Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It may not have been the biggest Thanksgiving we have ever had but it sure was good!! Our decision to cook Tuesday and Wednesday paid off and it was a stressfree day...our only concern was whether the Turkey would be done on time... and it was! It left plenty of time for web cam visits to David, Ruth and the girls and time to just hang out and enjoy the day.

Amanda and Corey sent the most beautiful flowers that solved the problem of what to use as centerpiece. And the tablecloth fit the table (just barely) with the leaf in it. I so love having holiday meals where we can all sit down together.

Mike spent most of the day tending the turkey-- yes he basted it every half hour and it was worth it-- and then used the drippings to actually make home made gravy.. He has graduated in his holiday standing and we all agree he can officially take over Aunt Marions job of gravy making from here on out!! I could have drank it with a straw it was soo good!

Christopher, who was very concerned with the status of the mashed potatoes made the decision to peel them (after a quick conference with his grandmother)-- of course like any guy would do.... he took a trashcan and a pot down to the family room and peeled them WHILE he watched a football game.... I guess tomorrow someone needs to hose out that trashcan....
Maizy got lucky too-- she had friends to play with--luckily Rusty and Pheobie came to dinner . While the rest of us need couch time to digest all the food we ate.... she needs a nap due to too much fun.

While I wish the rest of the family had been there to share in our thanksgiving fun- I'm thankful for those that did come. It was as close to perfect as it can get-- did I mention we had homemade rolls and homemade mac and cheese??? what about homemade apple pie and Peanut butter cheese cake squares???? Good food and good company-- what more can a girl ask for???

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health insurance....

So a few weeks ago I battled with our health insurance company... and today as I read the mail I have figured out why they just couldn't seem to get Mikes medications here in a timely manner... They are no longer going to cover his meds... but instead BCBS has found some other company (which from what I read in the very small print is related to the last company) to handle "speciality medication"... so what does this mean??? who knows the letter was vague, written in small print and full of double speak... I guess I will have to make a few calls and figure out how to navigate a "new" provider.

Our glorious president has been pushing health care reform down our throats for months now. But the average person can't seem to get a straight answer on what this reform will do to the middle class... I suppose those who don't work or can't afford health care can't help but want reform. But those of us who have made the right choices, woke up every morning weather we wanted to or not and pushed our way to work what does this change me to us??? Seems to me that if this reform does not include a clause that those sitting in congress and the senate will have to be put on this "new" insurance program then how good can it possibly be??? Do I want my rates to increase to cover those who don't have insurance? Do I want my taxes to increase to cover those that choose not to work??? Do I really want to give people one more reason not to hold a job??? I think not. Less government is the answer. Survival of the fittest--Our country was not founded on handouts... wasn't the American Dream all about hard work???

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let crazy season begin!

Has it really been that long since I logged on?? hmmm I am not sure what I have been doing but I assure its not been anything exciting.
Theres been some of this:

Moving furniture around until I have come to realize that no matter what I do it won't make me happy...And there has been some of this:

Leaf raking and general fall clean up outside.... But today offically marks the beginning of the crazy season... Its the Friday before Thanksgiving and its when I start making lists and consulting calendars and becoming friends with the postman. With 4 family birthdays, 2 holidays that require multiple meals and a house that needs to be decorated for those 2 holidays its just all out craziness....

To make matters worse-- work has been totally crazy!! I am BUSY way too busy for this time of year...yes Something to be Thankful for. Mike has been busy-- not home until 9:30 any night this week... Christopher tells me he will hit 90 hours this week... and Amanda shes doing the job of many at work and trying to get ready for finals.... it must be something in the water...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Let there be light

Well there she is in all her glory!! After a few hours of pulling wires through the attic I now have light in the scraproom!! and isn't it beautiful light??? Alittle contempary and little classic... perfect for a room full of white laminate and teak don't you think???
And best part??? It makes me really happy-- which in the end is what its all about right???
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