Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frog encounters

If I had been thinking (or if I wasn't so technically challenged) I would have taken a movie with my camera of Maizy--- She stumbled upon a frog, one of our millions, and felt the need to talk to him.... If these pictures could talk you would hear alot of barking... As you can see she started off pretty far away... and eased herself up... but never got any closer....
I know Bonnie and Jake would have seen the occassion as snack time... but not our timid Maizy-- always scared of what around the corner...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Creative face lift

So what do these two pictures have in common? They are both part of my scraproom facelift... I spend so much time in there and when this organizational challenge was posted on 2p's I jumped at on it... we are into week 6.. and I am still hanging in there. It has taken me 3 weeks just to come face to face with colors-- I soo wanted to repaint the walls a seaglass blue and do blues and greens in there... I guess I am still in love with Amandas wedding colors-- But I couldn't bear the thought of asking Mike to paint another room!! So the funky pink walls remain.. And after convincing myself that I would purchase a new bookshelf I faced reality that its a want not a need and that I would make do.
So that brings us to the pictures... I do own spray paint-- and with coupon in hand I bought some black and white fabric. They should add something--- Last week (or maybe its already been 2 weeks) I painted the hutch that was in there white.. Are you seeing a theme coming around???
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Smoked Meat

The kids got Mike a smoker for Fathers day.. but before we get to that... I was doing alittle mulching and look who made a home in the mulch bags!! EWWWW!! of course I couldn't keep this to myself so I ran inside to find a manly man... unfortunately my manly man Christopher thinks just as fondly about snakes as I do.. BUT he was willing to get a shovel and kill it
Too bad his Mom wouldn't let him get close enough with the shovel!!!
There is a happy ending for all the snake lovers... Mike threw him in the woods... my guess he'll be back for revenge and bring friends....
Back to the smoker... Christopher and Mike put it together only to learn via the directions that you have to prime your smoker before use...ie smoke it empty... ahhh no smoked dinner for us

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I would love to say that for Fathers Day it was a warm sunny day-- but our weather system only brings rain with the sun peeking in and out-- I can't remember the last day it didn't rain. We don't have any big plans for Fathers Day-- hopefully a day of rest for Mike-- but I doubt he can accomplish that-- he always has something on his to-do list. Wish I could be with my own Dad for Fathers Day-- but too many miles are between us. Hopefully he knows I am thinking about him.

Wishing the two greatest Dads the best Fathers Day!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

we are beyond cats and dogs

So we are seriously beyond the whole its raining cats and dogs thing... Last night I was walking to the kitchen and I caught this little guy out of the corner of my eye!! Yup thats one of the billion frogs that call my yard home...apparently this guy was looking for better accomodations as he was knocking at the door to come in!!

Nothing like seeing a frog stuck to your glass door!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

On the boat

We went to the lake this weekend and spent both days on the boat-- with sunny skys and no one on the water it seemed like the thing to do-- Maizy isn't all that thrilled with boating--even less thrilled about wearing her life jacket-- but eventually she found a spot that suited her... under the seats! We hadn't spent this much time on the boat in a long time and it was nice to get out and see some of our favorite old haunts and see how many houses have been built or remodeled.. Down on Stonehouse creek there were tons of new houses and sadly over on Lizard creek my dream house has become someones elses and they added a big ol screen porch to it and a new boat house.

A day on the boat without drifting through PeaHill Creek??? gotta do it and get alittle lunch-- Picnic on the Boat!! Of course our perfect weekend wouldnt be complete without Mike catching a big fish... Maizy wasn't too sure about the whole Kiss the Fish thing either... a good sniff was all she was willing to do!

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lots of greenery

Just in case you were wondering Farmer Joe... I mean Mike has been tending his garden pots daily and wow how they are growing! Check out these tomatoe plants!

Nothing but one green pepper to report but he certainly has come a long way.

Monday, June 01, 2009

NJ --we returned

If you look closely you will see the VA Tech flag... that should give you a clue as to where we went this weekend!! Back to NJ, which we have finally figured out why it has such a bad reputation... after 5 hours of driving Mike came up with the answer. NJ is like a state stuck in time. Really other than the whole Newark cesspool-- NJ really is picturesque-- lots of trees, older home and two lane roads. There are not stripmalls on every corner nor are there townhomes and condos on everyblock. They haven't caught up to that yet... seriously you look at the stores, the signs and the roads and it looks like our area did some 20-25 years ago.. yes they still have Gulf gas stations.. who knew??? I thought they were out of business.
Regardless of the time warp, we enjoyed our time with The Dahl's. They have a cute house that is just perfect for them. Huge kitchen and a back yard that makes Cooper smile.

Hardwood floors so running down the hallway is much more fun... and even a fireplace at a jaunty angle. The paint colors in the house was alittle surprising... HOT Pink in the master bedroom, Purple in the guest bedroom and PEACHY peach in the family room... but hey it could be worse right??? I see painting in Amandas future.. rental or not.
Probably the best part of the weekend... was the Englishtown Antique store we found. Oh my goodness... mix junk store with antiques with used Stuff... you could spend days in there... I know Amanda and I will be returning (without the boys) next time we go up! I wish I could find a place like that here! what fun!
So glad we were invited (or did I invite myself???) it was fun playing in the garden, grilling on their HUGE deck and just hanging out.
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