Saturday, September 26, 2009


Its all about the harvest!! As the days grow shorter the crop is coming in fast and furious!! Today will be another day of cooking up some tomato sauce and chopping green peppers to freeze!! Yum!! Its really too bad they won't last forever on the counter--Last night for dinner it was another round of crispy french bread with bacon tomato and cheese all grilled to perfection... To me that would be the perfect winter dish--
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its a chilly morning

Whoa-- fall is here.. I spent the morning scurring around trying to find my slippers that had been put away for the summer and wondering why at 9:30 Maizy still hadn't gotten out of a matter of fact she had burrowed down even farther under the covers..

I got so much done yesterday that today after a few hours in the garden I can just sit back and read--play with some pictures and watch alittle football!
  • I finally got caught up on about 3 weeks worth of laundry,
  • Dusted
  • sewed a cushion on the couch that mysteriously came unattached
  • moved my pile of discards out of the hallway
  • put up Fall decorations (pumpkins make me happy)
  • got a huge bag ready for the salvation army
  • tested out some lamps for the scraproom...nope nothing I own will work
  • Cleaned the shower
  • Cleaned the cat box--yes muttering bad things about Amanda the whole time
  • Emptied the trash
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Changed the sheets on the bed
  • And cleaned my side of the bedroom... why bother trying to sort through the junk on Mikes bedside table???

Like I said it was a productive day---and as a reward we got to spend time with Toni and Robin to celebrate Robins Birthday last night... Alittle smoked meat and good company always makes a weekend perfect right??? ohh and Feebie came to visit Maizy-- Maizy loves her girlfriend Feebie!! hmmm maybe thats why she got 11 hours of sleep!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This little darling could be mine

Enough said??? I think this light is talking to me??? Does it say anything to you??? Do you think I can pull this off... its so unlike anything I would normally buy... but it is calling my name.. too modern?? or does it just scream polished? hmmmm...and its on SALE...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Total exhaustion is what this past weekend was all about.. we need to rethink our Richmond Race experience.. because as much fun as it is--it totally wears me out. Getting up at the crack of dawn and not getting home until 2am.. way too much fun in between...

Jannessa brought a new game to play that was electrifying to say the least.. kind of like musical chairs only when the music stopped if you didn't press a button fast enough you got a shock!! too funny to see people hunched over the little game and then leap out of their seat... it was more fear than shock but funny non the less!

Hightlight of the weekend:

Amanda and Natalie scored pit passes from one of Christophers friends.

Amandas driver Denny Hamlin won the race

Amanda and Corey won the money pot (where we put in $5 and pick random drivers out of a hat)-- how cool is it to pick your own driver and then have them win... they went home $200 richer....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

There was no laboring on labor day for us... We had a great weekend at the lake and came home and celebrated Lisa's Birthday.

Maizy made a new friend-- Twinkie--finally someone smaller than her!
And look at Kims babies... they are all grown up.. Kaitlyn and Brandon.. where does the time go??

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Let there be light

Lighting is getting be a key element in my house.. or should I say its the missing key element. For years I have gotten by with very little in the way of lighting and that was just fine by me. Dark=Cozy--seriously you would be hard pressed to find a place to read a book in my house once the sun goes down.. but with age that is proving to be an issue. Unless you want to stand in the kitchen you are gonna squink at my house.

So with that being said I have been giving lighting a second thought... I like lamps.. they are decrotive AND functional right??? hmm think again there are alot of ugly lamps out there.. Case in point the OTT lights. Sure they promise crisp clean light but really?? where is the imagination?

So with Ugly crossed off the list I got to thinking maybe over head lighting is what I need...

Now this speaks to me... but I bet it would speak to the taller members of the family (yes my daughter married one of those tall folk) when they bumped their head...

so down sizing???

ohhh and doesn't this just say FUN???

So if dangling out but the crush in crystal is still in what about this lovely?

Yup lighting is key... let there be light!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More hummingbirds

More hummingbirds for your viewing pleasure thanks to Mikes quick hand with the camera...

And random rambling:
1) Who invented the 5 day work week...
2)Got my stamps organized.. not the postal kind but the art kind.
3) Still searching for the perfect light for my scraproom... so tired of being in darkness
4)Had an ahaaaa moment tonight with my printer.. you can take the bottom drawer out and insert 5x7 paper... too bad I didn't learn that back when the printer actually printed better...
5) Need to find out where to buy those closet thingys that go on the top shelf of the closet to divide it...
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Remembering NYC

I did find some time this past weekend to play too.. It was fun to remember the crazy trip to NYC last August with Amanda... no one should ever walk as much as we did-- in August --in the city!! But it was great to see all the sights and see her NYC offices too... even though we got kicked out for taking pictures... Next time we won't be such 'fraidy cats and we will hop on the subway earlier.. or maybe we will take a cab so we don't have to walk through Hell's Kitchen in the dark!!