Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its been a long week... and its only Thursday.
Did I mention our TV went out?? one step forward and two steps back....Mike and I moved a tiny tv into the family room its almost comical to sit infront of it and try and watch tv...

Miss Maizy got her last shot yesterday... rabies... and we even got her a county tag.. I know I know... look at us conforming-- but the tag is so big and she is so little I just couldn't put it on her.

Christopher had another interview this week... unfortunately they don't pay well enough.. so he will keep up the drugery of sending out resumes... the perfect job is out there...

I got a load of pictures printed and they are still sitting on the counter in the box waiting for me to sit still long enough to look at them.... sad I know...

Did I mention how darn tired I am? and funny that always seems to coincide with the house being a disaster... I think I need a vacation just to put things back in order... either that or a cleaning fairy...
Counting down the days til sleepin day...hmmm I forgot we don't do that anymore since Maizy can't read a clock...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

Seriously this was one exhausting weekend... But we got sooo much done! Friday night Corey threw Amanda a surprise birthday party! And arranged to have her best girlfriends from college come visit for the night! Besides lots of eating, drinking and dancing he even made sure they could have a slumber party when the night was over... He apparently arranged for them to take over his room for the night while he bunked on the couch.. such a good guy! and he was so nervous all week that he wouldn't be able to pull it off!

But the weekend only got better from there! Amanda and Corey had their engagement pictures early Saturday morning at Meadowlark Gardens. (Keeping our fingers crossed that the photographer caught how cute the two of them really are!) and then it was time for Amanda and I to go to the bridal store one final time.... and this time was the charm! This was the third time she had tried on "her" dress and it truly was her dress this time!!! after some serious measurements the dress has been ordered... and to top it off her measurements were seriously down from the last time the measured her which always makes a bride happy-- all those long hours in the gym and dieting are paying off way more in inches then they are in pounds! and that is what counts right?

And when your totally exhausted that's the best time to swing by a church right???? Friday Mike had run by our local church (Woodbine Baptist Church) to pick up wedding info... and you know Mike-- he ended up speaking with Pastor Gene and getting the whole tour-- so it became clear pretty quick that we needed to see for ourselves---- Its days like that when you know there is a higher power looking over you-- Amanda fell in love with the church and the pastor! He was just as excited as we were about the wedding and we knew right then and there it was meant to be. Its so easy to get lost in the wedding planning--- but we have been trying so hard to keep personal connections our focus.. so there is meaning behind the madness-- Woodbine fits that bill-- Amanda went to preschool there-- yes it was a long time ago-- but it was an important part of growing up... she met one her bestest buddies there --Robert-- who even took her to homecoming senior year... and with Corey's Uncle Wayne officiating the service it ties it all up nicely in a bow...

Stained glass-- wooden pews-- exposed beams-- LARGE alter-- balcony seating-- little white church with a steeple--- Check check check... its perfect!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what have you scrapbooked lately?

I am embarrassed to say how long its been since I have played with my paper and glue... between weddings and puppies there doesn't seem to be alot of me time.. but tonight it was come hell or highwater the glue was coming out!! And I present alittle circa 2006 fun... My girl Madison while vacationing without her mom...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Its not easy taking pictures... some say children are the worst... but hmmm families might rank right up there.... Everybody smile!

Look at me!

Madison-- Jealous??? Maizy got herself a fineeeee looking ladybug harness...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

table update

So in between other things last weekend Mike sanded the dining room table-- and gave it a heavy coat of Teak oil. This table was a formal table in my parents house for years and then came to my house where it became the only dining table we had... so it has seen its share of everyday meal, science fair projects, easter egg dying and few games of beer pong too. Needless to say it was looking overloved-- I didn't want Mike to sand it down too far as I kinda like the history that the scratches tell... but I did want a more uniform color... Its perfect... ready for a few more years of family meals and yes even a few more projects.
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I need a wife

So after loosing a handbook that goes with Mikes Grill after having it on the desk, Spending way too much time going through the filing cabinet thinking that maybe I put it back, loosing an expense check only to find it the next day on my desk at work I have come to the realization that I could use a wife... you know that perfect someone who always knows where I left stuff... that files the stuff away properly and just gets the jobs done that no one else thinks about. I spend way too much time doing the mundane and there never seems to be time to do what I really want to be doing....

I bet there are people you could hire to do the job of a wife... seriously people who excel at keeping track of every detail or everything you own... and I bet they could clean and do laundry too. Not a job that I can imagine anyone would want.... but I just know someone out there must be doing it...

Monday, July 14, 2008


Had a great family BBQ -- but I am beginning to think there is a jinx on... right after dinner it rained again-- you know the kind Thunder-- lightening the skys opening up.. alittle reminiscent of my birthday-- although this time without the zoo ( dogs).

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Guess who learned to go up the stairs?? Yup this little bit of sweetness followed me up the stairs last night... our life as we know it is now officially over! The good news? she hasn't attempted the going down... but its all a matter of time.
Despite our stern words that the cats are not play toys Maizy has a great affection for them both and has found that those tails waiving in the wind are just too much fun to ignore... And Miss Bonnies Tail?? try as she may Bonnie is not going to let her get near it. Bonnies stern bark is enough for Maizy to back off for just enough time for Bonnie to turn her big ol self around and show Maizy who the boss is....
Today our mission is to go sign up for much needed puppy classes.... and get the basement organized with all the new additions to the house (aka Christophers household goods).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Its a blur I think I want to remember

The last five days are a blur-- and it wasn't until I got home and uploaded my pictures did I realize the rollercoaster ride it has been. By the time I got home last night I had forgotten that we had spent the 4th of July down at the lake together with friends.
And for the most part I thought I would be ok with not remembering most of the last few days. I have wonderful family memories to rely on but when I looked at my photos I realized there were definitely moments that I don't want to forget. Meeting Leela-- Is this not the most beautiful baby you have ever seen? And like all Jackson women when shes happy she's really happy and when shes not..... Well she is a Jackson girl.

And then when we were all so tired and probably should have gone back to the hotel to eat and nap Mike insisted that we all go up to Uncle Jacks farm-- Nothing funnier than seeing a caravan of 6 cars driving up the side of the mountain!! and of course there were a few U-turns involved-- we always travel in style.

And when 19 people descend upon your home the best thing to do is keep them outside! Pam had mentioned a hike earlier in the day-- and she quickly convinced us all once we saw the breathtaking scenery-- She led us all up the mountain to a beautiful pond. . Even Maizy made it... running the whole way... those little legs moving faster than we knew were possible.
(my favorite picture-- we are a force)

I can't imagine spending the last few days with anyone other than our family. Say what you will-- when people talk about good folks these are the people they are talking about.
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Monday, July 07, 2008


If you could put in a special order for a Father-in-law, this is the man you would request.

Funny - Check
Always got a story to tell- Check
Always there to or night--Check
Knows every driving short cut-- Check
Always up for an adventure--Check

Thursday, July 03, 2008

You might want to touch me

I have this long list of blogs that I read every morning-- cup of coffee and a few blogs... it is a nice way to start the day... sure there are probably more important things I should be reading...the washington post... the New York Times... but nooo I like my blogs and seriously if there is anything important happening in the world one of those blogs will probably have it on there anyway....
And the thing about alot of these blogs they are written to pimp their business or their advertisers so many times they have give aways.. And as the sucker that I am I always throw my name in the hat.... well yesterday I found out that I had WON on the Wedding Chic's blog.

So I am thinking today might be the day for me to buy a lottery ticket!!! or place a bet somewhere!! I am feeling LUCKYYYYYY!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Its 3am what are you doing?

So I got exactly one hour and 10 minutes of sleep... Despite keeping Maizy up and playing until 10pm she has decided that she is not sleepy... Definatly not being the nice puppy who sleeps on a

dime. Instead she is being a terror... a wide awake terror... I orgininally sat here at the computer to review her return policy ... but I suppose puppies like children are non returnable. So for now I keep telling myself that sleep is under-rated...