Sunday, October 30, 2005

an extra hour.... goodness

Totally loving the extra hour today... we woke up pretty early for a sunday-- 8:30 which in fact was 7:30-- Mike headed out for alittle side work and I took apart our bedroom... no painting but I am ready whenever he is... the dust balls were incredible under the furniture!!

Its only 4:30 and I am still on "summer" time-- so my tummy is screaming 5:30... but I love that I still have hours to play....

I spent the afternoon spray painting some frames white because I thought the pictures would look better in my scraproom unified in crisp white frames.... ok the frames look fine... but I think I should have gone black.... I painted the scrap room a really dark Mauve and have crisp white trim and white curtains and I love the combo.... So the frames being white should have worked right??? oh well... we will see what happens from here.

Friday, October 28, 2005


AHHH finally Friday-- tomorrows sleepin day.... my favorite day of the week!!! got such a big list of wanna do's this weekend that I know I will only be disappointed come Monday because there is no way I am going to get bulbs planted, rhyzomes dug up, a bedroom painted and wallpaper removed from the hallway.... but a girl can dream huh?

Its definately hot tub weather... gotta make time for that too!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lifes ups and downs

Just trying to go with the flow.... took off work alittle early today to refinance my house... something I really didn't want to do, but with 2 kids in college and grand plans for the future we thought we could save alittle more... but do you think they had the right numbers when we hit the table??? noooo so away we went with nothing accomplished...

The up side of the day??? I saw gas for $2.29! never thought that would make me happy!

Sending big hugs out to Mary who just emailed me that she is still waiting on a scrapbook kit that I recommended to her---so much for personal recommendations... and to make it worse- This has got to be the worst month I have ever seen....They should be ashamed of sending it out!
And more hugs to Christopher who is struggling with some class called strategic management-- doesn't that sound like something they would come up with in a board room for managers to hide raises from employees??? Exactly who uses strategic management? and what kind of good can come of it for us poor shelps??? oh well... it will all be A-OK I just know it...

I was hoping to share some pictures of lil madison tonight... I heard she went trick or treating at the sorority last night... but alais nothing from her mom in my email....

Monday, October 24, 2005

This will make 100

Yup- This will make my 100th post to this blog... seems like bells and whistles should go off because I was sure when I started it that it would be just a passing phase...

Well-- alot of happenings since my last post... The two people who I adore more than anything in the world were home this weekend. Yes, both of my wonderful kids were home for the weekend... Chris had fall break and Amanda was home for a wedding.. they both have their own agendas when they come home and those agendas rarely include me but its nice to hear their voices rattle through the house and have the excitement that they bring.
Madison was also here... I am sure I will be posting some pictures soon of her latest visit!

On to other things... after much debate Heidi, Leah and I are signed up for a local crop in Feb--Ali Edwards was what pushed us over the edge... We all admire her work and are excited to take a class from her too!
Speaking of scrapping I got an email about a new Stacy Julian book thats coming out... I guess I have known for awhile that she had written one but until I saw the ad I didn't realize that I really think I need it... so much for sticking to a tighter book budget... I had to have all the Donna Downey books-- The Heidi Swapp book... and now another one.... UGHHHHHHH-- I sure get sucked in easily!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just a quote

Just because someone doesn't love you the way that you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you the best way they know how.

Its a quote that sits at the bottom on Leah's emails... I see it every time she sends off a note... and it always makes me smile... and Think....
Not sure why today I felt the need to write it out... but I did... its strong and provoking... because we all have people in our lives that we wish could do something alittle differently-- people we deem would be perfect if only they....

I beleive truely believe that most days we all are doing the best we can just to get through the day--we're trying--- and while it may not be enough for everyone we come in contact with --we are getting through life the best way we know how... Knowing this begs the question are we giving the people in our lives the benefit of the doubt... are we giving them a fair chance?

Just because someone doesn't love you the way that you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you the best way they know how.....

Thanks Leah....

Monday, October 17, 2005

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more weekend

I know its Monday... but hey Mondays are well they are Mondays... but just a quick thought about this weekend.... we went to Burger King... yes BK... but thats where the guys take their old cars to show off... Mike brought his 67 Firebird up there.. and little did I know but my corvette got a few looks too....hehehee but while I was walking around ohhing and ahhing at the cool cars I stumbled on this beauty!! PINK!! don't see that very often... although when i commented to the owner ( a nice man) that I loved his PINK car.. he quickly tried to tell me it was marroon.... he can try and convince himself all he wants that its marroon... I know pink when I see it!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A day out...with friends

You don't realize how much you miss someone til you see them again.... Yesterday I truly realized how much I missed my buddies from MCI- I got to see everyone (well at least the ladies!) yesterday at Kristi's babyshower and it hit me just how much I miss everyone. Its been 10 months since we all worked together and other than emails and IM's we just haven't had a chance to hook up-- and that makes me sad.
I don't know if its because we all worked together for 4 years or if it was because we survived layoffs, kids growing up, having babies, buying homes.. All the traumatic things in life.. but we really were good friends... and I miss them terribly. They were my compass-- kept me up to date on latest fashions, guided me through politics, new recipes and child rearing... Friends... real Friends...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

If you can't beat them join them!

Ok so I have accepted that my family probably has alittle more of the redneck gene than most... and usually I try to ignore the fact that my husbands idea of a good time involves having black fingernails and a specific odar of motor oil surrounding him... and that my son finds it amusing to say things like Git er dun and actually has a cell phone that sports a nascar driver on it... and hey if theres a Nascar race within driving distance I have a free day to do me stuff.. and if its on TV I can usually hide in my scraproom... all and all the redneck thing works for me.... but last night I got sucked in to watching the Busch series race in Charlotte... It wasn't too bad to watch because of all the action... lots of wrecks... so as I settled in I picked a driver.. Sherman... he drove a pink car... well I was quickly told he's ONLY a Busch series driver... so tonight being the good wife I am I settled in for the SHOW... the Nascar race... with tire troubles due to a track resurfacing it ought to be another good race.. (Do I sound like I know something about the sport?) and guess what I found another driver....HA! another PINK CAR!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Its a good thing

Theres something to be said about pulling out your warm fuzzy fleecy robe on a cool evening... yup for the first time this season I pulled it down off the hook and pulled it on... its a good thing

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Night time excursion.

I had all intentions of being creative tonight.. but instead I went with a stranger to pick up a car for her son... what has happened to my life that I am reduced to this??? Ok Joella isn't a total stranger she works with Mike... but I really don't know her.. but she called and needed an extra driver... so yes out of the blue I hopped in the car with a stranger so she could go buy a car... strange but true.

Totally unrelated --Amanda and Madison went home yesterday -- to their home... and once again the house was sooo quiet.. when will I ever get used to that? I miss them terribly...

I had great plans of tearing down wallpaper -- guess that will wait too.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Ok this was MEME Challenge # 14--- sorry that its a screen shot.. but holy cow who could figure out how to get it saved??? anyway this is my collage... It was fun to play with but in the end frustrating trying to get it on my blog!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still playing

You might have missed my earlier header... but now I have a MADISON header... Which I couldn't have done without the help of 2peas digi phenomena DAISYROSE, She totally rocks!! Who would have imagined anyone staying on a Thread long enough to teach ME how to do what I am sure everyone else thinks is simple???? Can't thank her enough... I promise I will buy a book soon so no one has to endure that again!!!

Also if anyone else needs help with photoshop I met another pea who has a great blog with all sorts of help on it!!
Jen has taken alot of time to layout some great directions... no I don't think I want to digitally scrap but I would like to learn more about photoshop!!!

Ok enough playing for today... Did I mention have a puppy visiting???? hehehehe

Saturday, October 08, 2005

its raining puppies

Call me crazy-- but last night in the pounding rain Mike drove me down to Richmond so we could pick up Madison!!! Madison needed a babysitter... Christophers not allowed pets in his apartment... we like puppies... you choose the reason!! But the end result is that we drove in the dark and rain for an hour and a half down and another hour and a half back and we now have Madison to play with all weekend!

Can I even begin to explain how much madison has grown??? She has all these new skills... BARKING... going down the stairs (why would Amanda teach her that trick?)
Shes eating alittle puppy food mixed in with her LD (special RX food) Shes fast as lightening just ask Mr. Wiggles... no longer can the cat run faster!!! And her added height has made her a terror for Jake!

Ohhh yes a puppy love weekend it is!!!
Added Bonus... I got to see not one but both of my kids this weekend!! (insert roll of eyes here again from them)

New header!!!

HA HA!! I finally figured out how to change the darn header!!! Ok I know it needs some work... and actually this isn't the picture I want up there.... I am sure my son is rolling his eyes-- feeling totally left out-- but this was quick and easy as I took it off a collage shot from an earlier post! A big thank you to Lindsey Teague who actually posted directions on her blog. (Which I didn't understand her directions really at first... but then somehow it clicked...) Anyway be on the lookout for something wonderful (hehehe) now that I know what I did wrong this time... and what works!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

rain rain go away

Yesterday was a top 10 of what made me happy-- too bad happiness is so fleeting.. today was just blahhhh-- don't know if its the rain, overcast and the fact that I spent most of the day being cold... but today will not ever rank in the 10 of anything... I got to asking myself on the way home (with the lights on... hating this time of year) what was missing....

The list tonight-- What I miss.......

1) I miss knowing what tommorrow will bring...
2) I miss knowing that I have a whole lifetime to get things done, to be with the people I love
3) I miss your laughter
4) I miss coming home to someone
5) I miss long talks at the dinner table
6) I miss the phone ringing and having someone want to talk to me.
7) I miss a calender filled with obligations
8) I miss looking in the mirror and smiling
9) I miss reading a good book
10) I miss silliness...........

Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out, until then.... its dinner, Survivor, and some bill paying .... was this really the life I looked forward to?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TOP 10 list

Felt the need to blog... but not much to talk about so how about the ever popular Todays list of things that make me smile:

1) Knowing that my favorite kiddos are coming home for visit this month... something to look forward to.
2) Just thinking about puppy kisses and wiggly puppy butt...
3) Peaking at the PINK pinstriping that Mike brought home for my car.... can't wait!
4) Cool crisp mornings with the anticipation of warm sunny afternoons
5) Just seeing my new Donna Downey books sitting on my desk. Waiting waiting for me to read
6) Stumbling across Nia Reddy's blog
7) Chocolate Chip cookies with white chips, coconut and those little macadamien nuts that Mike has been making every night....ummmm
8) Knowing that Monday is a HOLIDAY!!
9) Ok The lunch box is still making me smile...
10) Riding with the T-Tops OFF!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My little lunchbox!

I was totally impressed when I saw the first Basic Grey ad so long ago... and as always I over thought the who process and it took me forever to take the plunge... but now that I'm done I really love it -- and it matches the new colors in my scraproom... Yep I am keeping it for me... and no it won't keep photos but instead all those little tiny letter stickers and those little cards of embellishments that seem to get lost in the shuffle.. Maybe I will get motivated to make dividers by manufacturer or at least by theme or color -- who knows... but for now I am just sitting back and admiring it!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

slow weekend

Not much of a weekend.... it kinda went at its own pace... I did grab the camera today and tried to get the animals to participate in a photo shoot.... but they would have nothing to do with me... I really wanted to get one of them to sit in front of Mikes Elephant ear plant to show just how big it got.. but no dice... so I just chased them around the yard yelling sit stay sit stay... haha as you can see by the photos here It didn't work real well.... even the darn fish wouldn't cooperate!! Too much glare on the pond.. I did remember to take pictures of fish "pre-release" into the pond... We have adopted 6 of my mother-in-laws fish in anticipation of her move.... better to move the fish now then in the dead of winter.... They are some beauties... Japanese, Chinese and butterfly koi-- and I am happy to report they seem happy to join my fishies.
Other than yard work the weekend kinda escaped without much fan fare.... on to another work week ....I worked on a new project today... maybe it will be ready for an unveiling tomorrow....
Feeling kinda behind in the "project" area... probably ought to make a list to get me motivated....more on that tomorrow.

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