Monday, November 24, 2008

More Vacation

Ok so You saw Maizys vacation and I am sure you are wondering about mine!! It was just as wonderful as Maizys and I am happy with our decision to take Maizy with us. It all worked out.

It was so nice to spend time with the family and go down to Key West.

There are so many stories to be told... Mike and his coconut adventure... yes my husband stole coconuts and then learned to open them.... we did eat alot of coconut! And while fishing for Grouper he instead caught alot of Sharks. And of course we played tourists and saw Trumans whitehouse, the aquarium and Hemingways home and more bars then I care to count. The ocean is bluer than blue and the sunshine was just what we needed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maizys vacation

After a short Hiatis I am back... sort of-- Vacation was wonderful but sadly I came back with a horrible cold. Seriously I can't remember feeling this bad in a long time. We have been back since Tuesday and yesterday I finally opened all that mail... if that tells you how sick I have been.... Anyway today will be another day of sleep and medication... since I feel so bad I thought maybe We could start out with Maizy's vacation... because it is all about her in the end...right? hahaha

Maizy took her first plane ride to go to FLORIDA-- and really it was easier taking her on a plane then it was taking the kids... We bought her a little bag to sit in and essentially she was my carry on. She sat under the seat in front of me and literally slept the whole trip. I must say that when we boarded the plane and the stewardess peeked at her.. mentioning how cute and then asked if I had sedated her I was alittle taken back... was I supposed to? Was this going to be a nightmare trip?? but then reality set in and I remembered she is virtually a silent dog --she just learned to bark two weeks ago and even at her most frenzied shes pretty darn quiet.

Maizys first stop was my Mom and Dad's house... the first of many challenges-- white carpet and doors everywhere... nothing like a puppy honing their potty training skills and being thrown into a new enviroment. Here she swam in the pool, met the big blue birds (who scared her) and went to the beach.

This just wasn't any beach this was a doggie beach.. The Brohard Paw Park... Every gigantic dog in Florida must have been at the beach!! And they all loved it... except Maizy-- she wanted nothing to do with the ocean... although she found digging in the sand an enjoyable way to pass the time!! Apparently she ate alot of sand too because later that day she was making sand castles of her own in my parents yard... And of course she had lots of attention.. Always someone to play with!

Maizys next stop on her vacation was over to Mikes mom's house... another challenge with oriental rugs and again doors. So hard for puppies to figure out which door to go to! But again she was treated like a queen.. and we all learned exactly how much she like ice cream! Nothing like a trip to a home made ice cream store!

And she made a new friend! (kinda) Randal-- Randal wasn't too sure what Maizy was doing in his house and certainly wasn't fond of the fact that Maizy took all his toys.. but they did enjoy a few hours of fun!

Then it was on to Key West.. it was a long drive although I don't think Maizy knew it because she slept the whole way.... we stopped on one of the Keys to streach our legs and walk the beach Maizy pooped on the boardwalk... ehhh shit happens... hahaha and again refused to go in the ocean. But for Maizy this was probably the best part of her vacation because in Key West she got to stay with Baxter and Bendict... and she fell in love... She spent countless hours running, chasing and kissing Bendict.... for Maizy it will be a vacation to remember.