Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Memo please

Someone didn't send me the blizzard memo.... because if they had I would have made some different choices-- like maybe driving the truck to work instead of the vette.... or maybe I would have just stayed in bed for a few more hours.... yes I did it again... I got stuck on a hill in my lil baby.... and yes I got to speak to another policeman who kindly told me I couldn't sit in the middle of the road... LIKE I WANTED TO????? I managed to slide myself nicely into a driveway... or maybe its was a yard... who could tell with all that snow... (note to self: on the way to work tomorrow... be sure to check that out) and yea I sat there for about an hour while I waited for spring to sprung... the snow stopped and I gently followed a snowplow til I hit civilization again on rt 29... which might was like hitting the lotto... just wet roads.... my kind of pavement!

well.. tonight its reindeer pants for me... scrapping, american idol and lost... what more could a girl ask for???

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A new edition!

Look what sitting in my living room!! This chair is PERFECT!! I totally love the shape, size and color!! Exactly what I was hoping for!! And hoping is a great word because I have to admit I wasn't really sure what was coming home-- Amanda worked at Barnes over the summer and again at christmas... I needed a chair (my animals seem to work through furniture like its their job) anyway... I did a quick run through at the store picked a chair in like 10 minutes and then never really followed through... So Amanda picked up the ball and ran with it... I really couldn't tell you if I picked this chair or she did... but I do know she picked the legs and finish.. She brought us home fabric swatches that she thought might work and Mike and I did a process of elimination and called her with our choice!! I admire Amandas style so much that I knew she would pick something just perfect (she must have gotten that from her grandmother.. I afterall am the one who picked Orange as a wall color) She has a great eye for design and color and it really shows with this Chair... I LOVE MY NEW CHAIR>>> look at it quick because it will soon be covered with a sheet... but thats another long story!

And yea I think I will keep the tags on it for awhile.... just kidding... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Karma is a good thing!

So I sent Madison this little sweater--every lil girl needs a new outfit for the first day of school-- and her mom tells me that she didn't wear it because she was afraid the other puppies might laugh at her~~~ well I think shes just wrong!!! everyone would be jealous!! After all they are going to school NAKED----
Its a cute sweater!! has a lovely neckline to hide the extra rolls of skin... the colors look great with her fur... what was her mother thinking?? And Maybe if she wasn't so cold in class she might have participated in the whole SIT lesson last night!! Ahhh how I do love to hear her mother was embarrassed by what HER daughter did at school.... Can you say KARMA???? hmmm does this sound like I was ever embarrassed by my daughter.... ohhh the stories I could tell... hmmm lets just say I have smiled and nodded my fair share... hehehe Karma is a good thing

Does it really matter that she looks like she's wearing crotchless panties from behind??? Seriously should those other students be looking at her behind when she has such a cute face???

****Please excuse the lack of smile in the first picture... it was taken under distress!! Madison saw her mommy taking all her stuff out to the car and was sure she was being left behind... such a sad lil girl she was

Valentines Day!

Gotta love a man who tries his best to not get you chocolate for Valentines Day!!  Posted by Picasa

a photo is worth a thousand words....

Heidi and I -- it must be early morning because look how good we look!! Yep- this weekend we went to a Crop... something I normally don't do... I mean why leave my house to scrap??? but it was fun-- lots of fun... and the real reason I went besides getting to spend time with Heidi , Leah, Janice and Sue??? ALI EDWARDS!!! I got to take a great class from ALI... Posted by Picasa Between classes and scrapping the hightlight of the day was watching and waiting for the snow to come-- and boy did it come-- I think the total ended up being around 12 inches!! Didn't get to play in it-- trugging to the car was enough!!

And for anyone who's counting-- yes thats two count them two pictures of Heidi with her eyes open!!! hahaha!!! Thanks guys for a fun weekend!! we need to do that more often

Friday, February 10, 2006


So I thought I had everything planned out... Going to the Scrapbowl in Chantilly on Saturday... got my class lined up, sooo excited to see my Scrappin buddies, I even planned out what I would be working on!! and then I pull down the Heidi Swapp album that I have been saving for a special occasion... yes I am going to use it... I see the inscription on the inside... mmmm do I really want to give this away??? umm NO! but no problem I can buy another one... I will need more page protectors anyway.... hop online.... and guess what... THEY DON'T make them!! CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY?????? No wonder there is sooo much Heidi Swapp bashing.... such a dilemma... I could go 8x8 -- tons of those available.... just don't know... I have sent out an email to a CTMH rep... Apparently they sell 9x9... UGHHH so much for being ready...
Did I mention the threat of snow on my weekend???? and that I am supposed to babysit Madison???

Ok-- so I am unloading my scrap bag so I can reload it... hey who knew all the stuff I had stashed in there.... some really cute chatterbox paper... a flag book kit I bought at GASC 2 years ago??? Some transparencies I got at the First CKU in Nashville , Club scrap paper... ahhh at least I have some stuff to play with when I get home sunday...

Oh well... I guess I can pack tomorrow night right.... its late I'm tired and really bummed out... and no I didn't do the journaling for my class yet... but I did get my pictures from the Walmart Natzi's after a week and a half.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New banner

Seriously need a new banner... hmmm gotta figure a way for it to take less time for me to whip one of those babies up....
Just a thought

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a girl can dream???

The Memory Dock the latest???
Seems to be alot of buzz about this "new system" I checked it out... its beautiful in pictures!! Wouldn't it be great to have nicely coordinated stuff??? That 12x12 scrappers box??? yup perfect... The cute pencil boxes!!! The photo boxes with the little books??? Somewhere between the euphoria of cuteness and which color do I choose--the conservative side of me looked at the darn prices!!! come on I can get a photo box for a couple of bucks any day of the week.... ahhh in another lifetime I guess

Saturday, February 04, 2006

today in Reindeer pants

I sit here after spending the last hour (or so) zipping through the last week of Oprah.. ain't technology grand! Did I mention that its 5:00 and I am still in my favorite pink fleece reindeer pants? and my non matching CK ultra comfy sweatshirt.. have I accomplished anything today??? hmm not really.. did do my kids taxes... worked on scheduling a vacation for Fall of 2007 (who says I can't plan in advance?) yea there was some laundry and I finally dusted the family room.... but I'm wondering if choosing my clothes for the day has anything to do with the work output... or maybe its just the rainy foggy weather that did me in??

I got my SS planner in the mail this week... yes I ordered it in DEC.. and its Feb... was it worth the wait?? nope... but I am going to make it work.. very disappointing that I have to make something work for another 11 months.. but in my excitement of getting it--I already wrote in it... so the chances of it being returned are squashed.. ahh but in the same order I did get SS simple schemes book which for the price $4.99 is a bargin.. think becky higgins sketches gone simple... I haven't read it all but so far I'm liking it.
I am still haunted by Ali Edwards book...I can't even begin to tell you haow many times I have thumbed through it.. Mike actually caught me the other night putting stickys on pages.. Very excited to think that I can get Ali to sign it next weekend.