Thursday, November 30, 2006

Against the grain.

Sometimes you just have to go against the grain. You know when your brain tells you to go one way but you turn and run the other. Tonight I pushed away those thoughts as I worked on the pictures from thanksgiving. Yes beach pictures should probably be sitting on cool blues but in my mind they are part of Thanksgiving.. so I went in the other direction... yup rust and tans and orange and hey alittle Navy just because it works. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.. I love the papers from Paperlofts Well Worn line.They scream fall to me and if you connect the dots that means Thanksgiving right???

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A song to start the day with

Just a quick rendition of an old favorite:

Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you... Happy BIRTHDAYYYYYYY to youuuuuuuu--Happy Birthday to you!

Today is my Mom's Birthday--And you would think that since I just got home from visiting her I would have remembered to wish her a Happy Birthday when I was there... but nope-- The holiday and the eating took over my brain --Too little time- too much to remember.
But Today is her day! I hope its a good one-- Wish I was still there--
And hey--I know shes got plenty of Pie to celebrate with!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

lesson learned

So another lesson learned today... Orange is not a christmas color... no matter how you try and spin it the holiday spirit is not coming with ORANGE... yes Red, Burgandy, even Mauve and pink can make you feel that holiday spirit but orange just doesn't cut it.
I pulled out the decorations-- much easier this year since I moved them to the basement-- and now have smatterings of HO HO HO scattered about the house. I decided to change things up a bit since I was doing this all alone. Amanda high tailed it back to Blacksburg and Christopher decided that traffic was gonna be tough and jumped in his car at noon-- yup me and my decorations left to our own- Where Santas previously held guard there is now a village... and where snowman once smiled down on me there are Santas.... nothing like a little change-- if for no other reason then to be sure you dust every nook and cranny.
But the orange glow.... lesson learned... think year round before choosing that happy color....

Friday, November 24, 2006


Giving thanks for a wonderful week in Florida. While the weather was alittle cooler than we hoped it certainly was nice to see swaying palm trees, blue skys and spend time with family.
This was the first Thanksgiving that Christopher was not with us.. A first that didn't sit well with me. He was missed but I guess work schedules and traveling won't always mesh in the grownup world.
We did however get to see the rest of the family. And as Martha Stewart would say That is a good thing It was nice having a chance to see in person my Mom's new kitchen and her wonderful new floors that I have heard so much about but never saw in person. And my mother-in-laws new home-- with the bathroom that is bigger than my bedroom.

We truely had a relaxing vacation-- ate too much, went to the beach, played in my parents pool and even had time to power shop with Amanda for her sorority rush wardrobe. Yes we packed alot into 3 days and today I am feeling it. But it was worth every minute.
Did I mention that we ate too much??? With only 9 people for Thanksgiving we had 4 pies... (For some reason Mike didn't think 3 were enough and convinced my Mom to take him to the bakery that is within walking distance to their house-- Mike and a bakery that close probably aren't a good idea) -- and before the story gets out yes I made sweet potatoe smore's for Thanksgiving... It actually could be the next new hot reciepe as far as I am concerned... from Mishaps comes good things... They didn't burn... they just cooked too fast.. (a little gem from my Mom that I am sure will be used again!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

travel and weather

A day of driving, security checks, a flat tire and lots of laughs and we finally arrived in sunny (but not so warm Florida)-- Not sure the plans of lounging at the beach are going to come through but I am gonna try.
We pulled out old photo albums and laughed at the hair styles the itchy looking clothes and remembered we were all once very young. Giving thanks this week that we are all together regardless of what mother nature has in store for us.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yesterday I ventured out to Columbia Md for Heidi's Baby shower... Who knew that Columbia was so darn far away? But it was worth the trip- Heidi looks great! Pregnancy suits her-- She seems very excited about the new addition coming to her family. Speaking of family it was nice to meet her Mom and Dad, I have heard so many great things about them and they are just as wonderful as Heidi always said.
While chatting about all the new baby stuff and decorating for the new baby I couldn't help but remember that 24 years ago I was just as excited about adding Raggedy Ann and Andy drawer liners to the dresser and that peice of yellow carpet that would turn our dining room into a babies room... how our lives have changed since then. And every step of the way it was our children that spurred us on to create the life we have. I can only hope that Heidis new baby will bring her the joy that Christopher and Amanda have brought us.
Friends come into our lives through unexpected ways... I met Heidi and Leah off the internet, through scrapbooking. What started out as joining a Circle Journal group, turned into lunches, joining a book club and heading to Nashville. I can't tell you how much their friendship has meant to me as I headed solo into my little hobby. These are two creative women who I feel very lucky to call friends.

And to make my weekend even better, I now have Madison for a little pre- Thanksgiving visit. Amanda came home Friday night for a funeral and was nice enough to let Madison stay here with us for the week. The controled Chaos that she brings is always fun. Hopping in Bonnies face and chasing Mr. Wiggles are her two favorite activities and in between we get kisses and puppy love... what could be better?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm back

So I haven't been writing much.. no real reason but I guess I just haven't had much to say. Today though it has dawned me me that its November.. Fall is here (you can tell by the pile of jackets sitting on the chair) -- and that means Thanksgiving is around the corner... UMMM going to Florida for some sunshine and Family for the holiday-- Can't wait-- and then its Christmas-- Wow already time for Christmas????

Today I got an interesting email from Kodak.. they are offering Trade in dollars for your old camera-- don't get me wrong I love my camera but hey technology has changed in the last few years and it got me thinking that maybe its time to upgrade... and after playing there is a chance they would give me $80 for mine... something to think about huh?

Tonight I am supposed to be scrapping.. at least that was the plan.. For the last few days I have been "feeling" creative but alais no time to play.. so tonight I promised myself alittle time... I guess we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The best laid plans

So things just haven't gone as planned lately. After waiting so long I finally jumped in with two feet to get laser eye surgery. Funny I wasn't really concerned about the surgery itself. Although looking back I guess I should have been. I was more concerned about spending the money. I am not saying that vision is not a worthy expenditure but it seemed frivolous and extravagant to me. Something that other people do-- not me. I have obligations-- and this seemed alittle selfish. But Mike assured me that it wasn't. And now I feel like I am paying for it.
If I could turn back time. Today I can read. Its a great feeling to read without glasses. But everything else is work-- Driving at night is down right scary.. that same feeling as driving in the snow. I have new glasses that help me get from point a to point b but its not the same as seeing while you get there.
My doctor assures me this is temporary and I am hanging on to that. Patience.. Lots of Patience...