Thursday, February 28, 2008

I know a little girl whose gonna be happy

So when Daddy says he's busy-- you just gotta believe him-- Right?? Certainly when he brings home unmarked boxes... I mean really he's a very very busy man.... no time to go visit wedding venues.. can't even make time to discuss a wedding.... but somehow in all the discussion he did hear... he did have time.... Our very first wedding purchase!!! Dad always comes through!! It's all becoming very clear now where my daughter got her shopping gene.... Can you say Daddy's little girl???

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still trying despertly to find the perfect venue.... I am at a loss as to why 4 walls and a dance floor are causing so much heartbreak... somewhere perfection comes in to play and I totally blame Mike for giving this gene to my daughter... She is worried that it won't be perfect and that others won't like it. Hog wash... I seriously beleive that once she walks in the room in her wonderful white dress with that big smile that we could be in a dank basement and no one would know... she's beautiful and she will light up any room we find...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wedding Warriors

Another weekend out touring local wedding sites! After another little ice event on Friday we weren't sure what the rest of the weekend would bring but Mother Nature was on our side. Saturday the inlaws, newlyweds and myself treked out to the Barnes at Wolf Trap and then over to the officers club at Ft. Belvoir. Amanda's love for Wolf trap seemed to have wained but not her love for a wedding in a barn.. The officers club was very beautiful but from the look on her face it wasn't fitting her vision of "casual elegance". It was very formal and she felt out of place.. she's not military wasn't brought up military and has no frame of reference to the whole "on post- on base" mentality.

Not to be discouraged today we headed out to Bluemont-- to yet another Barn on a vineyard. The views were gorgeous, the barn was barny and the folks were very pleasant to work with. I think we found her a place with character, with an out of doors to match that is very casual but that she can put her spin of elegance on.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Movie time

Just watch and learn and I promise you will take something away from it

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Just another day in paradise... So Amanda will be in town tommorrow... and I felt a pressing need to get my hair cut BEFORE she got into town... its hard having a diva for a daughter.. without her I would probably wear sweatpants daily and bathe only once a week.... so before I got the look of "oh realllly" I decided to get a quick hair cut... (unfortunately not from "her girl"-- but it will have to do...) Once home of course Mike noticed (barely) which brought up the conversation that he too might want to think of cutting his locks.. HA! His hair usually has something to do with his mood.. which lately hasn't been all roses.. We forgive rather quickly though as its been a tough couple of weeks for us all at work. Physically things have been trying for him and then you add the stress of tight deadlines and lack of staff and well the grumpyness is hard to hide.. but I gently broch the subject that even if he is trying to go for the ZZTOP beard the hair could be cut... a quick NO shut me down leaving me with no alternative then to say that I guess we could live through the growing out phase.. until it was long enough for a ponytail. Again it was a quick NO... so no hair cut and no pony tail... is this a midlife crisis in the making? No panic here.. Amanda will be home tomorrow.. she has a way with making men get hair cuts... she has the tools to shame even the hardest into conforming....

And for those of you who are wondering what exactly goes through the mind of a bride to be.. just take a look at Amandas new blog...ABSENT NEARLYWED it might give you some insight on exactly what she is doing at college with all her free time... Its amazing what alittle love and alittle bling will do to do intelligent level headed girl!! But you know what? its alot more fun than I ever imagined.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I hate diets

Just a quick drive by posting.... After 5 weeks of steady dieting I am happy to report that I am 10 pounds lighter... but sadly I can't see any difference... so I must have really been struggling to get those jeans on... because they are still snug... my my does it ever get any easier??? Here's to another 5 weeks of torture... this time there better be some results I CAN SEE......
Ok I am off... a dinner of 2 eggs, 2 slices of cardboard-- I mean bread and 1 peice of bacon.... breakfast at dinner always one of my favorites.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Spent the day doing what our government should impose on white collar crime criminals... doing taxes... seriously doing taxes every year is like being punished over and over again. Being punished for working hard all year. Exactly how am I suppose to feel good about handing over my hard earned money when I see how they spend it???
Seriously can someone tell me what concern it is of government if a baseball player cheats? Since when is sports part of the government? Do they substitize it? Do I get free tickets because I am a tax payer? What did I --the taxpayer get out of congress holding hearings on Baseball cheaters? Will this stop the war? Will this ensure healthcare costs are lowered? Will this keep illegal immigrants from crossing our boarders? Hey will this raise social security?????
Maybe I am missing something?? I don't recall feeling the need for BIG BROTHER government to stick its nose into every facet of life...

Back to my taxes... did I finish ?? heck no... I gotta keep working on them to figure a way to get money back instead of writing that check.... But after spending 5 hours of my life (that I will never get back) I have decided to put that little project on hold-- heck April is a long way off right?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Got some spare change???

Ok so if you had some spare change-- what would you do with it??? throw it in a jar on the bedside table? Toss it in the bottom of your purse??
or hey do you really need that starbucks today??? I doubt it... instead I have not one but two great causes for you!

MS WALK 2008--
Click here Amanda's taking part in the MS Walk again this year down in Blacksburg and I know she would love to know you are supporting her and MS!

30 Hour Famine--
And Nick is taking part in the 30 Hour Famine (World Vision). To help stop Hunger. Email me and I can get you info on how to donate to his group.

Thats my PSA for the day... no you don't need BurgerKing, or 7-11 today... you need to GIVE to a worthy cause!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just another day of ice.... and sadly no power at our house for most of the day

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Blustry cold and rain makes for ICE
Nothing like a bit of ice to make the ride home alittle more exciting. I guess commuting should have some sort of excitement to it.
Today is the "Potomac Primary" I can't wait to hear which politican uses the weather as an excuse.
My thoughts on our choices:
Hillary already admitted to running out of money in her campaign... if she can't budget her campaign do I want her touching our countries budget??? NO
Obama- I still haven't figured out where his experience at running a country comes from? As a senator from Il?? and anyone whose website starts with asking for my email address has a strike against him
Huckabee- Seriously with a name like that do I doubt that he thinks the polls are rigged- however his tough stance of illegal immigrants did make me take notice.
McCain- First off he was quite the handsome young man back in the day... as far as his politics I can't really figure out what he really stands for. Sure he's against pork barrel spending... but beyond that I get the feeling he's glossing over the topics telling me what I want to hear but not really saying what hes gonna do-- but the man does have a pig on the front of his senator web page... a bonus point for making me smile...

So with those thoughts layed out---
Are you scared yet??? because I'm not the only one who whose brain can't seem to wrap around all the political mumbo jumbo!! Its idots like me who are gonna elect one of these people into office.....who to vote for??? who knows-- we have a year to get it all sorted out... and we know they will all change their minds by then...

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Another long day comes to a close. Today we visited Coomber Barn in Herndon. Its a renovated dairy farm from the 1900's that was transformed into a dance hall in the 1940's. Rustic charm is how it was described. Mike and I felt that perhaps the charm was more neglect and unimproved than charm- But not to discount it from list-- it is an affordable option that with right candle light and table clothes could actually be a delightful setting for a wedding.
Since we were in the neighborhood we swung by and visited Toni and Robin. Nick was working on a model car of some sort that Mike couldn't help take a look at. This was an impressive machine that just needed a few tweaks to get up and go... And of course Mike was itching to go to the hobby store to get those last parts needed. Thankfully we had other chores left in the day or I know he too would have had a play car by the end of the day...
Hey Hey-- it was the Budweiser shootout today--begining of NASCAR 70 laps of speed..... and like so many times before my driver Casey Mears showed promise only to end up in the middle of the pack... but hey infront of Mikes driver Clint Bowyer...
Christopher finally picked up his new glasses this weekend that he ordered months ago and Amanda had formals for her sorority-- tomorrow its laundry and vacuuming... oh boy.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seek happiness

I try to stay away from the news, but this time of year you can't help but log alittle time watching our fellow Americans strut their stuff in hopes of becoming elected to the most powerful job in America. We seem to have a few heated debates in the office around election time. People are passionate about their views and I have come to realize that in life most people do not wish goodness or happiness on their fellow man.

Like the chicken and the egg--I am not sure which came first Political mudslinging and lies or the expectation that our government (fellow man) will lie. I have come to believe no one wants to see goodness or happiness. That people feel better if they can nitpick-- see the glass as half empty and assume the worst.

If you are striving for happiness, sunshine and goodness people don't know how to respond and find that instead of encouraging they feel its their job. no ! their duty to show you the half empty glass, to point out flaws and remind you that you can be just as miserable if only you followed their wisdom.

I have never thought of myself as someone who follows the crowd yet I have never been a trailblazer either. With every passing year my choices on life seem to sway more and more into a theory of goodness will prevail and if you aren't willing to seek happiness with me Fine But don't expect me to be miserable with you. Yes the rose colored glasses I choose to wear become darker and darker every year and I am ok with that.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Did I mention christopher was home this weekend??? hmm I did see him... we had a converstion about 1:30 in the morning... I couldn't sleep and he was up... strange life... maybe next time he's home I will see him in unvampire hours....

missing my madison

The house is quiet

Madison has gone back to college

She tells me she has worked hard and wants to get her degree and staying with grandma doesn't cut it

Its really quiet

I miss her bunches.

Mike says I need to get my own dog but I don't think you can replace a dog

I am really tired of looking for wedding venues... each time we think we have found the PERFECT place it seems there is something that just doesn't work

It shouldn't be this hard... too small, too big, restrictions, too much money... it should be easier.

Today Amanda visited the Barns of Wolf Trap. She loved it... it was big enough, it was nice, it had an outside that looked nice too.... but after she got home she read the fine print... the bar package... How much can you drink??? because apparently they think its alot more than I can afford!! Heck with wine at dinner its martini's all around!! Tomorrow I will call and be on my best behavior to beg for lower prices.... crossing my fingers...

I am taking any suggestions.... if you got them let me know.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

check it off the list

Look what Grandpa did and I helped.... Mike has finished the interior of the Vette (for now) For christmas I got a BIG box with new carpeting and another box with a new steering wheel... and with alittle help from Madison (who as a rule is not allowed in the garage) Mike has installed both. The new steering wheel is wonderful!! shiney wood and chrome what more could a girl ask for? and the carpet ...let just say was needed long ago! Its a great feeling getting in and not seeing bare metal on the floorboards.. of course with Mike one project always leads to another so a new shifter boot, heater face plate were must haves too.... So whats next??? maybe he'll turn his attention to my "other" car sitting in the driveway just waiting for a facelift (and mechanical help)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

where have I been

So its been over a week since I last graced you with my ramblings... where did the time go and what have I been doing???? I'm really not sure.... Last weekend Mike and I discussed where the wedding should be held and ended up driving driving driving... we visited VFW's, old courthouses, clubs and mansions.... he's a good sport and its nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

The rest of the week was a long long work week...we both saw lots of stress and pressure at work and it made for early nights and early mornings...

Madison got a bath this week (in prep for her Mom coming home) I know she had a bath because when I went to get in bed I noticed the sheets were wet on my side of the bed.... yea she likes to roll around to get dry, when I questioned Mike about it he mentioned I might not want to use my towel in the morning either.... seems she toweled herself off with it... numerous times.... hahaha

Christopher has been obessed with taxes this week. In shock he was at the amount of taxes our dear government "stole" from him this year... as a mom I feel his pain but as a fellow taxpayer I too feel cheated by the amount of taxes I fork over every week... So exactly which of our new canidates is going to fix this???? Hillary? Obama? Romney? McCain???

Amanda is sick again.. but this time shes not alone, seems that VT has an epidemic of some sort going on over 300 students a day trying to get in to see the medical staff... apparently the flu shots didn't work. She's home, shes medicated and hopefully it will leave as quick as it came.

She did venture out yesterday with Heather (her sister-in-law to be) to visit a few more wedding spots... today we will head out again and hopefully wrap up this venture.

So thats that--- hopefully next week I can get back on track.... I leave you with this--