Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Amanda's house was perfect for Christmas-- a real tree, a crackling fire, her table was gorgeous--everything just perfect--she even had real pine garland going down her staircase!

 All of the puppies got along so well.. they were amazingly calm until the presents starting opening.. They were as excited as a small child at Christmas!! Good thing Santa filled a stocking for each of them!

Before and After!! ohh we can make a mess!

Sadly with a snow storm approaching we made the decison to leave Christmas night instead of the next morning... it made me sad to leave early but knowing how horrible the traffic would be without snow and just holiday travelers it seemed like the thing to do... So Mike drove half way and then Christopher finished the trip up-- just as we hit Manassas it started to snow... little did we know that would be all we would see....Amanda on the otherhand got snowed in with a few feet of the white stuff! So our timing was right-- better safe than sorry right?

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