Sunday, August 15, 2010


Its been awhile since I have sat down at the blog.. call it a blogcation!!
This weekend we headed to the lake to take part in the LAKE CROSSING- which is charity event for O’SAIL (Organization to Support the Arts, Infrastructure, and Learning on Lake Gaston). Sounded like fun to take part in a one mile crossing of the lake either swimming or in a non motorized vessel....  It never dawned on me how far a mile actually is.
But with my trusty sidekick Toni we decided that somehow we would make our way across the lake... She quickly explained to me how far a mile swim really was... so we were left with either the paddle boat or the canoe... Toni worried we would tip the canoe... I worried my legs could paddle that boat!! in the end the paddle boat won out... After a morning of realizing this even probably needed more planning than just sending in our registration forms we finally made it to the marina--

There was way to much time for us to realize that we had no idea what we were doing... and still not enough time to learn how to steer properly-- but when they said go! we went as fast as our little legs could paddle.... I gotta say that more than once I was ready for a break but Toni insisted WE could be the first paddle boat across.... and you know she was right... Not only did we make it but we did beat out the other paddle boats... (I probably shouldn't mention this but a swimmer actually beat us!! hahaha) 

And as in any true athletic competion  they even had a fly over before the Crossing began!!! We can now say we did it!! and we even have the T-shirts to prove it!!