Monday, December 31, 2007

New year and new resolutions

I remember like it was yesterday how we waited with anticipation for the new year to come in 2000... And tonight we herald in another new year. Exactly where did 2007 go? The pages of the calendar seem to fly off the refrigerator before I can even doodle on them. While the year has flown by (again) it was a good year-- Full of happiness- Full of firsts--and full of memories. Both kids moved-- Christopher to a place all his own and Amanda to a houseful of roommates. A learning experience for both, My brother in law got married and had a little girl, Mike and I took not one vacation but two-- Alaska how do you top that?? For me it was sharing it with my parents-- Then there was Scotland the trip of unknowns and adventures. Amanda got engaged to the love of her life and was offered a job for after graduation. Yes I would say it was a very good year.

And on to 2008-- Today as Mike and I were making an afternoon snack he told me to eat up today because tomorrow we starve... I guess that will be the first resolution. We will join the millions of other people who had pie one too many times in the last week and we will DIET.

On Ali Edwards blog today she wrote about her word for the new year. I like the concept but haven't found a word. Last year I think the word would have been SIMPLIFY. She also brought up project 365 which means taking a photo a day... not sure if I can do that-- but maybe slimmed down to project 52?? hahaha

Seriously though some resolutions:
1) Diet -- 15 pounds (hmmm that was on my list last year)
2) Print more photos
3) Back up photos on a more regular basis
4) Bring order to the chaos that is my basement.
5) Spend one day a month to learn more about photoshop
6) Get up and Get out-- alittle exercise would do a body good. Need a game plan for this one as I hate to get out... and the thought of sweating makes me.... well sweat..
7) Make time to read-- read anything... where does the time go?
8) Take notes, remember to write down what I'm thinking so I only have to do it once.

Ok I think I will stop at eight-- afterall we are only talking about 365 days right? If I devoted my time equally that would be about 46 days a piece.

Wishing you a bright and shiny new year--

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Putting off housework.

While my to do list may be a mile long today I seem to be giving it the big heave ho-- Started out by sleeping in til 10 am... HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?? and then I got sucked in to the WWW.. some days I think were just meant for doing nothing...
Anyhow-- while surfing I came across something interesting... remember our little talk about CHINA? Well on the
Simple Scrapbooks blog I read an interesting little factoid. Both Scenic Route and Tinkering Ink both manufacture almost everything right here in the good ol USA... SO THERE! I have always loved Scenic Route-- and now love them even more!!! This past summer Heidi, Leah, Amanda and I spent a great deal of time at their booth at CKC in PA. And yes we dropped alot of CASH there too.. See I wasn't just spending willy nilly-- I was supporting our country... like how I spinned that one?

Changing the subject-- yesterday When Mike left for work he left Madison in bed... and at 4:30 when he arrived home... guess where she was? still in bed! hmmm to say she didn't sleep well last night was an understatement. And it didn't help that Christopher arrived home at 5:30am after work and woke both dogs up... We all knew Madison liked her sleep but that was a bit much...even for her.

Mikes off today to get all his "stuff" that he has had stored up at Johns. Apparently the shop is no more and if he doesn't claim his stash someone else will. GREATTTTTTTTT where does someone store multiple car doors, fenders and assorted other body parts??? I guess today I will find out.

Ok I suppose someones got to put away the laundry, clean the kitchen, and steam clean the carpets... I'm off....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cough cough

Madison went to the doctor today -- shes had a terrible cough. The cough resembles a barnyard animal most times although every once in awhile she gets going and I think she sounds like a frog. Medicine it seems will fix it. IT is a cold nothing more. (or so they say). It was back to work today-- nothing exciting.. I don't think the phone rang more than 2 times all day. Soooo looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas changes

So with more family in Florida this year and children that are no longer children I decided to try something new this year. I thought why not celebrate on Christmas eve? It didn't seem like it would be that big of a leap and it would allow for alittle more relaxation on Christmas. It didn't go off as well as I had hoped, as the rest of the family had other obligations. But change is something we have all had to adjust to lately and this change while unexpected was worth the try.

We did invite the "new" inlaws to come over and Mike and I spent the entire day... and when I say entire I mean we cooked from 9am til about 3:30. After many years of celebrating as a big family it had been awhile since we had cooked the whole meal....but in the end I can look back and say it was fun... and it was some good food. And since we were embracing the whole change thing we (I) agreed that Amanda could split her day with Dahls. AND bring Corey to open presents. While I admit I may have mentioned I wasn't sure how I felt about Strangers being there Christmas morning it did turn out ok. (yes I know hes not a stranger but still....) And with these little changes I realized our lives would be forever changed from this day forward. The kids were no longer children who were waiting for Santa, and traditions would be different and families do grow.

So instead of waking at dawn to open presents we waited until 10:30-- and instead of going to Christmas dinner we had Brian, Krista, Ryland, Toni and Nicholas over for afternoon dessert.
And now? Amanda and Corey are off to eat another meal, Mike and Christopher are in the garage installing a birthday radio... and I am going to sit down and read a new book I got for Christmas "Life Artist".

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Coming to you live after about 1 hour of sleep... Madison seems to have caught a cold... she was up coughing and vomiting all night... needless to say there was not alot of sleep here. This morning after alittle chicken and rice, and some robutussin she seems to be alittle better. Lots of holiday cooking to do today, and of course last minute wrapping-- but I am thinking a nap is definately in order. ohhh ofcourse after I wash all the bedding and clean all the carpets... aren't pets fun???

The question of the day however is will our London side of the family ever name lil Sara/jane/cloe ?????

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Surprises, birthdays and bling

What a crazy whirlwind of happenings in the last few days. Christopher turned 25 yesterday-- but before that there was a BIG secret. Thursday night Corey and Cooper stopped by, rather Cooper bounded into the house and Corey followed carrying car parts... What I didn't know at the time was that in his pocket was something much "specialer". He went down and talked to Mike-- with car parts in hand and asked Mike if he could marry his daughter. How very sweet of him. Once that was taken care of he came up to the kitchen and showed me the box! I was sworn to secretcy-- Let me tell you that was hard. I purposely did not call her even though I knew she was driving home the next morning... I didn't even email her at work. I figured no contact was better then letting it slip. Can I tell you how long Friday was????

We called Christopher at the crack of dawn yesterday to wish him a happy birthday-- and later that afternoon he called to say we were doing a joint birthday dinner with Natalie at Joes Pizza. I still said nothing... my kids can not keep secrets from one another. Fast forward a few long hours and Amanda and Corey show up at the house... She was beaming and giddy and had yes! With ring the ring on her finger!
Corey had set up a treasure hunt with clues for her to follow-- She thought she was looking for Roses or treats for the dogs (one of the clues was to go to the closet where the dog food was kept) in the end he was waiting... apparently there were tears and hugs and an affirmative yes! Its a very funny story that is soo Amanda... but I will let her tell it some other day.

For Christophers Birthday, a few of his friends and Davids parents all met at Joes Pizza-- Lots of food and laughs . Of course the birthday boy didn't want to go home so instead we went Cosmic bowling. It took us two alleys before we could find a lane. It was girls against boys-- Brian, David, Corey and Christopher stood no chance against us girls..... Lets just say I hurt all over today-- but I beat the birthday boy in the final game.... by one point I beleive. It took three games but my league bowling skills finally kicked in! So much for 8 months of healing for my elbow-- I am probably back at square one... but it was worth it.

We did realize at some point in the evening that only a girl from Nokesville could spend the night she got engaged having pizza and bowling-- but hey it was her brothers birthday!

We got home too late for Cake and presents so we all had to wait for Christopher to get up at noon (his whole body clock is doing something that the rest of us can't) We never did eat cake... maybe tonight! But he did open presents...

Friday, December 21, 2007

My birthday boy

25 years ago today was probably the most important day of my life. THIS DAY 25 years ago my Christopher was born. It was icy, it was cold, it was 4AM and we had to drive to DC. That day changed everything— At 8AM we became parents, we had to be something we weren’t trained to be, we had someone other than ourselves relying on us. And it was wonderful. I wouldn't trade that day for anything.
25 is old-- 25 is grown up-- 25 is a lot of memories.... Happy Happy Birthday!

Today I get to be the lucky mom, Christopher took the day off so he'll be home tonight to celebrate his big day, and Amanda is driving down from Jersey to begin her Christmas holiday. And tonight begins the offical holiday weekend-- no work for 4 days.. lots of sleep in days, lots of naps on the couch and lots of holiday eggnog...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is exactly one week from Christmas, but more importantly its my DAD's Birthday!!!
Enjoy your day and know we are thinking of you!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Its Birthday time again! Despite threats of snow ice and rain we headed down to Brians for his open house. I believe Mike was surprised that not only did we get to see family and Brians new house but that we celebrated his birthday. Complete with an ice cream cake that Brian got him. Lots of fun and thier new home is lovely. Then it was off to Warrenton for a company Christmas party at the Main Street Grill. Lots of fun, good food and a chance to socialize.
Today Manda heads off to New Jersey --to the land of Snow storms and freezing rain where she gets to be a big girl and work. I'm happy that they asked her to come up but nervous about her ride up there- wish the weather would cooperate alittle more. She'll be staying with Heather and the boys for the week which I know will be fun. Nothing better then spending time with little people waiting on Santa!

And for those of you following the incredible growth of Cooper.... Look at him now!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sometimes nine months isn't enough time

The biggest news of the week has been the lack of news. As we lay our heads down each night we are not dreaming of sugerplums or elves or even the north pole no, we are ticking down a list of names suitable for a little girl. You see little girls are a short commodity in our family. The last one was 21 years ago... unless you count the Chicago relatives-- Miss Jena arrived about 18 years ago-- still it was eons ago- and finding a name, a perfect name is serious business.
Lest you think I am joking.. think about it.
The name must match the child, must work with the last name, be sweet enough for a little girl, but serious enough for a fortune 500 owner (we can dream right)-- The name must last a lifetime, must be able to be quickly strung into the ever popular "XXX do not touch" "XXX put that down now" "XXX turn of the TV and do your homework" And the name must have some sort of approval by your family or they will just resort into nicknames.
Yes a name is a very important thing--
Elizabeth, Emily, Abby, Hannah, Rebecca, Abigal, Madison, Gabrielle, Dannielle, Sydney, Madeline, Sara, Cloe, Carson, Kathrine, Melissa, Nicole, Keri, Maggie, Laurel....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blooms in December

Gotta love a christmas catus that blooms at the right time. I have had this one for many years and it took me awhile to figure out the ins and outs of it, but I think we have it down. Sits in the window all summer, gets moved to the other side of the room for alittle shade in fall and water water water and WALA! Blooms for Christmas!

I got a vist from a little friend yesterday. Cooper is growing by the minute but just as sweet as can be. Has alittle fetish with my slippers but we can excuse that if thats going to be his only fault. Corey brought him over yesterday, I got to babysit as he and Mike played in the garage.

I finally got ahead of the Christmas shopping-- I took most of the day on Saturday armed with a list and headed out. I started in Gainsville and worked my toward Manassas. It was exhausting but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The down side-- I think one of those shopper had a cold--and wanted to share.... cuz guess whose sick again? UGHH--

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ruffles and Lace

After waiting impatiently-- its official! BABY GIRL JACKSON has arrived in jolly old London!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its not so jolly

I’m not stressing yet but this holiday stuff is definitely weighing heavily on me. Christmas is becoming a chore and depression is sneaking in. If one more person asks if I have my holiday shopping done I might just scream. No I do not – there I said it. I do not have presents for Christmas. And furthermore I don’t even have a clue what I am shopping for. The few items I thought I would buy—hmmm not available.
The house is decorated. The stockings are hung. But the tree its looking mighty lonely. My recipe for Christmas this year has one big old flaw—the shopping part….

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Got our first snow of the season. It started out as flurries that you could barely see... but by the time I got to rt 605 it had turned into an icy mess. Both lanes came to a stand still on one of the big hills. But this time it wasn't me causing the jam. I felt sorry for the little lady in the caddy that just gave up- been there done that way too many times. But because of her there was a long line of people waiting to slide down the hill... and more people who really wanted to try and climb it. I smugly passed her-- this time it wasn't me-- but I did understand.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Orange never looked so good

I think the picture says it all..... but if you don't get it maybe this will help..