Thursday, August 28, 2008

We spent last weekend down at the lake and Maizy was certainly on her best behavior.... she barely bothered her buddies Rusty and phoebie and in the end we might actually have some friendships forming... However she wasted no time coming home and going full speed.... she and Mr. Wiggles have a special relationship that I think Maizy just carries over to whomever she meets..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Now that the Olympics are offically over I have been reading lots about the fact that so many people are feeling these were the best Olympics yet.... I have my own opinions (don't I always?) could it be that the Olympics just filled a void in our TV viewing? seriously the writers strike of earlier this year is still affecting what on tv... be honest... before the olympic games weren't we all doing alot of channel surfing looking for something decent to watch... That coupled with the fact that due to the time zone differences there was plenty of viewing hours out there.... That being said did anyone miss the fact that this year we only saw CHINA and USA competing for the most part??? why were the efforts of so many other countries neglected??? The best ever... not in my book.. do I miss them now that they are gone?? you bet... back to channel surfing..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

school night

We weren't really looking forward to puppy class this week--in fact we (ok I) was kinda dreading going to class because we (maizy) didn't ever accomplish last weeks skill of DOWN. No problem with DROP IT-- as long as she thinks there is a treat involved... and leave it... most of the time she gets forgetful and "leaves it" because theres a new IT to explore (ie put in her mouth)-- but down was a no go--- you put her in sit and then move the treat to the ground and her butt pops up and her nose goes down... not exactly what the teacher was looking for...

We got lucky though-- we started the class with SIT and stranger greeting... Big A+ on that-- if it involves sit we are pros--- and then down... we looked around and some got it and some were just as confused... luckily our instructor moved on to learning a new task... WAIT--- haha WAIT involves a SIT and a LOOK AT ME command WAHOO!! the only two commands that Maizy has mastered!! and putting them together is like bonus points for us. Oh yes we got to be impressive in class.... then it was time to leave the classroom and go the back of the store to start working on COME. This was really quite fun. The instructor holds your dog and you go to the end of the aisle and yell come and do the whole good doggie excited thing and the instructor let them loose and they come flying (running really fast on a slick floor) toward you! then the next time you hide and call them.... again lots of fun... and then to end the class we had puppy races!! Maizy loves to run and thought that was great fun---

So homework this week is to work on WAIT... I think we might go to the head of the class with this one... after all it involves:

Monday, August 18, 2008


Home after an amazing weekend up "North"-- Taking the train is certainly a much better way to travel than driving or flying... very restful--lots of legroom and views the whole way up. Amanda lives in the cutest neighborhood-- reminds me alot of Falls Church-- lots of older homes full of character-- tudors, victorians-- big front porches and older trees... certainly not what I expected from NJ... now I know why she likes it up there.
And she already knows how to get around... we traveled by foot Friday night for dinner down the street-- and Saturday we drove to Weehawken to catch the Ferry over to Manhatten. Very impressive to see the city by water... heck the city is impressive no matter how you look at it- The above pictures are from the top of the Rockfeller center-- amazing views and amazing history...
You wouldn't beleive me if I told you how much we walked in one day--- From above Rockefellow Center ( 49th street) all the way down to the staten Island Ferry (with the exection of a few blocks that we ventured into the subway) ohhh and yea we walked our way 1/2 way back too--- the feet might have hurt but not enough for this country girl to venture down the stairs that take you to the subway!! and its not like Amanda was chomping at the bit to take on that adventure either.... but we did and we survived... With Map in hand I think we could have traveled the world or at least with the map in amanda's hand...It sure felt like we did-- down 5th ave over to 6th-- Over to St. Patricks Cathedrial and we even made it to the NYC Public library-- then it was down to the flower district-- into greenwich village...
And of course lunch in Soho
Since we didn't have tickets to get the ferry over to Ellis Island and tour the statue of liberty we made the executive decision to take the free Staten Island ferry which passes the statue of liberty-- we were tired and it was nice to sit down and watch the views go by.

Our day was filled with adventures-- lots of laughs and more fun then I can even begin to describe... we've already planned out our next trip to the city--- central Park and the theater district....

This picture was taken at the Loreal Building in the city-- not the one where Amanda works in NJ-- probably a good thing because after taking this picture I was hunted down by a security guard. Seems its a breach of security to take pictures.... NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed -- Amanda and I hightailed it out of there pretty darn quick... Shes back in the city this week for work.... hoping she doesn't run into the same guard!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend trip

Counting down til train time.. I'm heading north to see my girls!!! A quick stop in New Jersey and then its off to the BIG APPLE. Yup Amanda is taking me to New York City-- feeling like a country bumpkin for this trip-- we are totally using public transportation this trip and when I looked it on online I got totally confused... but my girl has it under control... she says its a breeze... don't worry I have a cell phone and I know how to use it... Mike will come get me right???
Wish me luck!
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Monday, August 11, 2008


Bonnies not feeling well...

Its Monday....

I'm tired....

so lets all take a moment and smile

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sun and fun

After Maizy met a new friend on Friday-- Peppe-- Pat's new teacup Chiquia we headed down to celebrate Mike C's birthday at the lake... after weeks of 90 plus degree weather we couldn't have asked for a better weekend.. mid 80's warm and bright but not suffocating.... lots of laughs while floating around the lake... we weren't sure how Maizy would take to the heat and the water but she hung in there like a champAnd because just lounging is never enough take a look at what Uncle Mike can do... yea he's got skills any 20 year old would love to possess....
There was a time that I thought that was something I would want to learn.... but now I am very content watching someone else getting dragged through the water.... as we all quickly learned the getting up in the air wasn't much of problem it was the landing that quickly reminded him that he wasn't 20 anymore... and meet Harley-- another new friend for Maizy... our biggest concern was weather Harley would sit on Maizy-- he's one biggggggggg golden... but lucky for Maizy he has the same temperament as Cooper.
And yes even with all the time in the water we did find time for restin' and relaxing and even a nap...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Items of note

  • Maizy completed class number 2-- and this time she was alittle more inquisitive of the other puppies around her.. so much so that her teacher had to tell her it was not play time.... she did master Sit quickly... and since we really have no leash pulling issues we aced that part.. We will continue to do the lessons this week because while today she's got it I know that at any moment her being a puppy can overtake any learned behavior. The hardest part is the human learning factor... using the correct words for the correct situations... OFF instead of down... not saying sit but using the hand command and not saying NO but instead saying ehh ehh-- I do take issue with the whole coming home thing though... the teacher says you should teach your dog to sit calmly as you walk in the door.... seriously the only reason I want a dog is so I get the "Madison greeting" when I come home-- I want a wiggly butt and squeals of delight...

  • Furbee and Mr. Wiggles still are not living in harmony... For whatever reason Mr. Wiggles runs and hides whenever Furbee is in the room. And then hisses growls and is obnoxious (all while hiding). I can't say that I have seen Furbee do anything wrong other than just follow Mr. Wiggles... but because of this Mr. Wiggles spends alot of time outside.. not wanting to come in... On the other hand Maizy seems to have won over Furbee and while there is still alittle hissing for the most part I think a nice friendship has formed.

  • And Amanda has once again become the favored child this week in her fathers eyes.... We got happy mail yesterday from Virginia Tech.... Nothing makes a father happier than getting "his" deans list certificate
    not sure how she will continue to stay in Daddys good graces now that school is out.... but boy does he like having something to put on the refrigerator....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sometimes it seems that the only thing that ever gets done but never really gets done is wedding planning... for an event that is 8-- hmm 7 months away it seems to take up alot of my thinking time.... of course it doesn't help that our newest employee at work is busy working on her daughters October wedding... or that my friend Leah is posting beautiful pictures on her blog of her recent wedding...
Been very busy working on wedding invitation designs... trying to find the perfect color... and yes thats important... just ask the bride... haha

Monday, August 04, 2008

Amanda did have a birthday

I totally forgot to share Amanda's birthday party pictures.... Corey did such a great job planning a surprise party for -- got her favorite gal pals to drive all the way to Gainsville to help celebrate her birthday---
oh course there was dancing involved....
And singing and of course cute puppies

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gardening gone to the dogs

So Maizy really like playing in the garden... at a frantic pace she races in and out of the flowers, giving no thought to what she is stepping on.... for the most part its kinda cute.. and it keeps her occupied while we are working in the yard... Madison used like like hanging in the garden too-- and bonnie has been known to each the petals off my flowers... but I think Maizy has taken playing in the garden to an all time new record... why romp or chomp when you can just climb right in the pot???

Saturday, August 02, 2008

First day of school-- Maizy style

So Maizy completed her first Day of school... Puppy school that is... and we all survived... of course before leaving for school I asked Mike he wanted to go... his response was "Do I need to go?" hmmm no you don't need to... " Do you want me to go?" hmmm if you want to... so in reality I was thinking yea you need to go because what if I can't handle all these other dogs around my baby... and yes I want you to go incase Maizy decides to embarass me by attacking these dogs I need someone who knows she can be sweet.....

So we all head off to the local Petsmart... so far so good right? Happy little family.... now once we get there I was alittle apprehensive about actually taking Maizy and having all four paws on the floor but her teacher assured me she would get much more out of the class if she was infact on the floor.... (smile) so I put her down...

First we should go back to where we walk into the classroom.... I quickly surveyed our competition whoops I mean our fellow students... alittle teacup terrier... another pug (black) and beagle, two shitzu's and two Mastiffs......insert record scratching sound here.... MASTIFFS-- just in case you are not familar with a Mastiff... please see picture
yea... now to be accurate all the dogs in class are about 3 1/2- 4 months old... so these mastiffs are puppies too... and not full grown like the picture... but they are almost Cooper size... whoaaaaaaa--- but being the good mother I put my puppy down... because well because I was told to... and being the fiesty toe chewing, big dog loving puggy she is-- what does she do? she promptly hides behind/under the little classroom stools... and shakes uncontrollably... Mike and I look at each other and frankly laugh out loud... this was not the response we expected from our little Maizy-- afterall just last weekend she was hanging with the big boys...

and despite Bonnie showing her biggirl teeth every day she always goes back for more...

Her teacher assures us that coming to puppy class will be her favorite day of the week... and that her classmates will become her pack... her family... but for the hour we were in class we literally had to peel her away from the wall... she did eventually participate but with fear in her eyes....

I guess we will see what happens next week... for now we do our homework every day.... Maizy look at me..... ohh yea and there are treats involved...

I can't help but think this is not the first shy child I have raised... who behaved like a wild woman at home and hide under my skirt in the real world.....and she turned out ok right????