Sunday, September 30, 2007

alittle shopping

I got out of the house today, alittle later than I thought because I was up at 3am for no reason at all and finally decided to catch up on some old episodes of Oprah.... needless to say when I crawled back into bed at 6am I was finally tired enought to sleep.. waking at 10am put me behind schedule for the day-- so I skipped vacumming and dusting the living room... and skipped putting out the fall decorations. I did make it out though and found a great travel purse/bag- great sale too-- more than 1/2 off. And I got it in Black... basic black always works right? I figure it will hold everything I could possibly need for a 12 hour journey across the Atlantic. Travel books, pillows, magazines,cameras, and snacks should all fit nicely and be stuffed into one bag rather than trying to worry about two carryons.
Alittle BBQ and Nascar today and my day was complete. Madison got a bath and Bonnie has been steering clear of me... me thinks she thinks she's next!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

neighborly love

I've never complained about my neighbors-- certainly never complained out loud but 2 weeks ago I did the unthinkable I called the county on them... well not really them as they moved out and their former home is awaiting foreclosure. But after a year no grass cutting... and a year of misqueto's breeding like rabbits I had had enough... We had done some sleuthing first.. every time we saw someone over there we made a mad dash to quiz them.. seems the bank sends people over to bid on jobs (this place is a disaster and heavily mortgaged) but never actually hires anyone... but slowly we have accumulated phone numbers which Mike has no problem dialing and harrassing... and I yes I called the county... seems we aren't the only ones with issues... they have a whole department allocated to investigating tall grass, people who park junkers in their yard and who are creating unsightly messes in their yards.... not one to throw stones... as we can create our own Sanford and Son mess from time to time... and we have been known to let the grass go ankle high from time to time (although its usually a rain issue not a neglect issue) but seriously a year with mowing thats getting alittle outlandish even for us "patient" folks...
I actually would be happy to have some NICE neighbors... perhaps someone who loved to walk dogs when I was out of town... or who had a cup of sugar when I was in need.... I guess we will wait and see..

Monday, September 24, 2007

a good day

A good day-- nothing is better then coming home and being greeted with kisses and a wiggley butt-- Yes Madison met me at the car and the arrival ritual started before I got out of the car. Soo nice to have her visit. Ahh Mike must be pleased too as he had no problem coming home with presents for our girl... A new tennis football that squeeks!! the ultimate in gifts when it comes to Madison is anything that squeeks-- and of course treats for the greenie basket...
Bonnie is having no trouble reminding her who is boss.. a few quick snipes as she runs by at rapid speed... and amazingly she has her renewed interest in bones (for the last month she wouldn't chew on a bone if I paid her to) its nice to her energy level up even if its just for a few days. And Mr. Wiggles is in heaven... this cat has literally pranced back and forth in front of Madison and only runs to places that Madison can capture him. Who says cats and dogs can't be buddies?

And in other news I finished up with plans for a another VACATION!!! yes one is not enough... We are going to spend a few days vacationing with David in the UK-- tons of fun and what's even better is we have no idea what we are doing-- and I think I am going to keep it that way. Alittle mystic and spontinatity... gotta love turning in AE miles for tickets...

And finally while it WAS a good day...the morning started out alittle on the sad side... the scale was like a bad cartoon... if it could have bonked me on the head it would have... today it told me in no uncertain terms it was time to diet.... I welcome skinless chicken and green beans sans butter into my life again... I had to reach into the jeans closet to upgrade to a larger size this morning. Thank goodness Amanda and I save all the jeans we have outgrown or downsized from or I would have been in serious trouble... I figure if I can remain steadfast I can look mac and cheese in the face again around christmas... 10 weeks isn't that long??? is it?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Inn, the game and the girls..

Parents weekend at Virginia Tech was alot of fun--and ohh so tiring... We started out the weekend on Friday night making the drive down to tech.. of course stopped for dinner which turned into a nightmare of hitting 2 burger kings because the Strausburg BK apparently hires those who won't ever be able to cope outside of the fast food world... let just say after 15 minutes I asked them " at what point is fast food not fast anymore" and the response... not a "I'm sorry" but instead "its not my fault I only take orders" after 25 minutes Mike decided to give everyone a nice lecture on teamwork and responsibility... the manager did refund our money asking if we still wanted our food! Again no apology or explaination... needless to say we left clutching our 13 dollars and 46 cents and drove 10 miles down the road to the next Burger King... gluttens for punishment??? nope they were quick and polite and we were that hungry!

Arriving in Blacksburg 4 hours later we found our accomodations for the night... Ever heard of the Knights Inn-- I am guess not... and its probably a good thing... The plastic flowers stuck in the ground passing for landscaping should have clued us in.... lets just say when we entered Mike asked me as I kicking off my shoes if I thought it wise to go barefoot in our room..... I won't even tell you what I paid for that room!

Moving right along the next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Amandas new place... looked much better than I remembered it... and Madison seemed to be in heaven with her new roomies...
After a discussion over to drive or walk to the staduim.. we decided to walk the "20 minute but nice walk"--note to self: a nice walk to a 20 year old is like a marathon to the rest of us. We made it to our tailgate destination and met up with the parents of Amandas roommates. It was great to meet them all -having met their daughters earlier this fall. As parents we all agreed we had our hands full with these girls.. probably would have been easier had they not been intelligent and beautiful... its a lethal combination for a parent.
The game was HOT-- and a blow out which is great fun for the first half... sadly its gets alittle old in the second half when they were still winning with the second and third string players in. And did I mention how HOT it was???
We all made our way back to girls place and decided dinner was in order.. I know the girls probably would have preferred a nap as they had "plans for the evening" but we needed food-- After dropping them off we stole Madison for the night-- her first venture in a motel -- she didn't understand the nosie outside of the room and protected us for a good hour while she barked at every car that went by (did I mention that I didn't know you could build that close to the interstate?) and every person in the parking lot...
Sunday was the ZETA parents luncheon -- probably not a good idea to let Mike and Natalies dad sit next to each other... they chatted throughout the entire event... with the girls kicking them under the table... but at least they enjoyed themselves.
Amanda recieved her silver Jefferson Cup for making dean's list last semester and flowers for being on PC council as the "points natzi" as she called it. Being the proud redneck family that we are we cheered loudly... and of course snapped a few pictures.
To end a wonderful weekend.. I stole Madison.. ok so its not really stealing if you get permission... but you get the idea... I brought her home with me... Amanda will be home in a week and a half... and Mr.Wiggles misses her just as much as I do!
And it does guarantee me a visit from my daughter now doesn't it???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Been thinking about fall projects—I know your thinking there can’t be anything left on the project list… but there is... we still have some items leftover from last fall… indoor projects only take place in the fall and winter according to Mike. So the leftovers include:
1) Retiling my bathroom
2) Painting the downstairs bedroom
3) The Basement—total overhaul (my laundry area is a disaster zone)

Anyway—while daydreaming about the bathroom I came upon this:

A girl can dream right? Hmmm? Somehow I have to incorporate a harvest gold tub and toilet into my dream space and sadly squeeze all that dreaming into a 5x7 space ---
Whoever said DREAM BIG obviously never set foot at my house...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mystery solved

It took 28 pictures to gain confirmation.... that this guy is actually this guy

Its been a mystery all summer trying to find him after Mike put him in my Water Garden. Of course Mike was convinced something bad happened and he didn't make it.. but today 28 pictures later and alittle close up work reveals the presence of whiskers.... for those of you not in "the know" Whiskers means hes not a gold fish (even though he's slumming with them) but in fact he is a Koi-- a koi born and bred in our pond... For Koi lovers thats a big deal.... for the rest of you its an orange and black fish that looks just like a gold fish right now!! but give him the winter and he will be ALOT bigger and looking more like these guys

It was a weekend of work.. both inside and out.
Windows cleaned
Carpet Vacuumed
Living room dusted
Lanudry done
Bathrooms scrubbed
Hall Closet cleaned (again)
Truck loaded with Stuff for Coreys house
Back carport cleaned
2 gardens weeked
Bedroom dusted

Amazing how 2 people can make such a mess! I still have the scrap room to tackle but thought I would take alittle computer break :)

On another note last night I sat down and reviewed our TV viewing pleasures for the upcoming new season.. yes a spreadsheet was involved. But after reviewing the new shows and rethinking our past choices I think we are ready to jump into the new Fall season with gusto... there really weren't any new shows that jumped out at me as "must sees" but we will give them all a fair shot.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Racing in Richmond

After a full day of tailgating and Nascar racing yesterday I can officially say I am tired. The weather was perfect for a day of outdoor adventure-- lots of sunshine with a breeze that kept it all bearable. Mike persueded the group that he goes to the races with that Lot 6 was better than the offsite lot that they usually go to. It was a long walk last year and Mike wasn't doing that again. Lot 6 was right there near our seats and also was a breeze to get out of after the race.
Christopher and his friends joined us parking a few rows away. Making tailgating that much better when you have someone to go visit throughout the day.

The race itself was long and full of lead changes... one minute Mikes driver Clint Bowyer was in the lead and the next he was pulling up the rear. Casey Mears (my driver) on the otherhand didn't do much of anything-- he's spent most of the race in the middle of the pack--
too many cautions to count and two black flags made the night a long one and the ride home was tough in bumper to bumper traffic at 2am.
Today was recovery day-- laundry got done, fish got fed and happily we slept in and moved a slower pace than usual.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Getting ready for racing

Its been a long week-- for a short week. So much for that "loving it" feeling of 2 days ago--- Works been tough--And I'm glad its over. Mikes down in Richmond at the Busch Race with Christopher and Uncle Mike.. and assorted other boys. I got the joyful job of working... again... but tomorrow bright and early I get to drive the big green truck (as Nick would say) and meet everyone at 8am for a day of Redneck games, BBQ and of course Racing.

We got a letter in the mail about a week ago and RIR has decided (I am sure after hearing numerous complaints) that the elevators would be open for everyone in the new stands. This is a good thing. We were able to use them last time because Mike has handicap tickets, but everyone we sat with had to endure the stairs... and lets just say it wasn't easy-- after huffing and puffing and a few choice words no one wanted to get up for a drink, snack or even use the restrooms. And they say by next year they will have installed an escalator to move people at least half way up... now for me thats just never gonna be an "extra" that I will use... My motto is just say no to escalators... but I am sure there are alot of racing fans looking forward to them.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today is Wednesday-- gotta love a short week... tomorrow is Thursday-- that much closer to Friday---- personally I think its time to start looking for a job that embraces short weeks.. much better for my disposition!

Trying to get alittle house work done tonight. This weekend is Racing in Richmond... Alittle nascar for the Redneck in us all.... closely watching the weather station hoping we don't end up in the rain like we did for the spring races. Although the 90 degree days we've been having don't exactly say Picnic either.. I guess you just gotta pick the worst of two evils? hmmm I'll take it hot anyday!

Ok back to my friend the vacuum

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happiness comes in all kinds of forms

this is what makes him happy--
Back from a long weekend at the lake
Broken boats, tall grass but in the end this made him happy--
The grass did get cut, the boats did get fixed (although his now has a new problem)
We ate too much, sunned to much and enjoyed the last days of summer.
In the end an elephant ear was what made him happiest.
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