Thursday, November 29, 2007

The holiday season can begin now.

Just a drive by-- got some exciting news from amanda today... Shes going to Loreal for a week to work on a project during her christmas break. How exciting is that? Yup apparently her boss from the summer still likes her. And her accomodations will be a hotel. So grown up.

My mom celebrated her Birthday yesterday-- from what I gather shes 50 this year.... ofcourse last year she was 28... I can only hope that I remember these little tricks when I reach her age.

And I got the christmas list that I have been waiting for. Yes the one from Amanda. I have to say that it truely marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. And at 21 its just as creative as it was at 4. She is a needy little girl... has always had alot of wants. For the past two years she has also included Madisons list. And the pony that has been on her list her ENTIRE life.. its no longer there.... but now the pony shows up on Madisons list. I was alittle surprised this year while she included pictures, was only a page long. (We've had some years where it could be a bound novel) I must say I do miss the handwritten chicken scratch --in pencil-- but the new list certainly is special too..... no "see page 300 in the sears catalog" or "its on the top shelf to the left in Toys R US" this year didn't even have links embedded... just the picture, the store and the price. Gotta love a girl who can shop without leaving her house-- Santa would be proud of her, and so would my mother.... who I blame this entire shopping gene on.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

After the turkey comes football.... lots of football

Somehow Christopher sucked us all into watching football... ALL DAY--not exactly my first choice on how to spend a holiday weekend. But there was that VA TECH vs VA game that couldn't be missed. HOKIES HOKIES HOKIES... yep another win and its off to play BC again next weekend.

And then there was the UT game... we all learned some new football rules watching that 4 1/2 hour marathon game with 4 Overtimes... And then it was FLA vs FLA.... I could go on but it was a blur after that....

There were also some new rules on the pool table.. Exactly how do you loose money on a break? Ask David and Josh?

Campfires outside, games inside.... yup Christopher was home for the weekend.

And little miss wore reindeer antlers to kick off the Christmas season--ummm only one antler as some things don't stand the test of time.

Boys can wear pink right?

Hand me downs are nice....................


The day started out at 73 degrees and by the time we had dinner its hoovering around the 40's - But at Jackies we were warm and toasty-- A big ol bird and more food then we needed made for a great afternoon.

This was our official photo-- after food-- obviously somone forgot to say cheese-- not a smile in the group! Taking that Puritan Thanksgiving to heart I guess.
But this was what the day was really about- lots of laughs, lots of food, and family.

So nice to see everyone. Got updates on John and Debbies wedding, Brian's new house and there was talk of Marion stripping... but we won't got into all the family secrets here.... hahaha. We all missed our Florida families.. So far away but always in our hearts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The boss was in town. It was a long day-- but now its time to be thankful.... Tonight I cook-- tommorrow I eat.. I am thankful--

Thankful for family
Thankful for puppies
Thankful for a few days off of work
Thankful for alot of little things that make the day worth getting up for
Thankful for 3 day work weeks (are you seeing a pattern yet?)

Happy thanksgiving--gobble gobble gobble

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not a geek-- but loving technology

Came home to a nice surprise- a HUGE monitor that Mike got from one of his customers. It was broken and they were tossing it. $14.00 later and a new plug and I have Gargantua for a monitor. The coolest part? No mouse required. Its touch screen. Yup gotta love technology-- and there is lots of it out there right now that just amazes me.

Cell phones- how did we live without being able to always get in touch with people?
GPS- who needs a map when a voice can tell you where to go and what turn to take?
Copy/Scanner machines- A godsend a work that you can scan 50 pages and pop it into an email
Digital Cameras- no more worries that you got the shot-- you can keep on shooting
DVR- No more rushing to catch that favorite show.

I am sure theres more. Seems everyday I find something else that I just didn't know how I survived without it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Counting it down

Down to two dogs and one cat... the zoo is offically more manageable. Got some yard work done. Trimmed the rose bushes, trimmed the azealas, raked out the back garden and dug up the canna lilys in hope that they will survive the winter in the shed.

Amanda and Corey got home safely from NJ and we got to spend alittle time with Cooper. So much fun to watch a puppy romp.

A quick 3 day work week -- and its "weekend" again. The count down starts now. Love short weeks. Love sleep in days. Love having Madison here to keep my feet warm at night.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Some things just keep coming back to haunt you. I can’t believe that anyone would want to read Beowulf let alone spend money to watch it in a movie theater. Beowulf- a bad poem that did not rhyme about dragons,kings, violence and such. Definitely a negative memory—the drivel –reading it over and over because it made no sense. Best of luck at the box office on that one.

On a happier note- we survived our first day at the zoo—the creatures actually got along-- well except for the wanna-be queen be whose daily routine was thrown out of wack when everyone was given a greenie after dinner. She regained her composure when she peered down at Zoe from the couch and with a snort let her know that her place was on the floor. And I believe that I saw a smirk at bedtime when she once again looked down at Zoe, this time sleeping on the floor.

Mr. Wiggles seems intrigued by a new dog, and not at all scared. He keeps following Zoe, and Zoe not being used to cats hasn’t figured out if he is friend or foe. I have reminded her that Mr. Wiggles may be smaller but is not one to be reckoned with.
Not sure if everyone will keep to their manners today… familiarity breeds the need for dominance….

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Morning routine...gone to the dogs...

I went to bed last night with one dog lazily sleeping (probably on a couch where she shouldn't be) and woke up to 4 dogs romping through the house! Crazy Crazy morning.

Amanda and Corey on their way up to New Jersey stopped in at 7:15AM to drop off Madison and Zoie (who we agreed to dog sit for the weekend for Coreys parents) Yes if you are counting thats only three dogs--- the surprise was the furball that was literally dropped on my bed.... Meet Cooper! Isn't he just the cutest??? Yup Corey got himself a puppy last night... oh and this one is so darn cute --but at 8 weeks is already larger than Madison (who by the way is trying her best to not care that there is a new puppy in the house)

Bonnie was showing her bestest manners, trying to remember (or listen as we reminded her) her friends. She showed great restraint as Zoie wandered up and down the hall, as Cooper wanted to play with "her" cat and as Madison was stealing treats. (seems she didn't need to go outside to get a treat)

Things settled down to a dull roar-- did I mention it was pouring down rain??? so no there is no hope of sending them outside-- anyway I was able to get a family portrait before the kids head of to NJ (with Cooper) ( I think I should have kept Cooper and they took the other 3)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Summers over

The weekend is over and so is the summer. A trip down to the lake to pull the boats out the water, add fuel stabilizer and ensure the batteries are ready for the winter ahead marked the end of another summer season. And learning from past mistakes we emptied the freezer and refrigerator of anything that will be iffy by spring.

Since we are going without TV now down at the lake we had ample time to pull out YAHTZEE-- how quickly we forget what fun that is! Me? I got beat by everyone --pretty much every round but thats ok-- Nick turned out to be a whiz at it and Mike and Toni jeez can you yell Yahtzee one more time??? Competition is good for the soul.

Monday, November 05, 2007


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Its defiantly feeling like fall, and so for dinner what better than alittle casserole to warm things up? Ummm Curried chicken and broccoli. The time change was a good thing this weekend. Seemed to add more than a hour to our days. Both kids were in town this weekend for Coreys Birthday. Had lunch with Amanda and Corey on Saturday and Christopher breezed through for alittle dinner. We all went to Coreys house for his Birthday Party. Good time had by all.
Sunday, despite the fall temp's was a day for outside yard clean up. I probably should have done more with the plants as I just know as the weeks wear on I will resist the urge to be outside at all. But I was able to get the planters and garden "stuff" into the shed and Mike and I put the net on my water garden. We have waited, as the frogs just had another batch of babies and I didn't want them trapped with no way to hibernate.
As I puttered around this weekend a mental list was made of projects that I have been putting off. I think its time to recover two chairs and catch up on a back log of sewing projects. And someone explain what the hecks happening in the basement. Looks like a bomb went off in there (again). We definitely need to add that to the list to do's.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Before we move on to thanksgiving... we did attempt to celebrate halloween. yes we carved a pumpkin... used some fancy stencil.. personally I think good old triangle toothy grin pumpkins make me happier... but Mike needed to show off his pumkin skills... so there you go!

We did do alittle costume dress up too last weekend at a halloween party- yes I was dancing and yes I was an angel.... poetic huh?
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

For my parents

This week has been painfully slow.
Started the week out dealing with sinus issues..
Feeling better now.
Weather changing--not to my liking.
Had three trick or treaters this year.
The grocery store has christmas decorations up in the parking lot
I just put my fall decorations up.
Still haven't found the time to print out my scotland pictures.
Still playing with Alaska pictures.