Tuesday, January 31, 2006

News of the day...

So I got my hair cut... and while it looks pretty much the same it is different... not that my husband would notice... but it is shorter and it kinda flips out in the back... I'm liking it... wish Manda was here to tell me nice things about it cuz I think she would approve...

Got word today that our health flex account is extending the deadline til May-- why I don't know but its good news because I still have $1200 to submit and could use alittle more time to gather up those receipts... Didn't know I still had so much money left but its good news really because I got some whopper bills to pay next week and its nice to know they are "prepaid" and I will get the cash back.... lets only hope I get so lucky with the IRS....

Also got some good news I think about Madison (the grandpuppy) (love that word)-- her cough may be due to a broncial irriation which from what I could gather from amanda's phone call can be fixed... they are gonna start with some antibiotics and and something to keep her calm (lol drug her up good!) and if that doesn't do the trick then move her on to steriods... much better than all the horrible things I worried it could be.... And she was cleared to start her puppy school on Wednesday... apparently not contagious... she really needs puppy school.... and probably a new dress for her first day of school... hmmm I do think that means I NEED to shop... I gotta remind Amanda that I will definately need a first day of school picture... hehehe but I bet she has already thought of that-- my girl knows me well!!

Now on to figuring out what exactly I am going to do for the Ali Edwards class I am signed up for... I think I am doing it on Mike... but that means I need some pictures... ughhh I always wait til the last minute on these things....

Friday, January 27, 2006


Sometimes its just worth it to get the mail....

  • Christophers diplomia came in the mail today... never has a peice of paper looked so nice.. and funny its not even mine but a definate sense of pride came over me when I opened the package.... job well done Christopher!! Note to self: find a really nice frame for this baby-- it certainly deserves one!

  • I got a replacement package from Suzieskits.com... the one I got last week was somehow not wrapped in plastic and after sitting in the rain on driveway all day it was just a pile of mush... but one quick email and WOW my replacement was here 4 days later and the amount of goodies that came with it as alittle "i'm sorry" is incredible!!! Talk about wonderful customer service!!! I can't say thank you enough!

The weekend is here and there is so much I need to do... dust.. laundry.... upload a ton of pictures, finish a minibook for amanda to give away... 1099's... but first... where is my glass of wine????

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feather weight

Go ahead look alittle closer-- I know I know... its harder to see me now because I lost 2.5 lbs.... hahaha I started my diet last week and today was weigh-in day for me... and despite my little lunch outing on Sunday I still managed to loose a few pounds... Dieting is so darn hard... while I am not hungry really I just want to eat food that is bad-- Today I stopped in 7-11 ohhh those toquitos were calling my name... and then the little chocolates by the register... ummm but I resisted...
Sooo here I go again... starving myself.... we'll see how long it takes to loose 25 pounds.. I thinking May-- Damn that sounds sooo far off....
Somebody pass the carrots and get me another glass of water... pleasssssssse--

Monday, January 23, 2006

In case you want to know

For anyone keeping score I will have you know that I showered and dressed each day this weekend.... no jammie weekend here....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lunch with the ladies

What a wonderful afternoon... I went to lunch with two friends from my "old" work... I totally miss seeing them everyday and It was so great to catch up on the kids, families and work stories.. We promised we would stay in touch when we all left.. and then time jumps in and before you know it we are months later still promising... It was soo fun today... I really miss them more than I realized.. The good news is that we all decided that we couldn't let time get in the way and that we needed to get together at least once a month... It will be a challenge but certainly one to strive for!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Online shopping...

Ok so maybe I don't always make the best shopping choices but in the last week or so I have really scored with some purchases.. I enrolled in an online creativity workshop by Stacy Jullian... and while I was alittle hesitant I was more curious and right now I am feeling good about it... I heard Stacy speak the first time I went to Nashville and totally fell in love with her philosphy of saving memories and now being in her online class I am glad I signed up.. we are making a Creativity Fun Book... and its... well fun....
And then there was the QVC purchase... yea I know... but I was sucked in by the hype.. I ordered it Wednesday and damn if it didn't arrive today!! The itself album is AMAZING.... not to mention what was included... hopefully I will have some time to sit and play this weekend!! Although at first glance I am alittle taken back by the fact that alot of the work is already done... I can't figure out if its good or bad... I mean the pages are pre-cut, pre-inked and in some cases pre-printed... so alot of the design work is done... is that good??? I mean poof and its done or bad that its not mine... hmmm like I said we will have to play around with it alittle...
And if my scrapping won't already fill my weekend I got the new Top 10 CK in the mail today too... I haven't finished reading the last two magazines I got or the AE book Chris bought me-- I guess the laundry can wait another day.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Something old is NEW again

There are so many things I want (ok need) to get done... but we got this new gizmo at the house... DVR ohhh its a wonderful invention... for those who do not know what DVR means its a form of TIVO that Dishnetwork sells...
hmmm I had just a few must see shows a week that I had to see.... yea it was always on but I usually ended up scrapping or reading ... but now I find myself drawn to the big ol box!! yes I can watch Oprah whenever I want --did you hear me OPRAH!! I can watch shows that conflicted with my Regular TV viewing schedule... I can catch 24 when I want to watch it... and the best thing... I can do it in 1/2 the time by skipping the commercials...

Just another thing to add to my addiction list....

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Moment of mine

A Moment of mine

Hey Mary... DD= Donna Downey

Our Captiol


Ok so last week I ranted alittle... maybe alot about my metro experience... and no I am still not over it.. which Phil pointed out to me this weekend... but what I didn't share is why I was on the darn metro to begin with... Mikes spends way too much time downtown (working) and we really never take advantage of who he meets/knows... but his little brother was in town and Mike got us some VIP passes to visit the Capitol... to make a long story short -- We went and played tourists.. and it was fun... nope I had never been to the Capitol and yes I would go back... funny we live sooo close but never really take the time to appreciate all the city has to offer... shame on us... and shame on Metro for taking advantage of us tourist... yea I had to get one last dig in... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006



The pace this weekend was slow and steady.... lots of cleaning got done... and alittle scrapping. Went to breakfast to see David and Karin off... Took Mike to Scrapbooks Plus after breakfast! HAHA he is a patient man, who walked every aisle with me and actually picked up a few items he thought I might need... and found every peice of pink paper in the store (for my next project) and didn't say a word when the sale was rung up... gotta love a man who may not totally get it but pretends really well!

Our hot Tub heater died this weekend... figures it finally gets really cold again and the heater dies... ahh gotta love internet shopping a new one is on its way!

I enrolled in DD's class and the above is the layout for this week... I only signed up for 4 weeks because I was curious... I don't think I can do a whole year.. I have enough challenges with Creative Coterie every month (that I struggle to complete)and enough projects in my little head that I just wanna get done.. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


And they wonder why we all don't ride----Metro has a scam going.... and if you aren't a regular rider theres no way for you to know how to "use" the system... It comes in the form of parking... you drive up to the lot... it clearly says $3.75 to park... but they seem to have forget to mention you HAVE to buy a $10 card to get out of the parking lot.... not a fan.

Monday, January 09, 2006

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Toni threw a great retirement party for my Father in law, Phil... David flew in from the netherlands... BIG SURPRISE!!! And totally cool....
Just so happened that the Redskins were planning that afternoon so of course with a family full of guys we just incorporated that into the day!!! We cheered like banchees-- only louder... had great food... and of course toasted the man of the day... my father- in-law Phil... I guess you could call me lucky because I am one of "those" people who totally loves my in laws-- They are greatest-- and Phil is soo deserving of retirement!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I hate work

Can I say that work has been totally unbearable this past week or so.... running around like a chicken with my head cut off... printers not working, programs crashing mid stroke, time flying by, and I just don't see an end in sight....and when I look at the calendar I realize that next week the kids are going to be going back to their lives and all the things I wanted to do with them, share with them --theres just not enough time.... whoever invented going to work should be shot... its really getting in the way with what I want to do with my life....

on another note... I was at Joanne's today during my 10 minute lunch break... Can you say 70% off holiday stuff.... ohh yes I bought some very cute suede red and black photo albums... yep already completed one to send off to my parents....picked up 3 more just to have in the stash.... and I scored a container that I think will hold my scraps better then the notebook that I have been using....

off to play with puppy.... hmmm I guess she'll be leaving too--- hump don't want to even think about that now-

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Christmas 2005

Just a peak at christmas! Finally found some time for some scrapping fun!! Inspired by Ali E... Some how in the scan the colors look alittle darker then the burgandy it is.... Just loving seeing everyone on one page!! And got to use some paper from last christmas!!