Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas in October

We gathered together for an early Christmas last night. Brian was called again to serve- apparently once is not enough. He will be off to Gitmo next week and will miss out on the holidays so Jackie decided to make Christmas come alittle early this year. Complete with Christmas decorations and presents and the "Christmas elf" even made an appearance hahaha!

We will miss him but hopefully this send off will remind him how much we all love him--

And just like every other Christmas we tried to take family pictures... and even having Christmas in October didn't make it any better!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Its incredibly quiet here this morning. Overcast and dreary too- Maizy went to the vet yesterday to be spayed which meant she needed to stay overnight so there was no puppy to wake me, no puppy to chase the cats, no puppy to try and get close to Bonnie-- its amazing that something only 10lbs can create such chaos in the morning.. but like the sound of the coffee pot brewing its become a comfortable sound.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thursday

Random thoughts

  • Three dogs, Three bowls, three different types of food... do you think any of them could get it right? Nope
  • Got a call from Christopher-- he asked what I was doing... me of course "working, what about you?" "sitting 6 feet from the ocean" Yea both my kids are on the shore... Amanda moves into her new place tomorrow and he's working down in Norfolk for the week
  • Maizy starts school again tonight.. kinda worried as she may have forgotten everything from puppy class.... and no we didn't go take a refresher session like the teacher suggested in between classes
  • Trying to find new kitty litter because nothing so far is working with Furbee-- Another reason why dogs are better than cats
  • Lovin gas prices being down to $2.93-- actually filled up for less than $50 today

Monday, October 13, 2008


Madison is staying with us for the week... Her momma has a business trip this week and unfortunatly its not a dog friendly event.. But we are ok with that! Its been alittle challenge with Maizy here... seems the routine that we worked out with Madison is the same one we have taught Maizy-- theres alittle tension during dinner as they both feel its their "right" to sit between Mikes feet... and at bedtime they both ran to the bed waiting for someone pick them up... Needless to say Madison has much better manners in bed than Maizy. She quickly assumed "her spot" and Maizy thought it was a good time to play! After some reworking Madison decided that perhaps she would take a spot under the covers (one of her favorite bedtime spots) -- you would think this would be the key to all of us getting some sleep... but Maizy didn't understand, shes not an under the covers kind of girl... and thought it was a game to un-cover Madison... yes you could her the growls from the covers... today we will try some new tactics to keep the peace...

Wedding weekend

Somehow David grew up overnight.. and now he's married. He's been Christophers best friend for as long as I can remember. They went to kindergarten together, They played sports together, they went to cub scouts together, they vacationed with each other year after year... We adopted David as our "other son" years ago, and I know his Mom set an extra place at the table too many times to remember... Christopher even introducted David to his new wife... and I think everyone would agree that she fits just perfectly into their lives...

This weekend we were blessed to attend David and Natalies wedding. The weather was as close to perfect as you can get for a fall wedding. During the ceremony a rainbow even graced the sky.. blue birds were playing in the trees and it was warm enough to sit outside all night.
The ceremony was just what I would have expected from David-- afterall his groomsmen were all his buddies from HighSchool... they were all dressed up but underneath they were the same silly little boys -- each one charming but as a group they couldn't help but revert to class clowns. They are a good bunch-- full of themselves, full of happiness...

Luckily Natalie is a good sport because there was nothing solomn about the days events.. the boys giggled at every turn and kept us all wondering would happen next.

Speaking of Natalie-- she was beautiful (as always) --her dress suited her personality-- She glowed all night. She did a remarkable job of planning her wedding to suit her and Davids personalities. And I know everyone had a wonderful time.
And once all the prerequisite wedding "stuff" was done-- It didn't take long for the dance floor to fill and we all danced the night away-- She picked a great DJ who had no problem mixing the popular dance music in with some country classics set to a dance beat.. I'm not sure everyone understood it but the kids loved it and didn't sit down all night. I can't help but laugh as for years I listened to country music and the kids quickly turned the station on me.. its funny to hear them singing right along with it now...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sad face

Thats an unhappy face... but sometimes you gotta treat a dog like a dog... Poor Maizy has never been on a chain... leash yes but on a chain outside by herself nope... and she just wasn't sure what to do.. Unlike Madison who would scratch at the door do come in ... or Bonnie who would bark.. Maizy did neither.. she just sat there looking in.

Maizy hasn't figured out how to bark yet. strange I know. She cries, she whimpers, she even makes growly noises but no barking -- shes tried but it always comes out like a whisper... And I don't encourage anything more. I like my silent dog... with no tags hanging shes quite stealthy-- only her breathing (snorting) gives her away. I think barking would take away her charm.

So how long was she treated like a dog? How long did she stay on that chain... only long enough for me to go grab the camera... and then once again she was free to chase her cat friends and run circles around Bonnie..

Monday, October 06, 2008


This is how I left the dining room table... Mason jars all lined up neatly in a row... cleaned...shining brightly... but somehow hours later Mike decided that they needed to be all put away before I got to play with them.. decide exactly what to do with them...
Funny I can't get him to throw his coke can in the trash, nor can I get him to hang his coat up or even collect his tools that he leaves on the table... but these blue jars --hmm he had no problem putting them away..
These jars were our first wedding purchase. Amanda mentioned them and Mike jumped on finding them and buying them.... alot has changed in the whole wedding planning since then...They were the perfect touch for a barn reception ... but like a puzzle piece we will find a way to incorporate them-- They catch the light just so... almost like they glow... and they are just the perfect blue...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Show your Voice

So have you voiced your opinion? I know you watched the debate, I know you are checking in with CNN to see if in fact the "Vote" is in... but have you told your congressman what you really think???

Yea Tom Davis heard from me today.... And it wasn't hard for me to say VOTE NO--- I am tired of hearing how every candidate for office is against unnecessary government spending but then turns around and supports it.
Shame on all of them for trying to slide "pork" into this bill.... How can they look us in the face and add on money for Wooden arrows???? IF this was truly as important as they say-- a CRISIS then maybe they should stop the greed and treat it with the importance that it needs.

And furthermore... When there is $5.00 in my checking account I certainly don't spend $100... and isn't that what they are voting to do??? WE HAVE A DEFICIT right??? We would have to borrow more money from CHINA right???

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Continuing with my winning streak of late-- I posted on
Jeanettes Blog and won some cute decorative scissors for the scraproom.. gotta love free! now I just have to convince Mike that they are worth putting a nail in the wall.. he really "hates" when I mess up the walls with nails...
I think it just might be time to buy a lottery ticket