Saturday, July 29, 2006


Oh my gosh could it be any hotter??? And of course we set up a list (a long list) of outdoor chores for this weekend. Mike moved his compressor to the new carport behind the garage, and we have powerwashed both carports and are working on the driveway. I replante some tall phlox and 4 hostas that I been growing in the woods and attempted to save some lambs ears that I had orginally planted when Amanda was in preschool... she liked to pet them... add to that the normal vacuming and dusting, and mopping the kitchen floor and its been a day!

Mike has finished the deck except for the lattice skirt--- the handrails and last steps are up and while they look great I preferred the stairs without them.... too bad the county wouldn't agree with me.

Before he put those last steps up I had to take a picture of Amandas handywork. She was here the morning Al poured the concrete footers... We have missed every other pour he has done at the house and were always alittle sad that we couldn't leave our mark-- But as you can see she made sure that no one would ever forget we were here!
And yes those are paw marks!!

A big congradulations to Miss Tiffany who called this morning to announce she has a new job. Can't think of the name of it right now but its in Lakeside-- yet another place in Richmond that I have no clue where it is... but trust me I can always use a place to stop when doing the trek down 95... anyway with everyone employed now I am feeling the stars are starting to align!! Life is good--

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Amandas Birthday

I can't believe shes 20 already! We celebrated Amandas birthday in style at Carmello's in Old town . The food was yummy-- oh yes we ate two bread baskets before dinner even started.. had calamera for appetizers, Pasta for dinner and dessert to die for... Carmelo's even put us in our own private little room... very cool--
Maybe next time we will brush up on our Italian before we go... none of us could pronounce our meals but that didn't stop us from trying.
Had to get one last shot of her before she left!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006


If I had known that all I had to do is leave Mr. Wiggles in the capable hands of Amanda and that he would be well in a snap I would have done that last week! We came home from the lake to an entirely differant cat then we left!! Mr. Wiggles was all over the house--jumping on furniture, climbing all over us and of course running at 500mph as Madison chased him. I think everyone should have a Dr. Doolittle like I do!!

No one told me exactly what was happening at the lake... little did I know that I was leaving the construction zone at home to enter the construction zone at the lake.
Robin, Mike and Tim successfully pulled electrical wires from the house to the boathouse, fixed the woodpecker hole and built new steps into the water... as well as fixed every sprinkler head that "JoeBob" hit with the backhoe...

Probably the only good thing about the weekend was celebrating Nick and Karens birthday... due to circumstances beyond our control we had to improvise on the "requested" ice cream cake.... shopping at Pea hill creek doesn't exactly lend itself to high cusine... so Tiffany and I used our enormous brains and made our own! oh yes what you are seeing is definately hostess cupcakes over moosetracks icecream--with some rather large tealight candles... but before you laugh.. it was good--no leftovers here!

One look and you can tell that Nick loved his cake!!

Despite telling Christopher this wasn't the weekend to drop in at the lake... way too much mud and way too much work to have any fun --he showed up anyway--and you know that was just fine with me. And added bonus Tiffany came with him.

Friday, July 21, 2006

still sick

Yea so the cat is still sick and I am not so sure he wants to get better... or that anyone can really help him get better.

I mean seriously he medication that I am supposed to give him he either throws up or refuses to eat.. the eye cream that I am suppose to wipe on his eyes... well hes eating that.. and the pills... forget about it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Welcome Mom and Dad to the world of Blogging.... Just got off the phone and they have now learned how to post comments-- and they were successful! The world is alittle smaller with the internet at our fingertips.

Mr. Wiggles continues to be sick-- actually we are now leaning toward that he may have eaten something that has poisioned him. Amanda agreed to take him in to the Vet --I feel bad that once again I am having her do my dirty work... but she knows the right questions to ask and what treatments are needed and somehow my drama queen has nerves of steel when it comes to situations like this. Keeping my fingers crossed that she can come home with some good news. Not sure if she will be talking to me if this turns bad.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

He's home

He's home and hes not feeling so well... Sunday Mr. Wiggles was plain ole sick and for whatever reason I went ahead and let him out. Much to my chigrin he didn't come back... I really should have known better but really who knew he felt good enough to leave the deck?
We were worried Sunday night.. alittle panicked Monday morning... Totally freaked out as I drove the neighborhood Monday night.. and then at 2:45am I woke up and checked the door again. And there he was... still sick but home..

Mike put up some more hooks this weekend so I could hang more of my suncatchers and windchimes. I know Corey will be happy to have them moved from the gutter by the sliding door --After all is it my fault that he's so tall?

Monday, July 17, 2006

weekend in review

So when you think of the high 90's you think of balmy beach weather right?? not so in lovely Virginia... high 90's means your deoderant is gone in 15 minutes, the back of your knees and elbows are sweating and breathing is about is hard as digging a ditch-- yea thats the weather and of course Mike and I had these great plans of outdoor work this weekend. My list consisted of moving some stones that edge the gardens in the backyard, moving some slate pavers, moving about 30 daylilies and cutting the grass... his list was to finish the deck and start on his 2ond carport...well-- Christophers headlights got fixed, the truck got fixed, I moved the daylilies and cut the BACK grass...and Tiffany and I managed to get some of the stones moved... Thank goodness Robin and Christopher were willing to work on the carport with Mike because it was just too darn hot for me (yes too hot for me!!)
Needless to say not everything got done but we did put a dent in it.

But all was not lost on work- we had both kids and their friends home for the weekend and that is always interesting... A big thankyou to christopher for running out to Crosbys and bringing home some great crablegs-- that and Mikes mega steaks from the butcher and we were all set... add alittle tequila and call it a night!
The new deck is proving to be a great place to hang out.. and with these new torches I got at home depot --NO BUGS!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It could be a very good day

There is something to be said to waking up knowing that your house is full of people you love.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mystery location

Mystery pictures??? Can you identify the location? Yup this is what is out in the lovely suburbs in Richmond-- While I think alittle decorating is in order --that "we just moved in" look is so yesterday (Karen feel free to wave and snap here)ha! Really this is one great apartment. 3 decent bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry room and a den... large windows and a balcony what more could a guy want?
Its a nice place in what looks to be a nice neighborhood (for a change)-- now I guess we wait and see if Christopher decides to continue living and decorating like a college student or if he jumps into the American way of life that we gotta have STUFF--
And speaking of stuff was shopping at the Grand furniture store and found this wonderful black distressed peice that is supposed to hold cd's but I think it would be a wonderful place for all my STUFF... lots of drawers... but hmmm the measurements mean I would have to keep the door propped open all the time because the darn wall is too short for it.... ahhh the joys of never space is always the same size... it looks something like this one only black and distressed and cuter... hmm the move I look at this one... it might just work... and free shipping!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And the ladies got a job

Amanda is gainfully employed at Barnes (again) anyone need furniture???
ahhh the relief that another Jackson is employed... makes a mommas check book swell with pride (and cash!)--- While I know its not her first choice of employment opportunities its nice knowing she did a steller job the last time she was there and that they want her back. But then who wouldn't want such a Jackson working for them?
Especially a Jackson woman??? You rock Amanda! and we are proud of you! Go Get'em!

Deck update

So I alluded earlier that the deck is done.. but in reality.. ok photo reality its almost done... It feels done to me... and if you know Mike you know that while he is the hardest working guy out there finishing projects isn't on the top of his list-- those last details may take a year to finish... so the handrails aren't in-- nor are the last two caps on the steps-- and there is no lattice. But before you say anything I truly believe that the steps and handrails are on the list for this weekend... the lattice wellllll we'll wait and see hahaha
Anyway heres a few pictures to let you see where we are!

ohh and If you look close you can see the new watergarden that we are putting in on the back side of the deck. No Koi in this one.. strickly plants and a few goldfish to eat bugs-- this too is not done.. We worked on it last night but tonight its raining so maybe tommorow more work can be done.

And a few more shots for those of you who think I only take pictures of Madison... Here are some humans... commonly known as my son and his gal pal/new housemate Tiffany.

(Tiffany I know your blushing (again) but no one gets by without being in the blog)
Hugs to all!! Night!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vacation review!

Home from vacation... and settling back into the routine...
Things to remember from last week?

*Madison hiding every bone we gave her...
*Rusty and Madison dressed in summer fashions
*Yummy Eggs for breakfast everyday
*Bill fishing with a snoopy pole
*Nick catching numerous spot
*Robin serving killer blue drinks
*Counting police cars on the way home...lost count at 12
*Visiting Christophers new space
*Taking Madison out to Dinner at TGIF-- outdoor dining of course!
*It must be time for ice cream
*Toni rescuing me from the killer new raft
* Kims awesome dip (hmmm I think I need the reciepe)

Anyway it was a great week even though I did the whole back and forth thing... Good Times, Good Friends --new and old....and lots of well needed rest!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Just drove back from the lake-- the good the bad and the ugly is how I described it to Mike...and to make it worse Bonnie was no where to be found (she did arrive from who knows where about a half hour after I was home)-- anyway traveling on the 4th is GOOD-- really no traffic at a matter of fact on 295 I was pretty much alone... the BAD? well before the split as I was singing loudly (to myself) the radio came on with one of those BEEPPPPPPPP weather alert things you know that annoying sound followed by "from the National Weather service a severe Thunderstorm warning with Large damaging hail and 60 mile an hour winds is in effect until 7pm in Colonial Heights, Petersburg and Henrico Counties..." at about that same time I looked up and saw the big green sign that said Petersburg 20 miles, Colonial Heights 13 miles --Ha do I stop? do I turn around? do I try and out run it? I talked to myself (outloud since I was alone)and made the decision to keep moving... worst case senerio I pull over-- it certainly can't flood right??? -- Well I got lucky and never saw but a drop of rain. But the trip wasn't over and between the hunger I felt and the hunger the truck had for gas a stop in Thornburg was in order... here comes the Ugly-- after getting gas for whatever reason the truck wasn't gonna stay running.. it stalled out as quick as I got it into gear-- and sputtered as I got it going forward... as I tried to remain calm I slowly moved it to a large parking lot where I drove in circles, starting, stalling, stopping, starting, turning it off.. a spectical probably to the diners at the Burger King but I knew it couldn't be broken-- it had to be just a malfunction... eventually it started to purr and off I went--
A few days at home--and then back to North Carolina to get Mike and Madison--