Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So how darn cute is that bag??? Yea I have a thing for big bags... I always have... as a teenager I carried huge Space Bags, and have carried backpacks, beach bags, hobo purses you know name ever since... ohh I have tried going smaller... my daughter has shamed me into carrying cute little handbags (which I love) but I always end up reverting back...
This one is handmade... I could do that... so could you! Tutorial here!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

thought of the day

Things I am thinking about right now:

  • Furniture-- I wonder if I bought a bookshelf for the office if I would end up with better flow of the millions of papers that pass through my life..
  • If I dig up most of the Lirope in the back yard and divide it will have holes to fill??? meaning having to buy dirt??? Who buys dirt???
  • Should I even bother moving my summer clothes into my closet??? 65 degree days don't inspire short sleeve shirts.
  • Can I convince Mike that a Chandelier in the office would be cute?
  • That I really need to find a container for the chair covers on the deck... I don't like throwing them in a heap when we use the chairs.

Friday, May 08, 2009


We have complained about the rain now for 2 weeks straight-- but despite the lack of sunshine its amazing whats been happening in the garden... My hostas have turned into gigantic mounds... waist high in some places and take a look at these babys!! Are these not the largest Clemtis flowers you have ever seen??? While the vine isn't but knee high the added rain seems to have enlarged the flowers-- they almost don't look real as you walk by them they are so big.
Looking forward to see what happens when we actually get some sun!!
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

weekend update..nascar

Its taken me a couple days to recover from the weekend... Lots of Nascar fun-- lots of late nights and we even through a move in there for good measure just to ensure that Monday morning felt like a monday morning...

It was great to see friends and family over the weekend. Its funny because some of the people we tailgate with we rarely see other than the twice a year journey to Richmond. But each year the more and more people we know either join us or stop by to visit our lil tent city. With lots of Rain on Saturday we were happy to have 3 tents this year -- kept us dry in the rain and cool in the sun.

Probably the most remarkable thing about going to the race is the choreography that takes place prior to the race... we leave the house as one car and by the time we enter the gates we are a caravan of 9 cars... and we do this with only one stop and a quick pull through a parking lot... we seem to be able to time lights perfectly to get all 9 cars in a row for the perfect tailgate....