Monday, November 28, 2005


So I guess you noticed that alittle more painting was happening at my house. Yes that would be the orange hallway... it has a great funky name but in reality its orange... and I am totally lovin the green in the living/dining room... still more painting left to do in the living room... but hopefully it will be done this week. The colors totally make me happy happy happy. One day-- probably not in this house I will be able to have matching accessories, lamps, pictures etc. but for now I keep myself smiling with paint!

The last few days have been filled with family and food.. I did take pictures at thanksgiving.. not sure if they get posted or not... we had a great time at my sister in laws.. its always fun when we are all together.-- We managed to get two turkeys cooked on Friday, so the kids could take home leftovers. Needless to say they raided the kitchen on their way out the door (man can't live on turkey alone) Mikes parents showed up early on Saturday to help him paint.... I'm not allowed to put paint on the walls.... we giggled our way through china cabinets and nail pops-- although he wasn't much better about letting them play in the paint. And true to form I stayed in Jammies the entire weekend.

And the biggest news... my washer is finally fixed. yes finally---

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yea I ran to the grocery store during lunch... a madhouse but manageable.... overheard a lady telling her husband to "just calm down".... made me laugh....

Christopher is on his way home... upset that our washer isn't washing at the moment.... HA hes upset... I'm the one who paid $1800 for the dang thing.

Got a new recipe for Fruit salad...Autumn fruit Salad... with cranberrys apples and cherries.... sounds interesting.... and yes the family will be guinea pigs... what better time to try out a new recipe.

Making a voodoo doll tonight for Amanda to celebrate male stupidity....

Trying to figure how to decorate around Orange walls..... hmmm I am thinking BROWN -- but that seems so cosmopolitan... hehehe and that is not me... nope.. not at all

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Well the girls blew in just like the winter winds!! brrr can you say cold??? Manda and Madison... Madison and Manda... its good --really good....

Did some power shopping today... got to the mall for the first time since LAST DECEMBER!! We went in search of "the little black dress" and maybe some christmas shopping.... HA! no xmas shopping... but boy did we have fun in JC Penney!!-- nothing like saving 50% ... yup 50%..... We each got treats and now it will be much easier when we do actually shop for others!!

Came home to Mike putting up some molding... we bought more paint last night... a sage green and PUMPKIN... not totally sure whats going where... (no decorator skills here) but I love the two colors and feel my life needs a shot of color.... there is a downside to totally new bold colors... nothing I own matches pumpkin.... (amanda would say that this just gives me permission to shop!) Not real sure how to handle that... I really don't like buying just to have... I like having things around me that speak to me... that mean something to me.... ahhh thats probably why I live in this eclectic chaos... I guess we will deal with that after the paint is on the wall.... (go ahead and say it... I should have a master plan.... nope)

Three more days til Chris comes home... and did I mention my BRAND NEW WASHER is broken... gotta love MAYTAG.... more on this later... I'm sure

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The countdown begins!

With thanksgiving just a week away-- yum yum-- the countdown begins til the kids are home again.... I got a jump on filling the pantry that they will raid on their way back to school... Yes I was the crazy lady who bought 10 yes 10 boxes of hamburger helper at the store today.... and 2 bags of cheese doodles and 2 boxes of crackers, 3 jars of salad dressing..... next week I'll be back to get food for Thanksgiving!!!

I washed the sheets, vacuumed bedrooms, and put new toilet paper in the bathroom... we blew leaves so madison could find the yard, Cleaned off the desk , put soda in the frig.... we are ready!! now we just have to wait...

enough said!!

Gas-- $1.98

Need I say more!! :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Car dating

So I get a phone call from Kim asking me about the rules for car-dating... haha just say no seemed like the easy answer... Kim's been a friend since before Amanda was born... and for so many years I used her as a sounding board for all those tough parenting issues... and now that its my turn to pay her back I wonder if I am giving her the same logical advice she gave me??? Funny it wasn't that long ago really --but now it seems like a lifetime ago that we had to think about that... we got off easy with amanda... she had her brother to drive her and then Corey came into her life... We both agreed in the end that since Jessica didn't have a big brother that she could only hope to get lucky enough to find her daughter a Corey....

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Brian Jackie and Mathew Posted by Picasa

Strength in numbers

My sister in law must be the strongest woman alive... tonight we had a family dinner as Brian is being deployed to Guantanmo Bay in the next few days... And as we sat there catching up on the latest news I couldn't help but think that I wouldn't have the strength to let go-- I admire him for his sense of duty and can't thank him and the countless other boys enough who are willing to leave home to serve our country-- I can't even begin to imagine how she held a smile on her face. A better woman than I.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sometimes its ok to be sad

I miss my manda today
I miss my critterfer today
I miss my madison today
I miss knowing that everything was gonna be ok

Sometimes its ok to

'nuff said.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just say no to beige

Weekends just about over... did a quick run down to the lake.. Mike had to pick up his boat from the shop and then winterize the jetski and my boat... but who would have thought that it would be 80 degrees and sunny in November? Really we couldn't have planned it better! Got to spend time with Toni which always brings a smile to my face. I miss her living down the street-- and totally don't get how life gets away from us-- we did take a look at another lot this weekend... maybe being neighbors is in the cards again...
Finally got the bedroom painted-- ok listen to this ... its beige.... do I look beige to you??? don't even ask... but trust me it won't happen again... next color going on the walls will be a COLOR-- orange, green, gold.... color I need lots of color.... beige is just soo beige!! But somehow I know it makes Mike happy.... He doesn't seem to understand color--

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

yup thats right their mine!!

I thought I would share this layout... ladies he is single... employed and he promises me that in 40 days he will be a college graduate!!! oh yea I am pimping my son out!! but the dog stays with me!!

I've been tagged

Thanks Melissa for tagging me... I owe you one!! hehehe

This is the what the tag is for:the Blog Archives and Hidden Meanings meme. The criteria:Delve into your blog archive.Find your 23rd post (or closest to).Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.Tag five people to do the same.

From July 13-- Bits and Peices
I need to go back to using my "to-do" lists.... I have so much that needs to be done each day that I am slipping farther and farther behind.

How totally funny..... some 4 months later and this still stands true.... I am behind and everyday I slip farther behind... Where o where is my to do list??? note to self... find to do list... write to do list... read to do list.... DO SOMETHING!

TAGGING CONTINUES--- Heidi, Leah, LIZ!! (yes you have to update your blog) ok so I don't know anyone else with a blog... sad very sad....

Dark-- sometimes its just not a nice place to be

Ok I had to drive home from work in the DARK.... somehow that doesn't seem right... can't we adjust our work schedules when we turn back the clocks.... I suppose I have about 2 months of this til the sun catches up with me again....

speaking of dark... this morning when it was still dark I got one of "those" phone calls... the kind from your child where you just want to hug them and make their life all better... only you can't because they are all grown up and in the real world a hug and a kiss won't make roommate problems or bad test scores or broken hearts go away. I swore to myself awhile ago that I was releasing all the pain... that I was not going to take it all in and let it tear me up... that part of life is learning to deal with the bad stuff... Its soo easy to say.. and I know its whats best for them and for me... I have to move on and they have deal with the hardships of life.... Somehow that is soo against the grain of being a parent. My job description for so long... to serve and protect... and now what is it?