Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little t-shirt...

This picture is for my favorite children... Rockin it old skool-- what you think??? Ok this t-shirt was actully bought for Madison last christmas... its supposedly a size medium.... in whose size world I don't know???? It never fit Madison... and I put it on Maizy awhile ago-- but really in 90 degree weather is it fair to put clothes on someone whose body temp runs 101 all the time??? No I think not... so I put it away... but today she refused to get out of bed because it was so cold (hmm 52 degrees this morning) (I think Madison taught her that trick) (mental note to self: close the bedroom windows BEFORE GOING TO BED)
Anyway tonight she still looked alittle cold... so I thought its not really sweater weather but maybe a little shirt was in order... from these pictures it looks like shes doing fine... alittle neck roll ... T-shirt shrunk??? hahaha but what you don't see is her running and rolling trying to chase the shirt off of herself.... This may take some training...
But the question remains... Are you on the list???? Thought you would like that one Christopher....
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Signs of Fall

I guess Fall is here. I reached for my slippers tonight... that is after I changed into my sweat pants.... While I wouldn't trade Summer in for any season there's something comforting about pulling out slippers and jammie pants...certainly easier to slide into laziness at the end of a day.
Its not like our 80 degree days are gone... not for a longshot. But the cool crisp mornings and brisk evenings once the sun goes down are definitely here to stay.
Any day now the leaves will start to turn and then fall and then I know I will be wishing for days sans slippers.. but today it was "a good thing".

Thursday, September 18, 2008


-- Tonight was Maizy's night!! GRADUATION!!!

Oh yes we passed all the tests-- Sitting, Waiting, Walking, finding our mom's, even the hard Down command... And for a brief moment we even showed we can stay.....

Unlike the "other" graduations we have attended recently --the graduates in Maizy's class got to show off what they learned at graduation AND have some fun they all took part in one of their favorite class activities-- Puppy races and they got to play in the tube...
I'm not sure who learned more in class me or Maizy but after so much fun with our class mates we decided to continue on to Advanced classes...
Now to be honest I'm not sure how much Maizy has really learned other than sit and down... she rarely "leaves it" and never gets the "off" command... and stay--hmm she can only stay for a blink of a second before she comes running toward you... but her teacher promises that if "we" keep practicing she will eventually be a pro at it... I guess we will wait and see

But tonight just like her friends, Madison, Cooper and Rusty she is a GRADUATE!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

In my bestest singing voice...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthdayy(yes I hit the high note and no those are not dogs howling in the background) tooooooo youuuu!

Sending Birthday wishes out to my favoritiest Sister-in-law, who is also my bestest buddy & partner in crime..

Enjoy your day... and remember "Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History"

Monday, September 15, 2008

late night

After working way to late tonight, I came home to happy mail.... Maizy found it interesting and I bet Amanda would too-- after all its "stuff" for the big day... Maybe its a surprise for now... but maybe she'll let me show it off later???
I learned the hard way that working late + puppy = an even longer night once we get home. See Maizy is done everyday at about 4:30pm-- shes had enough being "good" and is ready to go home. My boss feels otherwise... he thinks we should stay that last hour-- And tonight staying for an extra hour and then the 45 minute drive home made it a very long day for puppy!! Needless to say shes been going at 100mph all night and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

marching on

Slow day== I did clean the desk-- haha, and actually moved the filing cabinet to a more accessable part of the room... like that is going to solve the desk issues??? And I got the car vaccumed out-- other than that it seemed like I just puttered all day not accomplishing much of anything.
Mike is still nursing his poision ivy-- It seems to be getting worse not better-- but I read that it could take up to three weeks to heal... maybe next time he will listen when I tell him not to work in it..hard headed and stubbourn all in one.
Christopher went to a wedding yesterday and the best man as it turns out is also going to be his "new" brother in law. Small world-- Ryan and Christopher hung out for most of the day today. I guess Ryan flies back home (Oregon I think) tomorrow. I always forget that Coreys brother and Christopher were friends too in high school... at least we know some of the family will get along!

planning and cleaning

I find it harder and harder planning "the wedding" with the bride being long distance. Email and phones are great but its still hard. We spent alot of time this past week going back and forth over designing the Save the Date cards.. it would have been much easier if we were in the same state.... But I am happy to say we can check that off the list... now on to bridesmaid dresses... another long distance nightmare.. with the Bridesmaids in 4 different locations separated by 4-7 hours again we are turning to email and phone calls to get the dresses picked, tried on and ordered.

Somewhere in this mess of a desk there is a list of items to be done.... maybe the first item of business should be to clean the desk?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just my opinon

So its been 7 years since 9/11--- I don't know about you- but it certainly doesn't seem like that many years have passed... I guess these are memories that will linger forever. But after all these years all I can think of today is what happened to Shock and Awe?? While I don't think any of us wants war, I think if we are going to be in war alittle Shock and Awe is in order.... We are supposed to be a super power and 7 years later we are still trying to be politically correct. Either they are the bad guys or they are not... if they are I say Atom Bomb ...if they are not then its time to come home. We can Flex our muscles here at home just as well.. protect our boarder. Stop importing-- stop exporting... become self sufficient. We have enough "wars" to fight right here on our own land. We could embrace the ingenuity of our people, we could all speak the same language, we could educate our children to solve OUR problems and not those of the world. Let the world struggle alittle without us. Let Mexico figure out what to do with their population, let the Middle East figure out how to live in harmony by themselves.. let Tsunami flooded countries rebuild by themselves as we rebuild our own bridges and roads... Do I need to make a list of what we should be taking care of right here in the good ol USA?
It seems we have spent way to much time trying to help others in the last 7 years and not enough time helping ourselves.

Monday, September 08, 2008

One three day weekend is not enough

Nothing like a 3 day weekend that felt like a whole weeks worth of fun. Hurricane Hannah may have blew through but she sure didn't stop us from having a whole lot of fun. Despite the knowledge that the races would probably be cancelled/rescheduled we all drove to Richmond Friday and like a precision marching band all descended on Richmond at the same time making tailgating together easy... the weather held out until late afternoon-- hot and sticky --perfect for a day of hanging out under the tent--telling tall tales and playing games. Even when the rain came it wasn't enough for us to run-- we stood our ground waited for the official notice that the races were rescheduled... And as it poured made our plans to come back and do it again.

Our original plans were to head to Lake Anna for the night-- but Hurricane Hannah made a Nascar race for Saturday an impossibility and the thought of getting stuck with that many people in Mike's small house and the fact that the animals were probably missing us as much as we missed them we decided to head home in the pouring rain... Christopher went to the lake-- Corey, Amanda, Mike and I headed home... despite the longgggg ride in the rain it turned out to be such a good thing.. we were able to get Maizy (who was vacationing with Toni and Robin) get a ton of house work done and repack the car for round two once the hurricane passed.

So yesterday we got up at 6am and did it all over again-- ready for not just a day of racing but a doubleheader--- one race at 1pm and another at 7pm... talk about a long day. This time we decided since Amanda had to leave after the first race we would try and leave Madison and Maizy in the kitchen with some baby gates-- it actually worked out just fine... unless you count a puppy who was so full of energy there was no way she was going to sleep when we finally drug ourselves home at 11pm... Other than alot of leaves and branches that were down you would have never noticed that Hannah had come through the day before we got lucky with a day that was bright and hot--again... Everyones driver made the race exciting giving us all something to cheer about--even Bowyer managed to make it into the "chase" with points to spare. Hey even Casey Mears, my driver gave me something to cheer about-- he actually made his way to the top 10 for a good portion of the day and you ask why do we do this to ourselves?? just so we can see this happy face...

Friday, September 05, 2008

If I close my eyes I can see you

Off to spend a redneck weekend in Richmond! its NASCAR time.....Left my Maizy home vacationing with her buddies Rusty and Phoebie-- missing her terribly.....
Crossing my fingers the hurricane winds and water stay way east... no fun hanging out in the rain waiting for someone to cancel the race....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

holiday weekend

I know I know-- it was a long weekend.. and its just turned into a long week--even though its really a short week... I just checked my email for the first time all week... 178 emails that I've missed all week.... crazy busy at work and at home?? I guess busy too-- doing I don't know what though... This weekend will mark 5 weekends in a row that I have been out of the house... out of town to be exact... I think the stress of never staying home is starting to get to me because I feel like nothing has been accomplished in a long time.. yea the dishes are done and the clothes washed... but other than that all my lists remain uncrossed off and they just seem to keep growing...

We were at the lake this past weekend... wonderfully hot! and that made it super easy to spend time in the water..

And of course it wouldn't be a holiday without a "fish" picture--- Mike may not have gotten the big one this time... but Nick did! A big ol Catfish...