Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Just looking at my pictures from the lake. Heres to learning to be patient.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Move in and move on

The weekend came and it was time to move Karen and Time into their new lake house. Its a huge place that I know they will have many pleasant memories made in.
Living at the lake.. its been my dream for so long, but as life threw us curve balls it was pushed to the back burner so many times that now just not even a topic of discussion anymore.
We used to take the boat out every chance we got and look for FOR SALE signs, and read the lake book till the pages came out-- we've walked more lots than I can even remember yet ownership has been elusive. I am happy that Karen was able to fulfill her dream-- even happier that shes close enough to Toni's that we can visit on the boat without any hassle. We'll miss her spiced eggs in the morning but I know that weekend gossip, laying in the sun and dinner will continue we'll just have another dock to share the good times on
We came home from the lake with one stinky dog--Madisons infatuation with Duck poop become alittle odiferous this weekend. While its funny to watch her run down to the yard and roll in it -- not so much fun to ride home in the car with her--- And poor Amanda had her for an extra hour in the car... good news is she did get a bath once she made it to Christiansburg-- While I am gonna miss Madison alot I know she'll do her job and keep good care of Amanda in the weeks to come. Did I mention Chris has a kitten?? I wonder if kittens can care for their owners?

Ohh-- and for those keeping track its raining for the first time in... forever... I am taking it as a good sign... wash away the old... clean up for the new

Friday, August 25, 2006


Is it good training?
Is it stubborness?
Is it lack of intelligence?
Is it attitude?
I don't know but its been amusing...
Madisons been gone for a week now, and sadly Jakes been gone for a few months. So its just Bonnie--- And everythings been ok-- except when I moved the kitchen around to make way for the wine refrigerator I decided that we only need one dog bowl out. So I moved the mat, the water and Bonnies bowl in front of the corner cupboard. Yes that is Jake and Madisons spot-- but I really saw no need to keep Bonnies bowl where it was on the right side of the kitchen where it was kinda in the way.
It took me by surprise when I fed Bonnie and she didn't come to eat... she generally does not miss a meal. And to be honest the next day when she went over took a peice of food out and carried it to the living room I wasn't happy--I have enough hay being tracked in that I really didn't need dog food crumbs too... And then that night she went over to the bowl stood there and ate a few peices before backing away... Self imposed Diet?? I think not....
But it wasn't until last night that it hit me.... she's not eating because its not her SPOT!! Being the nice guy that I am (certainly not the leader of my pack as the Dog whisperer would say) I moved her bowl back to her spot... and WALAA she promptly laid down and started to eat.
So I ask WHY???
Is it good training?
Is it stubborness?
Is it lack of intelligence?
Is it attitude?

None of the animals in my life are "trained" but they do all have habits... and over the years (especially the FAT years) Bonnie has been reprimanded (ALOT) for eating others food...Both Jake and Madison like to graze-- and Bonnie never could pass a bowl with food in it with stopping... So I am guessing that poor Bonnie knew that wasn't her SPOT and was just trying to stay out of trouble....
One would think that since it was her bowl (totally different) that she would "get" it... or maybe in her old age she just wasn't willing to give up on her spot close to the rug, sink and the back door????
Anyway all is right in Bonnies world... her bowls and Mat are back where they started.. and old habits come back quickly to me too, as I stepped over her time after time while cooking dinner last night.
Well almost all right... now we just have to convince her to sleep on Jakes old bed instead of next to it... unfortunately her bed had alittle accident... called Madison!! Hmmm Madison has had a grand old time tearing it apart all summer... I sewed and sewed but its so thread bare it had to GO! We will deal with that problem next week!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alittle something for Christopher and Amanda

It seems there are 100 reasons why I am late to work in the morning... most of them having to do with wanting 5 more minutes of sleep or the fact that my lack of organization has caught up with me. But today it was a whole different reason. For you Christopher and Amanda I bring you a slice of home and a reason for being late that I know you probably have experienced at least once in your driving experience.
Yes- There was a cow on the road this morning.. he wasn't all that happy to be on the road either... he was mooing alot-- that made me giggle... probably calling his mom because he wasn't that big of a cow-- I am not sure where he was supposed to be- but he did cause a fuss... of course the cars around me all jumped on their cell phones I guess to call the police to do something.. but not me-- I grabbed the camera and Moo'd right back at him--

Other items of note that I feel the need to share:

  • Last week this time Gas was $2.79 today $2.68--- a trend that I hope stays around for awhile.
  • Karen moves into her new lake house tomorrow and we will be driving down to help out with the big move in!
  • I have green grass again in the back yard
  • Mike had an awesome week at work with his new boss in town-- seems they were quite impressed with the work he does for their BIGGEST client downtown. And will be rewarding him with the list of things he needs make his life easier, as well as adding three new positions to the service dept. Employment opportunities available for those who can handle the stress.
  • Did I mention MY PUPPY IS COMING to visit ME?????

Monday, August 21, 2006

Every Mothers Nightmare

EMERGENCY ADVISORY 10:30 a.m. -- University to cancel remaining classes
By Larry Hincker

William Charles Morva
BLACKSBURG, VA., August 21, 2006 -- In an effort to help law enforcement officials, all remaining classes will be canceled. Students should return to their residence hall rooms or apartments and not venture out.

Employees are asked to remain in their offices until further notice.

The south side of campus (south of Washington Street) remains blocked off by police. Those roads are closed to vehicular traffic.

Police continue to pursue the William Morva, the escaped prisoner from the Montgomery County Jail who is a suspect a homicide case.

Police report the suspect is now wearing a tie-dye shirt, khaki shorts and is barefoot.

Podcast (10:30 a.m.): Statement by Vice President Kurt Krause | Download MP3 (Length: 1:18)


So I have been getting these updates from Amanda about this guy all weekend... And then this morning she called as she drove to class --only to find out the roads are closed There were police everywhere with machine guns... then a few minutes ago she called to say this guy was holding kids hostage and they were cancelling class for the day..
Shes on her way home. Locking the door This is not what is suppose to happen on the first day of school...
Be Safe--

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My new appliance

So I mentioned that I spent yesterday moving things around in the kitchen... Mike brought me home a wine refrigerator.. unfortunately my house isn't really big enough for such a luxery. We moved it around from room to room and it didn't really fit anywhere.. so I moved the microwave cart and ALL its belongs out and made room for this baby-- The funny thing is I actually own enough wine that I filled it up immediately. Who knew?

Today was alittle slow. I had so much on the list but I got caught up in finding Amanda a doctor.. seems she has an ear infection, and putzing around outside with Mike that nothing really got accomplished. I did manage to catch this shot of Mr. Wiggles-- seems he likes the new water garden. I am hoping tomorrow I will actually have my first flower in there. One of the water lilys actually has a bud.
Maybe tomorrow I will get motived enough to figure out what to do with the BLANK wall I now have in the kitchen.. I am thinking we need a pot rack (which I can't afford) so maybe I can come up with something creative for the wall that will serve a purpose too??

Saturday dinner

After a day spent in the kitchen (more about that later) Toni, Robin and Nick joined us for Dinner and alittle football. Toni had brought over pictures of Kays new house. I had seen them online but in person was even better. It looks like they are all moved in now.

Green with envy that she got the home she wanted... I can only dream about moving for now. As Mike and I talk move about moving it seems he does more and more work to this house. Not sure if that means something but for now I just push it out of my mind and think of what could be.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

staying with grandma

Does this look like the picture of someone who wants to go away to college??? I think not...
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mystery solved.

It was a first-- today I saw the corn coming down... I have driven past the fields for as long as I can remember and the corn has always been a mystery... one day it is little sprouts in the dirt, the next it is reaching for the sky and then without notice its gone. But today I saw it go... Like a blur I raced past the school and in a blink I saw the corn eating machine take a swath of green and in its wake lay red dirt... funny how something so everyday like corn fields can be so mysterious.

Those fields made me remember when I learned that all corn is not alike. I was 19 and we had driven home on a summer day and the peaches and corn from a field called out to us. Did you know you can cook field corn til the cows come home and it will never be edible? Yes even in irreverent summertime pleasures there is something to be learned....

Monday, August 14, 2006

3 days

The countdown has started. Amanda came out to lunch with me so that we could go buy school supplies--and it hit me again. Shes leaving.. you would think this would be routine by now but for some reason it never gets easier. Four hours away just doesn't cut it... life shouldn't hurt and children shouldn't grow up.

The twists and turns of life-- with Christopher on night shift, Amanda going back to school everything seems just alittle off kilter. And Madison --how quiet will life be without her?

As I work on acceptance it seems two steps forward and one step back.
All I want is everyone to have the view through my rose colored glasses--- Happiness is not a gift to be given but if it were I would wrap it up-- today they may not know it but they both need it. I can feel it coming... call it Mothers intuition. And we all know Mothers always right.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend of pictures

They say pictures should tell stories.. we have alot of stories from this weekend and alot of pictures. This was the last weekend home before school started and Amanda invited Jenny, her sorority sister (her BIG) to the lake. Jenny graduated in June and recently took a job in Maryland far from home. And in true sorority sister style these ladies were out for a good time! We swam, jetskied, laid in the sun for hours, drank more margaritas then we will ever admit, played in the water and spent alot of time laughing. Hard to believe it was just one weekend! We all truely enjoyed Jennys company-- whoever said Engineers were boring have never met Jenny.

Tommy drove down after work on Saturday to go fishing-- but look who the big winner was! Yes after all these years Corey finally got his fish and it was a nice looking one at that!

I think this one says it all!-- Lots of fun!! thanks guys for sharing such a good time with us!
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So Ijust might be getting one more pond... kinda the natural kinda of pond. It seems that the backhoe guys might have tapped my well...ok they had to have because they just don't spring leaks now do they??? We noticed last night that some of the dirt around the well was darkened... wet... and this morning well theres a big ole circle of wetness... Anything else want to go wrong??? Is it friday yet???

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can I cry now?

I am hating technology with a passion right now... I came to sit down tonight and post a few weekend pictures... tell alittle story and I have NOTHING... the computer ate my photos... my camera ate my photos... somewhere something went wrong and I just wanna cry... 3 whole days of my life are gone... poof gone... never again to be relived... its wrong on so many levels... and could I have avoided it???... yes I could have... I could have manually deleted the photos instead of allowing the computer to do it... but IT HAS NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE... soooooo what to do???

Well--- I was gonna tell you about alittle conversation I overheard... I was on the computer on Sunday... and it went like this...
Q:"Are you ready for a ride?"
A:"I don't know how to use the seatbelts"

Well that was enough to pull me away from looking for crusies for the 25/50 vacation... yep Mike was taking Nick out in the '67
INSERT PHOTO of Nick in the Car HERE....

Then I wanted to share Madisons Bathtime experience... even though when she visits Grandma for vacation baths are optional---it was time... and she knew it... so I filled up the wheelbarrow with water and inserted dog!!
INSERT EXTRA CUTE PHOTO of Madison soaking wet peering out of wheelbarrow HERE

And then I had some great shots of Christopher and Tiffany... and even a couple of Paul the roommate-- ya know the embarassing kind of him taking a shot...

Ugghhh can I say again --I AM NOT HAPPY!!
so I leave you with this... something that for whatever reason was left on the darn memory card

My yard now flat... grass to come soon.. I hope

Monday, August 07, 2006

grocery store

God bless the man who calls his wife and asks if there is anything we need at the grocery---Why of course there is!! We always need something... and to be honest I can't remember the last big grocery trip we've made or when the last time we actually had bread and milk in the house at the same time... but alias it doesn't seem to be affecting our waistlines at all. As a matter of fact it has made dinner alittle more creative.

Speaking of dinner last night... about 30 peices of BBQ chicken, 3 bottles of wine, Mac and cheese that I made with powdered milk (shhh don't tell the kids), canned corn and broccoli salad, 2 loaves of french bread ---oh and rice for Corey--- lots of laughs, alittle intelligent conversation and good company...

See I guess there is food in the house-- it just takes alittle more effort to get it together... Hopefully with Mike hitting the store It will take alittle less creativity and its One less stop for me... and as always it'll be a surprise when I get home.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Memo: To Family and Friends


To Family and Friends-

It has come to my attention that my Air Conditioner has run consistantly for 96 hours straight. No I do not beleive it has turned off when I wasn't looking or while I have slept. Therefore I feel the need to inform you that in the very near future I may be moving into a cardboard box as I know that Northern VA Elec. will come collecting and I can only imagine that invoice will come in close to the National Debt. So please save any large boxes for me as I am not expecting any deliveries in the near future and have become accustomed to spreading out.

Seriously the only thing happening right now is incredible heat. I am literally watering my plants at 10pm at night only to have them wilted by 8am in the morning... so I waddle out there every morning and spray them down again-- They seriously are whispering to me as I pull up in the driveway at night.
And for someone who never uses her AC in the car let me tell you I have it going full tilt right now and it really doesn't even put a dent in the temp.