Thursday, April 23, 2009

Veggie time

My dad always had the best gardens... weather it was a rose garden or a veggie garden... even when we lived in an apartment he found a way to garden. Last year we tried our hand planting veggies in pots. Due to our lack of sunshine areas pots were our answer. The tomatoes worked... the beans not so much... This year we are at it again... instead of 2 tomato plants we have 9!! and one of them is an upside down planter... who knows if that will work!! But they are all in snug in their pots watered, fertilized and ready for Sunshine!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Maizy!

Oh yes our girl is a year old today!! And to celebrate in style we let her Mulch the front flower beds and plant a Magnolia tree that Amanda brought home this weekend!! A whole day out of doors makes for one darn happy Maizy (and hopefully one tired Maizy tonight) -- But in true birthday style we are cooking steaks on the grill (boned steaks for the birthday girl) and Mike even baked a birthday cake!!

and we she even got a present!! Another RED BALL!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its Tax Day--

Its tax day and yes I sent in my tax returns... not happily but I did it.. and for the first time I sent them an IOU-- this probably will put me on the top of the list for an audit... but I refused to borrow money from a credit card to pay them... perhaps if they had their spending in order I wouldn't have to pay so much..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at the shore!

So we spent Easter at the shore this year--- the Jersey Shore that is!! I would have never imagined myself going that far north for anything never the less a holiday-- but I wanted to see where Amanda lived before she moved yet again.. and it was worth it. From her front porch you can see the ocean.. yes she is that close! And While I wasn't getting in --the dogs sure loved running the beach! Maizy thought the sand was grand but still showed no interest in swimming like Cooper and Madison!!

We got to Jersey on Friday afternoon and we spent the rainy Saturday helping Amanda look for a new place that was centrally located between Corey's new job and hers and would take the dogs... Corey and Cooper arrived Saturday night... it didn't take Maizy long figure out that cooper would hold the bone while she chewed.
And while Amanda's fridge may have been bare-- part of the master plan so we could try all the cool resturants in town--she did ensure she had eggs for dying!!
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I didn't think I would like the shore much-- but after driving around, and walking the boardwalk and seeing the beach I realized it was really a nice place. Their next house won't be on the beach like this one but they will still be really really close which means our next visit might actually be warm enough to hit the waves... but before that I think a trip south is in order because we have not one but two kids living near the waves... I see another weekend trip in my future!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


She wasn't one for baths...
But she was always first in line for a hug

She tolerated all the puppies we brought into her life...

And you could never get her out of the snow...

And from day one she always liked to garden, or smell the flowers alittle too closely, or just be there to help you dig up what you just planted... This was her favorite look-- you knew she had a good day if she was covered in dirt...

We took her for granted sometimes.. but at the end of the day she was always there for us. And we will miss her terribly.... our bonnie girl...

Sunday, April 05, 2009


This is the photographers blog --- just a few sample pictures while we wait for all the others to arrive... enjoy!


My day really started out well, for the second day in a row the girls (Maizy and Madison) slept in... ohh how I love to see the clock hit 8:30 and realize my feet haven't touched the ground. And if that wasn't enough they both were quite content to go back to bed after a quick trip outside.

When we finally did get up the day started slowly... on the list for the day was cleaning out the scraproom... after a year of wedding planning there haven't been many pages created but the room was well used with all our "projects"... well that gave way to opening the windows and realizing Spring finally came. So the indoor projects gave way to outside projects... raking leaves out of the gardens, having Mike cut down the ornamental grass and cleaning out the pots on the deck.

The spring sun felt nice... and then I realized that drinking wine on the deck with the BBQ blazing just wasn't going to be the same. Its official we have been left behind. Yes I have thought about it many times as Corey and Amanda tried to figure out where to live... and my brain always gave out sensible advice.. but today the realization hit me.. I will pick her up from the airport tonight and her obligation to entertain me is over. She's grown up and she has moved away. And we are left here.

Spring is about new beginnings-- fresh starts and I guess thats whats in store for all of us as we try hard to find our new selves in our new lives.

At the wedding people kept asking me what I was going to do now that the wedding was over... it seemed like a silly question--I have tons of magazines waiting to be read, I have a garden that needs alot of TLC , a DVR with over 90 tv shows waiting to be watched and a whole year of stories and photos waiting to be documented... I already know I don't have enough time --being bored isn't going to be a problem... its just those snippets of time that I will miss--the craziness that happens late on a Friday night like when the temprature got above freezing and Corey put up the umbrella on the deck lit the tiki torches and encouraged us all to eat outside "pretending it was summer" I am not sure how to replace that? I've teased Christopher that we will have to focus our new found time on him... needless to say he wasn't thrilled with that idea. But I do see alittle more travel in our future afterall everyone lives at the beach now except us... and maybe a book???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We survived

The wedding was wonderful.... From the beginning of the day to when we rolled in at 2:30am--- So many stories I know we will be talking about for years to come... The bride was beautiful, the groom was happy--- and it was made so special having the entire family in one location. I am sure I will be sharing pictures for weeks to come... but today I give you a quick photo that our wonderful coordinator Vicki sent over.