Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One Little Word

Rather than coming up with a New Years Resolution this year I am choosing One Little Word. This word will hopefully guide me through the year reminding me to be the person I want to be.

Choose= Its a simple word... But I hope I will CHOOSE happiness, I will be reminded that I can CHOOSE my own destiny. That I can CHOOSE the body I want to live in. I can CHOOSE how to spend my time. I can CHOOSE the life I want to live.

New Year-- new choices!

Monday, January 03, 2011

First day back

Today was the beginning of a new year at work... and after having 2 weeks filled with days off and holidays coming back wasn't easy... certainly would have been nice to continue the napping and snacking that we had been enjoying all weekend... but instead it was reports, end of the year finances and the daily grind...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010--Hello 2011

Another year draws to a close-- time seems to fly by faster than I can catch it... It hurts to even try and remember last year it all --seems like a blur.. we had numerous weddings, vacations that didn't happen, a new boat, we got overly acquainted with our easy pass on great trips to NJ, unplanned new furniture, tomatos tomatos tomatos, and how could I forget the SNOW?? the lake crossing, family visits, and visits to see family, lots of Nascar....yes it was a year!! Through sickness and health we muddled through it and now its on to another one!

I am not one to usually make new years resolutions--or at least take them seriously but this year I have made a few that I plan on keeping...come hell or high water (or even snow blizzards) I plan on pushing toward keeping them...
  • Move more --Eat less--- a tall order but the D word needs to be more than just a passing fling.. it needs to become a reality.. I have a plan in place... 2 weeks of no sugar and low low carbs-- and then its back to weight watchers for me... I can drop 40 pounds. I can ....
  • Take more photos... document more life. I think Project 365 is calling my name.
  •  Stop worrying about what I can't control.. Taking a page from Bill Cosby : “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”
  • Find a schedule to balance the work and the fun by using my calendar.
  • Create more and think less-- I spend alot of time thinking about what I want to do... but not enough time actually doing it.
  • Rework my basement to include a bathroom, laundry room and storage.
  • take a photography class
  • Complete my ever growing list of scrapbooking projects
  • Visit Christopher in VA. Beach
  • Update my house--with a critical eye we have to move forward to 2011 and remove the 1980's.
Its a list... a big ol list but achievable by organization, hard work and lots of list making...

Here's to a healthy happy and prosperous new year-- to challenges we overcome, and remembering to throw caution the wind to seek out good times!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Amanda's house was perfect for Christmas-- a real tree, a crackling fire, her table was gorgeous--everything just perfect--she even had real pine garland going down her staircase!

 All of the puppies got along so well.. they were amazingly calm until the presents starting opening.. They were as excited as a small child at Christmas!! Good thing Santa filled a stocking for each of them!

Before and After!! ohh we can make a mess!

Sadly with a snow storm approaching we made the decison to leave Christmas night instead of the next morning... it made me sad to leave early but knowing how horrible the traffic would be without snow and just holiday travelers it seemed like the thing to do... So Mike drove half way and then Christopher finished the trip up-- just as we hit Manassas it started to snow... little did we know that would be all we would see....Amanda on the otherhand got snowed in with a few feet of the white stuff! So our timing was right-- better safe than sorry right?

Monday, December 27, 2010

NYC! If you need a tour guide ---call Amanda

I can't tell you how excited I was to go to NJ this time around. This would be Amandas first try at hosting Christmas and we had planned a great trip into the City to get into the festive holiday spirit... The day before the weather was unseasonably warm.. probably high 40's-- but of course Thursday the wind kicked up and it was freezing... Amanda drove us in to New York City and Corey came up via the train later before the show.  She did an amazing job of navigating the one way streets and found us a great parking garage that was close to Radio City Music hall so our walking could be limited if we choose... but of course who would choose that??? We were bundled up and ready to go!

For a girl from the 'ville she knew all the streets we wanted to take and exactly the best sites to see... She got us through times square and up to Macy's in no time.. I finally got to see the store windows that you always hear about.. so fun! We even went in Macy's--crazy crowds--I am not sure you could shop if you wanted to-- we were there to look and take a potty break (haha) I wrote a letter to santa too! Just to be sure he knew we weren't at home!
After hitting all the store windows we walked over to Bryant Park and saw the "other" ice skating rink-- the whole area was sparkling with christmas lights! No skating for us though-- we had dinner reservations at Bond 45-- an amazing resturant that served Italian food-- On the walk over we got a glimpse of Radio city Music Hall and the huge ornaments that decorate the streets
Yes we had dessert!!! And then it was on to our show!! Rockettes at Christmas!! at Radio City Music Hall!! Can you get any more Christmas than that??? Lots of fun!! I think even the boys liked it! You can't help but be mesmorized by the intricate timing of it all.

 The night didn't end there though-- although we were all plenty tired... we walked over to the Rockefeller Plaza to see "The Tree" Its a big one-- with a bizzillion lights and even more people all trying to get their picture with it!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

DC date

I have been wanting to go to the Botanical Gardens in DC for awhile. I saw last year that they had a holiday display but we never made it with all the snow... and every time we were in DC we had Maizy. So this weekend I mentioned it again and amazingly Mike was up for it. They have the "gardens" broken up area-- desert, Jungle, medicinal, Hawaii etc.. It was amazingly hot and humid in most of the rooms. The outer corridor they had Christmas displays and it was nice an cool-- a harbor to escape to between viewing. All the monuments were recreated in wood with beautiful poinsettas around them.

Of course I wanted to see the outside gardens even though its winter and everything is dead and brown.. But they made it worth it by hiding this Moose out there!
Lets just say that after being in the hot moist jungle wearing a heavy sweater and coat I was uncomfortably sweaty and going outside in the cold wasn't the brightest idea... made it just seem colder... but being steps away from the capitol I wanted to walk over and see the Grant statue and gaze upon the capitol as well...
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This was the best of Thanksgiving-- take a look at that pie... and yes it tasted as good as it looked... That crust took 3 sticks of butter to make and it was worth every calorie and the Turkey????MMMM amazing!! Mike smoked it-- stuffed it with fruit and herbs and then used the drippings to make his wonderful gravy.
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Can you hear the music??? I'm backkkkkkkkk. I have taken alittle blogging break-- managed to get a vacation in too.. Alittle trip to Florida-- warm sunshine and blue skys... big difference from our foggy dreary rainy days.... We packed alot into the few short days we were there... Managed to eat way too much EVERY DAY (good practice for all the food we ate for Thanksgiving), got to see both of our parents, Mike got the remote working, the computer up and running and even managed to hang a new bathroom light...And we did alittle shopping too.... Quick vacation lots of fun.
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