Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bonnies Trip

Nothing new happening this week... for those of you wondering Bonnie did survive her vacation...

She got a nice email and picture from Madison before she left

I am so excited that you are coming to visit, mom never plays with me
anymore because she has to study... although im not showing you where the
treat closet is and i am hiding my greenies!! And although i do love your
food, ive found better dinner... rice and chicken, all you have to do is
throw up a little.... works like a charm

While Bonnie was not a expert at the car ride-- it took her over an hour to actually sit in the car she did make it in one peice. And from what we could tell she enjoyed her visit with Madison and was very happy to her Amanda

Vacationing actually brought the puppy out in her... she walked herself out the front door on Sunday and proceeded the meander down the driveway... deafness (so she says) prevented her from hearing me call her back... and before I knew it she was walking down the center of Silverleaf..As I walked out to bring her back she didn't even look back as she galloped (ok maybe more like trotted) straight down the street like she actually had somewhere else go! hmmm wondering if Madison put her up to that???

Monday, September 18, 2006

Its more than money

I have never been one to look at the long distance phone bill or how much gas is... these are facts of life and in my mind they just are a part of life... but lately... ok since it went over $3.00 a gallon I have been alittle obsessed with gas prices... today.. I smiled at $2.09 and then when I drove by the WAWA $1.97 I think I actually cheered out loud... amazing what can make you smile on a Monday....

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just got home after a quick down to

The weather was incredible.. soo cool in the evening and so warm in the day. We started out Saturday doing a little yard sale shopping. Amanda was successful at finding a kitchen table-- She quickly put the outdoor table back on the deck which we thoroughly enjoyed eating at for dinner. And then it was off to the football game!

After alittle shopping in downtown Blacksburg we hit the grocery store and Home Depot, but sadly for Mike there was no trip planned for Walmart... And then finally home for Dinner on the deck
Today was the ZETA parents brunch--Yummy buffet and awards at the Holiday Inn across from Campus. The girls did a wonderful job of hosting this event and I think all the parents were proud of their girls. Amanda was recognized for her work as Alumni Chair-- and she presented three Moms who were VT ZETA's themselves with a picture frame. Shes worked very hard at this position which apparently has been neglected in the past few years. And it seems to be paying off for her as the alumni are very appreciative for being thought of and contacted.
I have to really thank Mike for his patience this weekend because throughout all the activities I got alittle sidetracked and went on a hunt for Hokie birds-- You see there are all these different Hokie birds scattered around Blacksburg as part of a campaign called
Gobble de Art --Each bird was created by a different artist and each is very unique--I got it in my mind that I could take pictures of all 75!! And the scavenger hunt began-- We had Mike making quick turns here and there... pulling over on the side of the road as we jumped out into traffic and ran across the busy football weekend streets so that we could get the pictures-- Sadly I think I still need about 40 birds.. but we made quite a dent into my goal... had I only known there was a map of where they all were-- but I guess that would have taken the fun out of it!!--oh well... maybe they will still be there for my next trip!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is it Friday yet???

Counting down the hours-- its almost time for ZETA parents weekend. We have our football tickets, we have our snacks for the ride down and we have our reams of paper as gifts for Amanda... we are ready. And Bonnie shes ready too! This will be her FIRST vacation-- her FIRST car ride farther than the VET-- and the FIRST time she has ever been invited anywhere... BIG weekend for Bonnie.. and she is ready! She has bathed and practiced her non-exsistant leash skills all week to ready herself for this journey-- This old girl has her bags packed and is waiting by the door!
Madisonnnnnnn here we come!! And Grandpa has treats!!

This makes me happy

If that doesn't make you smile I don't know what will!!!
Yes those are yellow rain boots... and yes next time it rains you will see me sporting them as I splash through the puddles!!
So they weren't my idea its ok... It was Amanda (my personal shopper) who decided that we needed rainboots-- of course hers are alittle more subdued... but with polka dots they will still make you smile. Now I know what you're thinking and its ok.. because after you think about it for awhile I know you're gonna want some too... and then it'll be a fashion trend and rainy days won't be so gloomy with everyone splashing in these fashion foward babies! Another happy moment brought to you by!!!
......................... LET IT RAIN

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Madison was totally into the geese when we visited the lake this summer. And when she wasn't rolling in duck poop she was searching for feathers. As you can see it was pure joy when she found one. She trotted around with it like it was a steak bone.

I knew I wanted to scrap these pictures but wasn't sure how to get them all on one page and while its cute and a memory I wanted to save it wasn't worth doing two pages. Then I looked at my Autumn leaves calendar (which was a few days behind) and save the inspiration for 9/5 and 9/10-- perfection!
I totally have to work on my scanning skills-- Still using Microsoft paint even though photoshop is sitting here waiting for me to learn....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

todays accomplishment

So I spent most of the day playing in the scraproom. Mike is still in Richmond at the Races... with everyone else from here apparently... He just called and said the Mellendars were sitting right in front of him and the Plums were at the end of the totally funny because he went with Mike C and Chris G. must be quite the party in their section---

Friday, September 08, 2006

In print

So I was cleaning out my email box... sometimes it gets out of control... and as I was deleting old emails and filing others I came across an email from Bonnie Schiedel--- no I don't know her either but a couple of months ago when I was online I answered some questions about scrapbooking... well her email was to tell me that she quoted me.. I guess I was in a waxing mode that day!! haha anyway I was in print.....

Tonight the guys are doing the Nascar thing and I am home doing my scrapping thing... working on cleaning up alittle and trying to catch up on the lake book.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All grown up

So he's all grown up--shops for and Dresses himself now. Definatley something a Mother can be proud of!!! (Yes those are boxers proclaiming my son is a redneck!)

And apparently Tif is all grown up and dressing herself!! Gotta love the Citygirl meets lake look! (I promise there is a cute Bikini under all those clothes)

And yes Tim is all grown up too!!! Soooo old he got two cakes for his birthday!!

Hehehehe-- Another Labor Day weekend come and gone. We drove away as fast as we could from the hurricane winds and rain down to the lake where it was HOT and Sunny!! Really couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We celebrated Tims birthday in his new house and the next morning Karen came over and made some awesome omelets (fired up just right) with alittle mimosa on the side... Toni took me for a tube ride on Mabel... just the way I like it SLOOWWWWWW.... and Mike caught some fish... although I have no photographic evidence... so you can come to your own conclusions. Pretty uneventful weekend.. but fun as always.