Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where theres smoke theres Fire

Today started out pretty normal. Alittle laundry, alittle dusting and vacuuming, Mike was working on Amandas laptop and then poof-- we had a fire in the kitchen...thank goodness for the smoke detector.. It all happened very fast and that annoying sound was enough for me to get up and see what Mike was cooking. It turned out to be a grease fire in a pan on the stove. Lots and Lots of smoke, my range hood literally melted and that smell of burnt plastic has now permeated the entire house. In a matter of seconds you couldn't see across the room the smoke was so thick. Very scary! We used the fire extingisher and as quick as the stove engulfed in flames it was out.

What totally amazes me is that my insurance company (Nationwide) still hasn't come out. I called them immediately and then 4 hours later called again to be told to take pictures and save the burnt peices and any reciepts and they would eventually come some time next week!! I'm not sure where that leaves me.. I tried to clean up the blackened cabinets and the counters etc to get rid of the smell but it doesn't seem to be working to well. Everything is covered in a film of extingisher stuff and black smoke. And the more I clean the more the black stuff just moves around.
Tomorrow I will try and tackle somemore... perhaps a good nights sleep will have me better prepared to deal with the mess. And maybe just maybe Nationwide will show alittle concern for their customer...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Hair


Finally got around to getting my hair cut. And it feels great! Not sure why but I only seem to get my hair cut once or twice a year... its part of my anti-high maintenance attitude I guess... one less then to do.. one less thing to worry about... but with the blah weather and bangs hanging in my eyes --today was the day. Not a bad experience on whole. Although at the end after the girl explained that I could acheive the look at home with a simple brush (she thought a round brush was beyond my capabilities)and alittle mousse she asked the Question--
"would you like alittle hairspray?" HA!
ME: Umm yes-- I'm an 80's gal... you know big hair and lots of hairspray
Her: Blank look
The lady in the chair behind me: BIG LAUGH
as I turned to look at her-- ME: lots of hairspray
The lady in the chair behind me: Ohhh your hair looks great!
Me thinking to myself: Its not often that a stranger comments on your hair...maybe the cut is ok....
Me outloud: Thankyou
Hairstylist-- I like big hair I just don't think I could do all that hairspray...
Me thinking to myself: well in 1980 the only hair products were dippitydo and hairspray...some things you learn to embrace...
Me outloud: More Hairspray please-- gotta make sure this new do makes it to home...

So here I sit-- alone... have no clue where Mike is-- with my new hair--
On second thought... maybe Mike is downtown... isn't the president speaking tonight??? hmmm might need more hairspray if this is gonna last that long...
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't blink


In a blink of an eye shes here and gone-- Amanda came home for the weekend to go to a holiday party at Coreys work-- when they mentioned it before christmas it sounded like a good idea to hold a company party after the rush of Christmas.. but now it seems sooo late to be holding a holiday party. Anyway heres a quick shot of them all dressed to hit the town... looking mighty fine if I do say... Anyway she arrived this morning and evidently will be heading back out tommorrow..
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday musing

Restful weekend but its back to the grind today... gotta love holidays where you don't get to participate-- at least there was no traffic.
I'm feeling pretty good right now about our trip to Alaska. I spent alot of time this weekend sorting out exactly what we wanted to see. Contacted alot of tour guides and amazingly heard back from them all. Trying to maintain a balance of squeezing everything in and still getting enough down time to enjoy the cruise.

I haven't heard from Amanda this weekend... thats usually a good sign... ZETA must be keeping her busy. Madison is missing her terribly-- we go through this a couple days after she leaves each time... it usually lasts for about a day and then shes back to her normal highspeed self....

I did find time to work on my new Planner... I caved and bought the Mybook planner and spent a few hours yesterday filling in dates and making 4x6 mini pages with some of my favorite pictures from last year... Still want to put tabs in it and need to work on the cover.

Mike spent the weekend doing car stuff... I needed a heater core in the Jimmy, and apparently another oil change in the corvette, then he and Corey worked on the Red Car doing who knows what... hopefully getting it ready to sell... its sat in the same place for so long that its become garden art! anyone need an old beater??? let me know... have I got the car for you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too cold to type

Exactly 5 months from now I will be in Ketchikan Alaska and with todays weather it seems like Alaska has come to me. So darn cold here-- so much for the global warming theory-- now its more like an apocolypse....

With cold weather-- its offically winter so maybe we can start on some of our "winter projects"??? Today I ran out to the Walmart and picked up some refills for my photo albums... I have about 5 that are the old magnetic kind that I know are not archivally safe... as a matter of fact I have known for a few years now that they are slowing eating away at my memories... So following along with.Stacy Julians BIG PICTURE theorys I am slowing planning on working on getting these photos out of the bad pages and into new ones... as well as tackling an old cardboard box down in the basement filled with pictures that no one ever saw fit to do anything with.
I have spent the last few days researching our upcoming adventure to Alaska.. The BIG 50/25 trip as it will be known for generations to come I am sure... My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversery and Mike and I will have accomplished 25 years of marriage. An awesome feat if I do say so myself!-- anyway the trip has taken on a life of its own... the more I read the more lists I make... I keep asking my traveling companions what they want to do on this Big ol vacation of ours and the answer is always the same... Whatever you plan will be fine... If their not careful all three of them will be zooming down a zipline in the rainforest!!
HAHA! I of course will be at the bottom with my trusty camera--- Which brings me to my next little dilemia... is my camera good enough for this trip??? I think not!!! but then again... that would mean more research and more lists to make...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dead Presidents

The first President I can honestly remember was Gerald Ford... Sure I was alive for a few more but I have no memory of any of them. So when he died I actually thought I might want to go downtown. I missed my opportunity with Reagan, even though Mike said he could get me in without the long lines... Not sure what was happening at the time but it didn't seem important... This time, it did seem important.... to make a long story short due to the time of year (holidays) and the newly elected being brought into office Mike wasn't able to find me a way of going without the lines.. And while I wanted to go ... I didn't want to go enough to stand in line!!
But last week he brought me home a souvenir-- The program that the dignitary's received. Very cool.... and yea after the fact someone told him they could have gotten me in.... oh well

Global Warming

So if you are living anywhere on the East Coast the words Global Warming had to have gone through your head at least once this weekend... We woke up Saturday to a Bright Sunny day in the mid 70's--no joke-- we opened all the doors--put on shorts and pretended it was spring and not January.... Yes something is just not right when your summer flowers.. in my case pink Dianthus have new blooms on them???? My daffodils are sprouting up and my fish are hungry! But I am not complaining-- we did some chores that normally are reserved for spring... Mike worked hard on framing out his windows in the garage... and then moved into cleaning it (shocker I know)-- he also found time to clean the grill (yes in January) I decided to air out Comfortors and steam clean the carpets downstairs since it was warm enough for them to dry Quickly.... I looked long and hard at the christmas decorations they seemed out of place with birds chirping and the sliding door wide open... but in the end I decided to only move the furniture back into place and give the Santas and tree one more week. Hopefully by the time I am ready to move the Snowmen back in their boxes they will have seen alittle snow!

Amanda goes home tomorrow... but Madisons extending her winter vacation two more weeks until after ZTA rush is over and her Momma has had a chance to get her school and work schedule into a routine.
Christopher moved out of his home this weekend-- more details on that later I am sure....His work schedule looks like it is changing too-- moving more towards days... January is a good time for change, a logical time to get our lives into order.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Friday is finally here... I have no idea why short weeks always seem like the longest. Glad its over though... Totally feel the need to organize my life... Need to clean out files, clean off my refrigerator..clean out closets.. just make it ....organized.... Going back and forth If I need to buy a new purse calendar/organizer... I used to live by mine but now not so much...

Totally happy to see that
Cathy Z is back up blogging... missed reading her daily musing while drinking my coffee....

anyway... off to start my weekend!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

computers friend or foe?

At some point computers became more than just a toy at home and became an intrical part of our lives. Much like electricity and water its something that we have come to rely on. Add internet into the mix and it might as well be the air we breathe...
With Amanda going back to school next week we started the task of "cleaning" and repairing her computer. She needed a new CD reader/writer... easy enough task for Mike just to pop one in... but then we realized that her computer was so full that it could barely operate... no defraging, or cleanup program was going to help the mess she had created with pictures and music... so off to the store again for some additional hard drive space.... Then the fight began trying to move and copy data with a machine that was literally screaming in pain.... somehow my girl never really learned the lessons faced by Mom about how important back up CD's were... (if you've ever lost data due to a computer failure you know what lessons I mean) oh she heard me say it.. and she meant to do it... but never got there... We safely extracted her photos... and her music... well she had alot of it.. and sadly we think she has less now. Itunes didn't like moving drives and Mom and Dad are uneducated in IPOD/Itunes-- so trying to figure it out was futile.... but with all this computer teardown and revamping Mom got lucky... I got a Buffalo!! go ahead a tilt your head now... its an external hard drive! Now my pictures and digital creations have a home of their own. Now more worrying if I am saving way too much!
The gadgets in life that make us happy are the ones we don't understand but somehow make life alittle easier.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

Ringing in the new year... slow start to a new year... comfortable weekend that we had no obligations other than to rest. Looking so forward to the short week coming up.
Trying to think of New Years resolutions.. seems almost important to have something to work towards.. Theres the obligatory loose 10 -- hmm no 15 lbs... but after that I'm stumped. I'd like to work toward downsizing in a few other areas...the attic and basement and finishing the painting before a new season starts would probably be a good idea...that and updating the old resume... I guess there is lots to do in the upcoming year. But for now... I think I'll just enjoy whats left of this three day weekend... and put off my list for another day!