Friday, February 26, 2010

oh happy day

Its finally FRIDAY-- I can't remember a worse two weeks at work in a very long time. But finally the weekend is here... no snow in sight and no work for a full two days... just wonderful if you ask me! and today my Boots finally arrived!!! Yes new winter boots...might just be the jinx we need to hold off any more snow until next winter!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The snow has finally stopped

This is my view-- my winter wonderland view!! I have kept myself amused by watching the icicle outside the scraproom window-- I keep wondering how long it will get before it breaks off.
Maizy has assimilated very well to the new Arctic tundra..
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And this is why I am home from work *again* the snow plow got stuck late last night in the driveway...can't go up ...can't go down...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

What you want more???

What you want more??? Todays photos are limited.. but these first ones are from early this morning.. a beautiful sight-- the sun!!

And this photo-- Miss Maizy-- You see we have shoveled a walk way to no where on the deck-- it literally stops at the stairs (see above)-- Somehow in her little brain its ok to potty on the deck when its covered in snow.. but since the walkway was shoveled and the sun melted the rements her little walkway was now deck.... horrors-- she panicked running back and forth and literally jumped into the deep snow!! Lucky for her most of it was crusted over and she didn't sink with every step... I laughed so hard I almost didn't get a picture of her up there!

and for those who just have to know--- she completed the job and my carpets are safe for a few more hours!

Sidelined by no power

So sorry for the delay in bringing you my time lapsed photography!! haha-- We lost power yesterday at 11am--apparently so did everyone off of Aden and all the way down Hoadly--Lots of tree down on the lines... any this is yesterday at 12:00 and yes still snowing!!

Of course shoving was an all day event-- I pretty much shoveled every other hour to stay on top of it-- One shovel width on the deck and One shovel width on the front walk-- Mike and Maizy felt sorry for me and came out to help!!

Maizy doing her shake-- not sure if it was the snow or the sweater!

This was at 5:45pm--stopped snowing *finally* I took this picture without flash.. But still did not capture what my eyes saw.. the sun had just about set and the sky was navy blue and the snow was sooo bright it almost glowed... I tried taking shots with and without the flash but just couldn't capture it.. I guess I need to read up on that.. see below-- with flash it looks like daytime..
And here it is at 9:30-- ohh so dark no more outside photos-- this is how I spent my night! me, Mr. Wiggles and Maizy by candlelight.. I read three magazines that way (caught up on a backlog!) and labeled some pages I printed out about my Cricut carts (die cutting machine) and then sorted through some magazine pages that I had ripped out and had stacked (waiting for me to do something with)
And of course waited by the hopes of hearing some news about when the power would come back... which by the way it didn't until this morning...23 hours later...

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Its 9AM and its still snowing... they say another 5-9 inches today with the snow stopping tonight... its coming down pretty heavy right now and its been hard to see at times... Right now it's like a fine mist.... Everything has been closed including Rt 66!! We have been flirting with the power issues again... the lights have gone on and off but as of right now we still have lights and more importantly heat! Mike tells me there are trees down everywhere- which does not surprise me (remember last nights photos?) and the snow is so heavy that it is bringing power lines down everywhere.
Today I will venture out with my handy measuring tape to see what kind of accumulation we really have.
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Because I know you are wondering

Because I know you are wondering what the weathers doing... its kinda crazy but here is a little time line

About 6:30pm
This is about 9:30
And then about 11:30

off to shovel alittle before bed!! Tomorrow should be interesting!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

At least its a pretty snow

This was last night before bed...

And this is what I woke up to-- Mother Nature just doesn't understand how much all this snow confuses my Maizy Girl...

more snow

And here we go again.. more snow... 3-6 inches tonight and then the weather man says a"significant" amount is coming for Friday.... oy vey! And do you think there is a store in town that has snow boots?? heavens no they are showcasing cute little sandals...not that I have anything against sandals but really-- we haven't seen grass in months...and my snow boots could use some replacing... Do you want to guess how old they are??? go ahead and guess... I'll wait....

Lets just say that my grandmother wore them to Capitals games... when I was in High school---- oh yea... these are some old boots..... but they are warm and they fit and they keep my feet dry... but I do think we have gotten our moneys worth out of them.

now in the interest of full disclosure I do own another pair... but they have no fur on the inside and they just aren't that cute to wear day after day....