Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quick recap

Lack of sleep is taking its toll on me. I don't understand where the insomnia is coming from- although all signs point towards stress. As a walking zombie all I can think of is going home and going to bed--but having been here before I know I have to keep up with a normal schedule if there is ever hope in actually sleeping again. One would think that after days of this sleep would just come but instead its like someone forgot to turn the light switch off. So I lay there --mulling over all of lifes problems, trying to figure out answers to questions that haven't been asked of me and wondering how we got to where we are now.

That said I spent a wonderful day Saturday with Amanda. We went to the scrapbooking convention in Chantilly. Because I wasn't sure if I was actually going to go or not I never bought tickets to any classes and online signup was over on Thursday when she sprung the news that she would go, we had to scramble to a plan B. And did we scramble --Amanda drove to the convention center Friday morning after class and made her way through the mini van moms (her words not mine!) and signed us up for two Rusty Pickle classes.
And yes of course the first one was at 8am.... after a night of way to much wine 6am came early for me and I celebrated the day with a hangover and of course lack of sleep... But we shopped, cutted and pasted and enjoyed our time out without Corey and Mike. And while Amanda admitted that she just doesn't have the time or money for the addiction she was impressed enough to get an SEI kit and a canvas project kit. Quick and Easy and still alot of fun to put together.

For the second week in a row we were able to have a Sunday Family dinner that included the entire family-- we were happy to have Christopher and Tiffany come spend the day and of course Corey and Amanda. And then Jackie, Matthew and Brian joined in the fun. The pouring rain was alittle much and we were stuck indoors but alittle Ice Cream cake can cure the blues.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

check the deck off the list

So I'm back after a few non blogging days--
The deck is done for the most part... and is soooo soooo nice... We still have some lattice underskirting that needs to be attached. And definately some plants that need to be moved. But it is NICE--Mike has this great way of imagining things and figuring out how to bring them to fruitian. I wish I had that kind of vision.. The best part is we have taken to eating on it every night. I guess when you eat as late as we do the heat is gone and its comfortable.

This weekend is GASC-- I have to work Friday but I think I will head over to Chantilly on Saturday. I haven't signed up for any classes... maybe I will try and accomplish that today.. if not I will just go to SHOP ! I wish I had someone to go with... but I seem to be solitary in this little hobby of mine.

Did I mention that our TV and internet went out this week... Had a storm Monday night and mysteriously we lost Internet and most of our TV stations... Got internet back yesterday and this weekend Dish Network promises to come and bring us back TV... (not that there is anything to watch this time of year!)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dinner at home


Meet Tiffany-- cute isn't she?? Christopher wasn't sure if he wanted to bring his new friend home.. but Mom does win sometimes.. I know we can be abit much for most folks but I promised to be good... hey I even dusted and cleaned the bathroom and (sit down for this one) I showered and put on make up (yes it was weekend!!)... company from the city was coming... Well of course as sons can be sometimes --he was a few hours late... so much for that shower... 90 degree weather and deck building can wilt a girl... and the appitizers I was gonna make turned into cheese and crackers... but I was able to serve lasagna....
So we met the friend-- she didn't say much-- and I promised not to ask a million questions -- so I don't know much... but she is darn cute huh? Posted by Picasa

Gray be gone

So you look in the rear view mirror to back up and there they are shining brightly in the sun.... gray hair... and funny no one ever mentions them.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Remember I told you about the Roses?

I know you want to see the roses
And more.. minature roses
And remember I told you my hydrangia were glowing???

I really like the garden this time of year when the plants are doing what they are supposed to.. the drought (or my lack of watering) hasn't killed anything.. Tonight I sat out there (phone in hand talking to Mom and Dad) and really couldn't think of anyplace I would rather be. (see mom??? I worked you into the blog!! )

still decking

So The TREX deck is kicking our butts... Even with the wonderful help we recieved from Toni, Robin and Nick we still have deck boards that need to go down. And are far from dealing with railings...Seems that the low maintenance deck is high maintenance as far as putting it together... but as you can see my dream stairs are coming together nicely... sized for sitting, gracefully desending and my flower pot frog! I still haven't figured out the landscaping around the deck... I know going down the yard side of the deck we are putting in another pond... this will be for waterplants since my fish seem to think that I am serving them high priced greens every time I try to grow something in there... We will add a few little goldfish to keep away any bugs. But for the other side I currently have the slate path that David installed a few summers ago-- the path that now leads to nowhere due to the enlarged steps. Gotta figure out what to do there?? remove the slate?? or wrap the garden toward the deck stairs?? and then there is the hose issue gotta be able to get there too... hmmm lots of decisions....

Sunday, June 11, 2006


My body feels like my yard looks... its pretty sad... Hopefully we are coming to an end today with deck building.. while I doubt the rails will go up I think we are on schedule to get the deck boards down... on a bright note the roses are totally loving the weather and blooming more than they have in years... and back by the pond the hydranga are standing tall their white flowers glow against the deep green of the woods... lots of gardening to do once the deck is in place I think I will be moving plants for months to come....daylilies anyone?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Goodbyes are easier when you share them with the right people

Last night was one of those nights when you realize how perfect family can be. Picture a long table at Ruby Tuesday, add parents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brothers and friends. We are a loud, obnoxious, opinionated group. The jokes flow freely, no politics (although we could go there) just banter about the weeks events... its all good... If I could capture moments like that in a bottle I could sell it for millions. We are good -- we are good for each other-- we love, we like and we are family.

It doesn't take much to get us together..say birthday, say holiday, say something good happened to me and we descend like vultures... Last night it was bittersweet.. My in-laws were saying goodbye... they were leaving the rat race of NOVA.. and making a good change... a Florida change...probably the hardest decision to make but somehow I know it was the right decision.. one we talk about here alot... getting away.. loosing the stress of "this area" We can't imagine what life will be like without them here but we can imagine the goodness that awaits them there.

And did I mention the Braves won??? Way to go Nicholas!! While I can't quite get into baseball it was alot of fun getting play by play during the first part of dinner while he was playing in a tournament game--what would we do without cellphones??... yep they go on to play Saturday--Keeping our fingers crossed that the luck follows them to Little River!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday already?

What a crazy week- Our office moved and while it was only a few blocks the details involved in moving have been so time consuming.. from changing internet to moving the phone system to hiring movers, dealing with contractors etc.... but today was our first day in our new place and it all came together.. A big thank you to my wonderful husband who really took charge and did the phone switch move AND totally wired the new space for phones, fax machines, internet you name it!! How did I get so lucky to marry someone who can do anything???
And on the home front Mike has been busy (with my minimal help) building our new deck--
Its gonna be a great space, but the process is slow.

And the weird news of the day?? I got a plastic envelope in the mail that I almost threw away thinking it was junk mail only to see peices of REAL mail in it!! And yes the mail was OLD mail... my only guess is it got "lost" in the mailroom somewhere in my local postoffice because it was all together.. anyway thanks to the postoffice I thought I was crazy and misplaced my bills and missed out on a special event for a friend.
Its been awhile since I have had time to do much of anything so tonight is gonna be a night devoted to laundry, putting away laundry and SCRAPPING...