Monday, December 27, 2010

NYC! If you need a tour guide ---call Amanda

I can't tell you how excited I was to go to NJ this time around. This would be Amandas first try at hosting Christmas and we had planned a great trip into the City to get into the festive holiday spirit... The day before the weather was unseasonably warm.. probably high 40's-- but of course Thursday the wind kicked up and it was freezing... Amanda drove us in to New York City and Corey came up via the train later before the show.  She did an amazing job of navigating the one way streets and found us a great parking garage that was close to Radio City Music hall so our walking could be limited if we choose... but of course who would choose that??? We were bundled up and ready to go!

For a girl from the 'ville she knew all the streets we wanted to take and exactly the best sites to see... She got us through times square and up to Macy's in no time.. I finally got to see the store windows that you always hear about.. so fun! We even went in Macy's--crazy crowds--I am not sure you could shop if you wanted to-- we were there to look and take a potty break (haha) I wrote a letter to santa too! Just to be sure he knew we weren't at home!
After hitting all the store windows we walked over to Bryant Park and saw the "other" ice skating rink-- the whole area was sparkling with christmas lights! No skating for us though-- we had dinner reservations at Bond 45-- an amazing resturant that served Italian food-- On the walk over we got a glimpse of Radio city Music Hall and the huge ornaments that decorate the streets
Yes we had dessert!!! And then it was on to our show!! Rockettes at Christmas!! at Radio City Music Hall!! Can you get any more Christmas than that??? Lots of fun!! I think even the boys liked it! You can't help but be mesmorized by the intricate timing of it all.

 The night didn't end there though-- although we were all plenty tired... we walked over to the Rockefeller Plaza to see "The Tree" Its a big one-- with a bizzillion lights and even more people all trying to get their picture with it!

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