Friday, January 25, 2008

No paper was harmed

No paper was harmed in the making of this layout. I am taking an advanced (what was I thinking?) class on photoshop and this was lesson one. Its hard to break old (bad) habits and use photoshop the correct way. Learning lots of cool stuff... clipping masks, brushes....

While its not the best composition I used what was required for lesson one (paper, tags, brushes, overlays etc) and I am happy with what I learned...

While I am enjoying what I am learning-- not thinking that I want to give up my paper and glue... definitely not as relaxing--I mean I spend all day on a computer --playing with my scrapbooks is an escape from that and this digital scrapbooking while interesting I can't imagine it become an obsession anytime soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its been two weekends in a row without visitors. No Christopher and No Amanda.... After having the house full over the holidays its been nice to actually get something done. Mikes been busy busy working on the Corvetts interior and I am still plugging away at the houses interior. This past weekend was the day penciled in to work on Amandas room. Between holiday decorations getting dumped in there, ceramic tile being stored in there and assorted other things that just seemed to find their way in there it certainly wasn't looking like a guest room anymore but rather an extension of the basement.... Glad to say its done. done done.
I really want to spend some time in the coat closet, but I have such a problem letting go. Seriously there are coats in there from the 90's.... Maybe I can peak in there and tackle it this weekend?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A funny thing happened while making dinner.

Trying to eat healthier.. and having had more chicken than anyone needs to I decided to serve fish for dinner-- tilapia to be exact. I had bought a frozen bag of fish a few weeks ago but we never eat fish when Amandas home so it sat in the freezer....

Well I pulled it out of the freezer and imagine my surprise when I pulled this out!

Yes that would be fish... but I was thinking the bag contained fillets.... of ready to throw in the oven fish... you know fish. This is certainly a far cry from Mrs. Pauls fishsticks.... hmmm not knowing what to do --I played alittle , chased Madison with fish in hand, asked Mike if he wanted to kiss the fish... and then proceeded to run cold water over them to thaw them.... Preparation was beyond me... I threw some lemon pepper and ginger on them and shoved them in the oven... and called it dinner-

15 minutes later it looked done... so what is the protocal for whole fish... do you behead and betail before serving???? who knows... at our house since Mike didn't make a special request he got the whole darn thing...

Needless to say we picked at our dinner... and went to bed alittle hungrier than normal... Did I mention I am really a big fan of fish sticks???

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Driving driving driving

Amanda is stuck in Blacksburg with her sorority recruitment duties and my job for the weekend was to check a few venues off the list. My trustee sidekick (the groom) and I headed out to Remington to visit The Inn at Kellys Ford. Even in the snow this was a lovely place. But it was so far out into the boonies that it immediately got a black mark in my book. And it was pricey-- very pricey. But it did have a lovely reception hall that could double as a ceromony spot if the weather didn't cooperate for an outdoor ceremony. Versitilty was the lesson of the day, keeping guests moving. With each spot visited I am learning something new.
Then it was on to the Regancy at Dominion Valley. Another country club that seemed to have good layout, multiple rooms and only one event per day. We added it to the list for Amanda to take a look at. Corey was a good sport through out it all but has already taken the stance that its all about the Bride.

Probably the hightlight of the day was stopping by the "new inlaws to be" to see Owen and Andrew. Coreys sister was in town and I hadn't seen the new baby yet!! Gotta love baby grins and pudgy cheeks. I observed something new today-- the old saying that Girls marry men like their daddys may be true but I have to add that boys marry girls like their sisters. Heather and Amanda could be twins... their personalities are soo alike. Same humor, Same converstions, same attitudes. After spending the afternoon with her I totally understand Amandas relationship with her and why they get along so well. I pity Corey as he will have a lifetime with these two scheming-- he doesn't stand a chance! Its nice knowing that we are merging families that can get along. Certainly a pleasant way to start off.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


They forecasted snow and low and behold it actually came. With a vengance I might add. While at work this morning we went from a 1 1/2 inch dusting to 6 inches in two hours... at that point I thought maybe I should go home... the long way.. all the way down to 66 and then back up to avoid all my backroads. Luckily we had less snow at home-- but still enough to make the forecasters smile.

Having Madison here in the snow is like having a small child around. Each time she goes out she adds to the pile of wet clothes... Seriously she has no hair and needs to wear a sweater or something when venturing out... the snow is deep enough to envelope her.

Mike is out paying for the wedding, I mean out plowing!! haha-- If your interested the new date is March 21 2009. But I wouldn't write that in ink just yet... as we still have not found a church or reception place yet.... And I am sure someone will tell her theres a reason not to have it that date... she is easily swayed at this point and I am just going with the flow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Picture from Carol's Blog
Some days its worth getting up in the morning... So glad I decided to check my email box!!!
Today I am the big winner!!
WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER <--- insert little dance here... I am an avid reader of Carol Wingerts blog and she had alittle giveaway recently.... And I am the WINNER!! Totally love her work, just recently (ok it was about 2 months ago) bought her book... and now I get one of her little peices of art... Very excited.

Makes me wanna go home and mess up my very clean scrap room and play with lots of glitter and glue!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick update

Probably one of the most productive weekends I have had in a long time. Worked like a dog yesterday on putting away Christmas decorations and CLEANING... I even got the carpets cleaned-- no more puppy spots or muddy footprints. Totally exhausted by the end of the day and scary but my legs hurt too... way too much manual labor for one day for this girl. I managed to move some furniture too.. Nothing like starting the year out with a new look...

Today I ventured out of the house. Natalie and I hit the Bridal show at Heritage Hunt. Wow is all I can say. Weddings are big business.. It was a whole ball room of non stop shopping for everything wedding related. We walked in confused and left even more confused. But we have treats and business cards from everyone. Packing up a box of all the "stuff" for Amanda-- it will make good reading when she is bleary eyed from studing molocules or whatever it is she studies.
This week the cleanup continues.. the scraproom is high on the list... then into Amandas room which has turned into a mini dumping ground in the last few weeks... Sorry honey--I promise to make it back into a room that you don't need to crawl over boxes to get into!! I promise....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

1, 2 and waiting for 3

Sometimes good news comes in twos--I'm hoping for threes....
Mike got the news today that he passed his "Manager" test that got sprung on him last minute at the end of the year for one of his customers. Nothing like having to study for something you already are/do for someone who has nothing to do with your daily business....
And Amanda learned yesterday that her Loreal internship will be credited towards her graduation. Meaning no more Biology classes needed. Thats certainly a big plus. Now she can play in Chemistry, Wine and Finance classes (yes she thinks Chemistry is fun)

Now looking for #3 to come along.. Doing the search for Wedding locations for first quarter 2009 -that is proving to be a challenge but Cinderella got a Carriage out of a pumpkin and I know that we can find a location. The guest list has been cut and cut.. its become a fun game...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Took the weekend off...

Had a three hour lunch with four of the coolest women I know. The moment I saw them at the table at Rio Grande today I realized how much I miss talking to them every day. The gals from my "old job" in Ashburn are so much fun and today was wonderful. We talked for three hours straight getting caught up on families, old co-workers, life... just good gossip. We have tried so many times in the last few months to schedule this and finally we just did it. As Martha would say "Its a good thing".

We had to go to plan C with Amanda's Binder. Got an email from the company I ordered from that said out of stock-- not coming back. UGHH so we hit the scrapping stash and made this: Must say we do like how this has turned out.

Mike and Kristi came over Saturday night for some Redskins fun-- too bad the skins didn't get the memo with FUN on it.... oh well.... but we did plan a Nascar weekend for March. And I picked Kristi's brain about wedding stuff.... Still no date but Amanda is leaning toward January 2009-- We did start the guest list... round one and there are way too many people... 182 to be exact... None of us knows 182 people so we don't know how that happened. And that was just off the top of our heads... SCARY-- Definately cutting that list WAY down.
The weekend went by way too fast and absolutley nothing was accomplished... Mike is my hero though he got the carpet steam cleaner fixed. Did I use it? nope... and honestly the thought of getting it done during the week isn't something I even want to think about. But with all the rain and puppies it needs it--BAD....
ohh well....

Thursday, January 03, 2008


2008 has come in like a Lion-- bitter cold here and the wind is unbelieveable. Last night the Hottub cover blew open... we can only imagine what that will do to the electric bill.

I did alittle more of my MOB (Mother of the Bride) duties... worked on the "notebook". I have a game plan to complete this duty by this weekend and hopefully be back in Manda's good graces. I purchased divider tabs and pocket folders and found the cutest little sticky notes with her Inital on them- they will be going in this cute little bookPicture from Jennette's Blog

Tonight is the Big Game VT vs Kansas.... Lets GO HOKIES!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Its a new year

Its a new year and I am trying to get organized. We did nothing for New Years Eve. Infact we were in bed by 10:30-- we did stay awake to see the new year in and then promptly fell asleep. But I did manage to fill a trashbag full of T-shirts and I also worked alittle on my closet and the pile that inevidably grows in front of it.

New Years always brings this bug in me to get organized-- New Year,New beginnings, Fresh Start etc. I think it probably has to do with looking around and seeing the aftermath of Christmas-- decorations, boxes, food that needs to be thrown away... Anyway I am making lists as fast as I check things off of them---
And then theres this wedding thing that my daughter says I need to get excited about and get involved with.... Ok I have added it to my list and even set up a folder on the computer... Check off getting involved.. another task done.