Sunday, June 29, 2008

weekend in pictures

So while Toni, Mike and Robin did this
Maizy was busy doing this
And during breaks Pheobie and Rusty kept Toni company.... Another weekend that was way too hot and way too short... But the new boathouse looks great and in a few short days we will back down at the lake.
My girls became Jersey girls this weekend... I miss them lots but I know the new adventure

ahead of them is better than anything I could ever imagine for them.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We seem to be zipping through our wedding planning checklist. We have had appointments set up all week. Two different Day of coordinators, a DJ and on Monday an appointment with the florist.
And the paper products seem to be under control.. Samples have been ordered from Anchor Paper and Cards and Pockets. And we have even nailed down the designs for the invitations.... If only dress shopping would be this easy.... Soo many choices and the clock is starting to tick.

Hopefully the florist can understand the need for branches... or as the boys say sticks in a vase--Waiting patiently for her quote....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Scary Cat

So Amanda tried to crawl into bed with Furby last night... Seriously does Furby need a bed to herself? Apparently... According to Amanda all was fine... Furby kept jumping from the dresser to the bed... and when Amanda got tired of the game she shoved Furby (Per her brothers instructions) and Furby came back with the Scary HISS--- Amanda fearing for her life pull the covers over her head and then after a minute made a run for the door....

Whose laughing now??? hmmm no one beleived me about Furby's scary side!! HAHA Christopher will be home tonight... Furby will be happy again...

All in a days work

The days are turning into a blur... lack of restful sleep is taking its toll... I know a month from now I will have forgotten how tired I am today.... but boy I could use a full nights sleep. We celebrated our anniversary this week. 26 years is a long time but it seems like just yesterday that we were dating. And just like when we were dating Mike knows how to get a point across!!! 2 Dozen Red Roses always remind you how much you are loved... and certainly make everyone at the office talk!
Speaking of the office..Maizy is settling in to a nice routine at work.. She has her tent which makes a great napping spot but an even better spot to play!! She drags toys in there and rolls around with them. Especially amazing is hearing her with a ball in the tent... It can't roll away from her and bounces off the sides of the tent... There are little squeels of delight that come along with that game.

Yesterday I made the decision that we needed to have "home" toys and "work" toys-- It was becoming a worry that I would forget to bring them back in the morning so we went to the store and picked up some little things to keep here at work. The red ball is a basic squeekee red ball with little nubs on it... and it has caused quite a stir -- Maizy does her best to bark at it... and dances around it like shes scared of it-- I'm not sure why she has this odd reaction but it does keep her busy.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Maizy

So much to say but so little time to say it-- Maizy Maizy Maizy--- Since coming home its been nothing but puppy at our house. Who needs to do laundry when theres a puppy in the house? The wonderful surprise that was Maizy has kept me busy busy busy....Our "appointment" on Saturday morning was nothing but a wonderful surprise... I mean when you drive up to cows it really doesn't cross your mind that a puppy is coming into your life!

And once we had her in our hot little hands who knew that our next stop would be Kims Doggie spa??? Both Maizy and Madison got the Queens treatment with a full bath and blow dry--nails and even doggie breathe spray! And to top it off we shopped in the little boutique at the store like it was a holiday!! yes Maizy got a new collar and a bed and toys and we even got some of the breathe spray to take home... Madison was even treated to a new harness and a bone bigger than anything she had ever seen! Kim took good care of us....

And Maizy being the perfect puppy took the day in stride... napping when she could and putting herself to sleep at 10 pm... yup she even sleep in until 7am... i walked out to her crate to find her sitting waiting patiently for me to take her out!

Sunday what should have been a nice lazy day ... turned into a puppy party! I shouldn't have expected anything less! After we mowed the grass and cleaned the deck up after a week of storms the family came over for alittle birthday shindig-- and of course our favorite dogs came too.... shall we count the animals that attended my birthday party?

1) Madison

2) Bonnie

3) Mr. Wiggles

4) Furbie

5) Maizy

(hmmmm these animals all reside at my house right now)

6) Cooper (Coreys wonderful Golden Retriver puppy)

7) Rusty (Toni's guy)

8) Pheobie (What you've never heard of her??? ohh Toni picked her up on the way to my house hahaha)

If you were counting that would be 6 dogs and 2 cats!! and of course right in the middle of dinner the skies opened up -- thunder lightening and a whole lot of rain....and they all had to come inside.... despite every bone in my body telling me it was safer outside I stayed inside and even ate cake... And while there were alot of diverse personalites in all those animals -- amazingly they all got along just fine... Of course our favorite family and the kids friends were there too... making the day just perfect! And Maizy?? she didn't let a few extra people in her house bother her at all--- nothing like a tent made for a queen to take a nap in!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Introducing Miss Maisy

Introducing Miss Maisy!!! The newest addition to our zoo!! Isn't she just the cutest??? Sweetest little thing you have ever seen!! An early birthday surprise that it seems everyone knew about but me!!

And so far she is getting along with everyone! including Mr. Wiggles (the ever patient Mr. Wiggles who I am sure thinks we just keep bringing animals into the house to drive him crazy!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I could use a yard sale

This is family... the part no one tells you about... when your grown children have no where to put the stuff they have accumulated while in college.. we are counting down the days until we get our house back... one moves out and another one moves in.... Its funny how you never think of household projects until it is nearly impossible to do them. The laundry room has been on my list for years... and since I have absolutly no where to move anything to its been Up Front and Center for days now... I have the floor tiles... I have the paint... I could make it a destination and not the cob web filled place it is now.... hmmm will I feel this way next week?

I think we are going alittle stir crazy due to the never ending thunder storms every night... Lovely days but the moment I get home the skies open up and the zoo and I are stuck indoors. And staring at the four walls only makes you think of what you could do.....


So Furby or is it Furbe?? whatever..... Christophers cat has been with us since Saturday and tonight was the first night the cat didn't growl at me. Of course I came bearing gifts of water. Funny the cat doesn't like me entering the room but had no problem with the camera flashing right at her.... maybe there is hope for this relationship yet....
Goodnews for the cat Christopher is coming for an early morning visit.. I can only imagine how pleasant he will be after sitting in rush hour traffic after working all night. I did alittle ironing for him and even managed to locate shoes... big meeting at 9am... lets just keep our fingers crossed.
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes I still scrapbook

While summer weather, children moving out and in and wedding planning doesn't leave me much time to play in the scraproom right now.. I haven't given up totally. When I first got back from Nashville I was determined to finish all the projects I started. And I was doing soo good ...until the sun started shining every day and I found it harder and harder to be indoors... But I did finish this project from Angelia Wigginton's class... Thought I would share before I forgot...

thought of the day

“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.” -- Winnie the Pooh

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Customer Service

So maybe there is hope for customer service in America after all... I finally won my battle with Holiday Inn... Yes they are sending me a refund-- Can I get a WAHOO??-- After a month long battle with them finally they have seen the light. I had booked rooms for Amandas graduation wayyyy back in October before I knew the exact date or who would be attending because even then they were selling out fast down in Blacksburg. On my confirmation email it clearly said that I had to cancel by April 16-- being the organized person I rarely am I made the call on April 11th once I knew that I had made a grave mistake in thinking graduation would be a daytime event or that anyone other than our immediate family would be as excited about that monumental day as I was. But somewhere in the conversation and the trying to adjust dates and room numbers the very polite young man seemed to forget to hit the ENTER button and never actually made a cancellation.... fast forward to Graduation ... we drove through rain, tornado's and truck traffic only to find out that Holiday Inn knew nothing of our cancellations... so the quandary do we run wildly through the hotel and mess up rooms we have no intention of setting foot in just to get our moneys worth or do we try desperately to work within the system???? I think if I had more down time I would have smeared lipstick on the mirror and spilled coffee on the bed just so I would feel better... but I didn't have time so I started calling 1-800 holiday inn, and sending off "I am a pissed off customer" emails every chance I got.
Long story short... I guess eventually I used the magic words (whatever they may be) and my check is in the mail--- did I mention that Holiday Inn has not outsourced their customer service to India?? nope they put me through good ole American hell from Colorado or somewhere out west.... Score one for the customer---

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally a picture

So it took a few more days than I thought but TADA!!! The water lily bloomed!! and isn't it worth the wait???

One would think with the hot weather we had it would have bloomed the day it popped up!! Well the weather finally broke and today was actually pleasant.. more pleasant since I played hookie this afternoon and spent the day with Amanda down in old town Alexandria. We crossed invitations off the list--kinda.. we have paper but no envelopes-- and a general idea of what we are doing next.. we also found 2 more churches to call-- keeping our fingers crossed that there really is a god and that he understands THE BUDGET... We also managed to peek into a florist and try on a few more dresses at Davids Bridal. The checkbook came out only twice today... paper and of course lunch al fresco... Shopping always makes me hungry and so do all those little outdoor cafes--

Madison is back (SMILE) for the weekend.. seems having Cooper, Zoie and Buster all in the townhouse is more than our girl can tolerate- and of course this grandma is always happy to have her grandpuppy visit!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Heat wave

I can't even begin to describe exactly how hot it is... even for me this is a bit much.. and tomorrow the forecast says 99 degrees... summer is here in a BIG way...

Despite the heat I got busy today and did alittle spot carpet shampooing, mopped the kitchen floor, shined up the kitchen counters and took the rug outside and hosed it off on the deck... and managed to get all the laundry done... Did I mention that I have held off on turning on the AC-- so yes its just as hot in here as it is outside...

No matter how I tried I just couldn't bring myself to do any yard work. The only sun I saw was when I laid myself out on the deck with a cup of ice and a stack of magazines. It was rough work but someone had to do it!

The fish are attempting to spawn in the big pond and over in my pond hopefully I will have a surprise to share tomorrow.... Today though I leave you with this...

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Exhausting is just one word that comes to mind when I look at these two! We have had

Madison for most of the summer... shes a handful-- definatley needs lots of attention.. but this week we've added Cooper to our friendly little zoo... at 6 months a handful doesn't even describe this guy!! gotta be 65lbs of pure excitement!! Amazingly smart and well mannered for someone his size.. but so many times forgets his size-- is very interested in being very close weather you are in a chair or just standing... and has no idea that his tail extends off his body... and while Madison is no problem when she runs laps in the house add Cooper and you don't know weather to laugh or yell!

The amazing part is he is oblivous to the fact that he should be arch enemies with Mr. Wiggles... and has found his place rather quickly in the pecking order with Bonnie... being alittle afraid of her (for no reason other than she does bark if he gets too close) he keeps a wide berth making sure never to walk too close to her if at all possible. This picture cracks me up...

what you don't see is that Cooper is right down the stairs. Sitting patiently because he chooses not to pass Bonnie at the top of the stairs... and the rest of the gang-- Mr. Wiggles and Madison appreciate the few minutes of peace! Yes thats Madison with not one but two bears... something that Cooper never lets happen when he's in the room.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do you know what this is?

Don't even ask where I have been... I couldn't tell you other than Mikes been a bit grumpy which usually means rather then staying away it requires hand-holding... way too time spent doing nothing when I clearly I have "stuff" to do... but whats a girl to do???

So today I give you question: Do you know what this picture is of????? This sighting required me to leave my comfy chair here at the computer while I diligently was searching online for the perfect branch illustration for a certain bride to be... Three guesses...

Give up yet? heres another picture alittle closer up to give you a clue:

Got it yet??? Those would be caterpillars in a line coming down the tree!!! I am thinking with so many I am likely to have plant issues somewhere down the road!!!!