Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter weekend

The kids came home for Easter weekend. Usually eventful to have them here but this weekend was rather quiet.. They had alot of running around to do which kept the house rather peaceful. We are having a warm streak here... high 80's which made for a great weekend.

I planned a family outing on Saturday to Barrel Oak Winery out in Delaplane.. no one said anything when I tossed the idea out... but when it came time to go the boys came up with alot of excuses.. but in the end I got both Mike and Chris in the car... Corey pulled the Mom card and went to visit his folks... what could I say???

BOW (Barrel Oak Winery) is a fun place to go on a nice day-- lots of outdoor seating, Pet and child friendly, and the wines not bad either. Both Maizy and Madison seemed to enjoy it.. pugs get lot of attention when you take them out... and you know how our ladies love attention... the tails were wagging all day.

After doing the wine tasting we headed outside for a pitcher of Sangria-- Hadn't planned on staying as long as we did-- but it was hard to keep track of time with the sun shining and stunning views of spring in the country.