Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Blacksburg weekend

Dead tired after this weekend!! Needless to say we had a good time. Amanda saw her first Nascar race--
To be remembered:
Where are the portapotties? and did you use the sanitizer??? (what sanitizer?)
The Band that came back to haunt Madison
Is that soccer player wearing bootie shorts?
Pretzels and hotdogs make it easy to make friends.
Scarves are making a comeback
Hello I'm handicap....
More Hokie Birds
Parades are more fun when you know someone in them

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mystery solved????

So possible the water leak has been found... the darn waterfall. Mike has rigged up a pipe to bypass the waterfall itself.. we will see where that takes us.
On another note I am feeling caught up with my scrapping projects.. sometimes it seems that I will always have more pictures than time.
Looking forward to seeing my girl for the Races on Sunday down in Martinsville. Alittle short track Nascar for those wondering. It will be Amandas first race and My second. Need to find a dog sitter still... Don't think Bonnie wants to vacation again soo soon! Ahh its only Tuesday still have alot of time left right???

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Where does the water go?

Notice anything wrong with this picture??? Lack of water??? Yup woke up to hearing the pump running very loudly, no waterfall... upon closer inspection there was a distinct lack of water.. Fish are alittle unhappy and we get to spend the day investigating the cause of the measurable drop in water. One would think with that much water gone there would be a puddle somewhere???? nope...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Time to go back to work

A relaxing weekend of should have dones.. I should have gotten motivated and taken a few bags to the salvation army... I should have done alittle fall yard work.. I should have taken Amanda out shopping.. I should have sanded the wall alittle and started painting it.. but I did none of that. I scrapped alittle.. I watched TV.. I wondered from room to room.. I wasted a few days--- but I did enjoy having Amanda home. And Madison entertained me while Amanda studied things that I don't even pretend to understand anymore.Here she is... gotta love a child who lets you take practice taking pictures... lights not the best but the subject matter is perfect!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Surprises are good... little surprises...big surprises.... its all good. After the week I have had at work coming home Friday night to find Amandas car in the driveway was a really good surprise-- A big surprise.. It never dawned on me that she would come home for her fall break (she has Monday off)--But it was a break from the norm that Mike and I needed too. We never even ate dinner... we sat in the living room catching up on gossip... giggling about life..and before we knew it was past midnight... Yes Friday was a good surprise
Being greeted by Madisons kisses, wiggling and snorts makes walking in the door a treat.
I had just seen Amanda last month-- but was amazed at how grown up she appeared. I could tell it had been a rough month for her. As she is so thin-- Unlike me stress makes her look good...she heads for the gym to abuse her body and stops eating and it showed in a way that would make others envious.. but makes me stop and wonder. She is so much like Mike in her drive for perfection--perfection in school and life--
I know over time she will find the balance-- but for now its up to Madison and I remind her to slow down and enjoy the surprises that life brings.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall is coming

So excited I got to wear my yellow boots today.. no it wasn't raining... but I needed to clean out the hot tub and those last few inches of water can be chilly in bare feet... so I donned the bright yellow boots and I must say my feet were happy!!

Its been a slow week.. one that seemed to drag on and on... Mike and I both dealt with fall allergies earlier in the week making breathing impossible and sleep hard to come by.. but now it seems to have passed. We took advantage of having nothing planned this weekend and slept in both Saturday and Sunday.

When I wasn't working I was doing research for our 25/50 Alaskan Cruise for next summer. My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and Mike and I will be hitting 25 years-- Ever since I read < ALASKA by James Mitchner I have been intrigued by Alaska. Lots of very unique history and I can't wait to see the landscape...

Fall is coming-- the air has changed over to cool mornings.. cool evenings and unpredictible days. But today was nice-- warm sun-- we got a chance to do alittle yard work and start preparing for Winter.. While most of the flowers have stopped blooming These beauties are still going strong-- I totally love the contrast of the blue against all the green... And so does Mr. Wiggles