... A liver shunt is when the blood vessels go around the liver instead of into it... your liver filters ammonia and toxins out of your body... so for Madison all the neurological problems, loss of vision, unstable walking, head pressing, wall walking these were all being caused by her own body poisoning her. And most of the toxins were the direct result of protein. The KD is a very low protein food.. and should have made a big difference... and it did except for right after she ate....
Sunday----I heard Amanda scream... and running to the cage I expected the worst... but what I found was my daughter holding her dear puppy whose eye had come out... probably the direct result of falling due to a lack of balance... Again angels intervened... and Doctor Brown met us at the clinic on a Sunday morning when we really should have been sent to the emergency clinic... The surgery was quick and the eye was stitched closed so it could heal... And a recommendation given to stop all protein... Madison would finally get her wish and have table food! Rice, carrots, mashed potatoes... Unfortunately Madison still was not eating on her own... so my blender went on high speed and we used a syringe to feed her.... after 12 hours of no protein.. she was back!! There is nothing like a puppy who has to wear a big plastic collar who is supposed to be resting--full speed full energy and no desire to lay quietly.... The good news.. she was eating on her own and finally went potty...
Amanda was supposed to go to VA Tech on Monday-- but without knowing what was next for Madison she stayed home and gave Madison the care she needed..
Tuesday I contacted The VA TECH school of Vet. Medicine... they could do the surgery on Thursday... Which meant We had to get Amanda to school and puppy packed.... And Angels intervened again... Amanda got a call for a job interview at the local vet office in Christiansburg... its not a guarantee but it was enough to make her realize that she had a chance of recovering from this financially...

If anyone had told me that I would become so attached to this little puppy I would have told them they were crazy... I'm not an animal lover... but this one touched my heart --- touched all of us...
We have read everything we can on this from the internet... , from the books at the Prince William Animal Hospital where Amanda works.. heck I even found a yahoo group... And from what I have learned Madison is fighter and she deserves this chance...
The plan today?? well Amanda and Madison are on their own in their new house in Christiansburg... Tomorrow Amanda will take Madison in for her surgery and Sunday her Dad will drive down to help care for Madison when she gets out of the hospital on Monday.....

saying goodbye again

Months turn to weeks and weeks turn to days and then shes gone --its as simple as that.... The summer was supposed to have long lazy days to sit and talk, shop and chat, giggle and laugh but somehow that time flew by and I found myself looking down the driveway waving goodbye again. This time there were no tears, we were all consumed with Madison and her upcomming surgery... it was a race to get Amanda out the door and on the road... It was a struggle to pack all the gear that girly girl needs, that a sick puppy needs and that a mother knows they both need. But the car packed to brim-- hit the road silently and I waved...

Friday, August 12, 2005

So sad

I am so sad and the right words just won't come. Madison is very very sick... the vet seems to think it is liver shunts. I want to make things right but its beyond my powers. Amanda is running out of money and hope and I just don't know what to say or do to make the pain go away for her.

color me TIGERLILY

Ok so Rhonna Farrer posted a Challenge using colorstrology it sounds interesting... I am so into color and color combos... per the site I am A Communicator, Insightful and Mystical.... I actually think it could make an interesting layout.... and the color was Tigerlily...hmmmm

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

blog thoughts

Another thought about blogs... I stumbled on a blog today of a knitter.... and low and behold she had tons of knitter friends that all had blogs... do you think every hobby is like scrapbooking .... do they have idols too???strange but true

And from Angie Petersons blog I have learned she is
is doing a conference call "talk" details here hmmm August 17.... sounds different and might be worth my time

Just the facts

Since I have to forum to rant I think I will.... Warning I am still angry and this might not be pretty!


Fact: I got online a rented a 17 ft truck 2 1/2 weeks before I needed it.
Fact: I paid by credit card.
Fact: I printed out my confirmation that says the location for pick up is not guarenteed but that we will be contacted if an alternate location is assigned.
Fact: I did what I was supposed to do in a timely fashion and I got screwed!

Fact: With less than 24 hours til we were to pick up the truck they called to confirm pick up of our truck in MARTINSBURG WV

Fact: Martinsburg WV is not in VA...
Fact: Martinsburg WV is 90 miles away
Fact: I tried to remain calm assuming this was just a clerical error.... as I sat on hold for 39.8 minutes with the Regional Customer service office
Fact: The girl I spoke to didn't apologize because this how they do things... They call the day before from the closet location.....
Fact: Martinsburg is about 1.5 hours away... EACH WAY..
Fact: We had friends who took off of work scheduled to be at our house at 10AM.
Fact: ONE WAY TRUCK rental is expensive and Uhaul had the best rates.
Fact: Trying to get a truck rented for next day service is hard
Fact: I was quoted $900 from Budget- $500 from Penski
Fact: I paid double to penski from what I had secured online with Uhaul.
Fact: Moving is stressful, Moving your child is more stressful, being told you don't have a moving van is a killer.
Fact: I will never use or recommend Uhaul EVER AGAIN.

Done -- and yes I feel better----

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The big Move

Well- We did it.. we moved Amanda and Kevin (my nephew) into their new digs... What a long long weekend. There are more stairs in that townhouse than anyone should have... but I do think I worked off my morning donut!

It was so exciting to see Amanda making decisions that I know have been on her mind for months... where to put the silverware-- where to hang pictures... etc...

The house looks terrific and I just hope that the karma we decided was there (the last owner just got his PHD at Tech...) stays and blesses her with many good times!

This is such a learning experience for her.. She lived in dorms last year but this time around she will have to be responsible for all the demands of a house. She is already feeling the sting of money as she had to pay a hefty $120 deposit to her Gas company. And low and behold I think she realizes that she had it good at our house as they have no toaster or even a kitchen trash can!! just to name a few things that we all take for granted... but before we all start feeling bad-- Mom and Dad shelled out funds for hoses, lightbulbs, new broom, outdoor trashcans and the $500 moving van!! (I will rant about that later!)Curtain rods, the showercurtain rod... need I go on... needless to say it was a very expensive weekend...
but you know what?
I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world... My baby is growing up and shes doing a fine job!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

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Musing about washers

Ok my new washer finally got delivered on Monday night... and yes it took me til Wednesday night to find the time to use them.... What a crazy week this has been... I know spending the money I did should guarentee a big smile on my face when I threw the dirty clothes in.. but really.. It just saddened me.. for 17 years I have loved my Extra Capacity Kenmore washer and Dryer... really I smile just thinkin about them.. they never let me down --they held EVERYTHING and they did the job day in and out... not much in my life has held up to those standards...
And now --well I guess its cool I could sit and watch the clothes go round should my life ever slow down to a dull roar... but its hard to be happy about something as slow as these babies... 54 minutes to do a regular wash and 27 for a Quick wash...
The question is do I dirty my clothes enough for the extra time???? granted no one plays on the playground any more... nor do they dig in the sandbox... but really how clean does the quick wash get those clothes????

And did I mention how darn big these things are??? they stick out way farther then my old ones... and they are sooo tall....

ahh changes...