Friday, September 30, 2005

Blue Jeans

Its official -- Fall is here-- It was definately sweater weather this morning on my way to work... and to top off my week I had to do the unthinkable .... put on jeans.. it was alittle scary seeing as denim pants have not touched by body since about May-- and we all know how much a body can change in 5 months... Typically I like to wear as little as possible when its HOT -- I have taken to wearing shorts, skirts and this year I added capris to my summer wardrobe.. but never heavy blue jeans....
But check it out-- They fit and it wasn't even a battle to slide them on!
Now on to the next battle... Do I have to wear shoes too?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This was alittle more fun-- I just love MOD -- And I pushed myself to use Fiber again... I have so much of it and it seems it has been totally replaced by ribbon.. when did that happen? But then so many things seem to get pushed aside quickly... I am really trying to reach deep into all my stash and find things that make me happy. (smile)

sometimes you gotta go easy

Just alittle something easy

for the night...had some issues scanning.. but hey in grand scheme of things ......

This was such a funny afternoon... well I guess if you call the sprinklers popping on and making you run for cover funny-- heehee...

After my day-- I think I could use a day at the lake....

Monday, September 26, 2005

pink, coupons and stalking

And you thought you would find a creative creation that I made this weekend with that Sixth Ave paper didn't you??... well guess ??what I was knee deep in Chatterbox powder room instead... CAN YOU SAY PINK!!! yep lots and lots of pink.... I have struggled making this mini album... I have looked at all the galleries for inspiration and even on ebay but the one thing that I noticed is that the gift albums that I see they make the album for EYECANDY not for true use... what I mean is if you design a page with only the colors and design in mind its easy to make it look "pretty" but in reality if your photomat is patterned paper your page will loose alot when a picture is slapped over it... and if that mat is an unrealistic size it won't be used by someone who doesn't crop photos.... anyway like I said I have struggled... and I am still not done but its getting there....

While looking for something else on the internet I found this site: Creative express and the reason I bring it up is because they have 99 cent shipping and a 40% off coupon til the end of the month...
Yes I made a wish list!!!

Did I mention that Donna Downey sent me an email? yeppers.... Better watch out Heidi Swapp I'm replacing you.....

Oh and I think my children have forgotten about me.... not feeling any love.... Although my grandpuppy has news... she lost her first tooth... probably deserves a present huh???

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Time to open my new kit

I loved getting Club Scrap... They are phenominal at what they do but the cost was alittle much for my budget... so after about 8 months I quit. But I truely missed getting that surprise in the mail. To be honest I really didn't NEED it either because I had alot of stores here locally to choose from... but did that stop me from trying another kit??? NOOOOOOO!! but as I looked over all that was available (I do beleive everyone and their mother now puts out a kit!) I settled on this little company --now named Suzy's Kits.... very cheap $16.00 a month and its always stuff I will use but not necessarily buy at first glance in the store. Its a good selection each month about 11- 12 papers and a few embellies that match and its all been new products (at least new to me hehehehe) and it comes midmonth-- I thought I would share since no one I have ever talked to has ever heard of them... Oh and did I mention that Suzys Kits offers a free kit for you to try before you sign up!! Who doesn't love free? Ok I'm probably sounding like an info-mercial by now!
Oh well-- I've got the day to myself... so maybe I will actually have alittle time to play!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

morning coffee

Theres nothing better than starting your day with a cup of coffee and reading about Donna Downey's vacation. I totally need to add south africa to my list of places to go! Seems Sept. is a hot month for Travel Leah is in Hawaii and so is Ali .... funny I had actually hoped to plan out a vacation for end of Sept or Early October to go out west-- someplace I am dying to go but have never been. But as usual the thoughts of my brain never seem to get out into the real world.. I am much better at being spontanious then I am at planning....(spontanious --lazy do you think those words are linked somehow?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Midweek: random thoughts

Just a few thoughts...
1) I think I was cute today- Wore my new ZTA t-shirt that Amanda gave me this weekend... and my jean skirt and some wedges (that also came from Amanda's closet) .... comfy and cute.... not bad for a wednesday.
2) Finally decided to refinance my house (again) got it done before the rates went up again...
3) I went to Walmart today... yes I have come to realize that is the only store near me since I changed jobs-- I have absolutly no place to shop between home and work... and it sucks.
4) I don't know what to do with myself... feeling kinda lost in the grand scheme of things. I am not sure why or how I got here but I definatley know I don't like it.
5) I saw an ad today that said there were 13 weeks left in the year.... hmmmm maybe I am ready for a new year.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hokie spirit! Posted by Picasa

Whirlwind weekend

Just got back from VA Tech-- It was parents weekend at Amanda's Sorority and Football VT vs Ohio.... It was definately a long weekend for only 2 days! We had such a good time visiting with Amanda and Shelly and meeting some of the girls in ZETA. And of course seeing how much Madison has grown. PUPPY KISSES!!!! Amandas cool roommate!! Sorority Girls!! Frozen Drinks!!! College Football!! what more could a girl ask for out of a weekend? It really was alot of fun... and now all I need is alittle sleep...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

double duty

This is the final 4th of July layout! I finished the minibook and figured I would do a layout for our family album too. Sure makes it easier when the scraps laying around the desk are all the right color...Pretty cool to get two projects out of the way and have only one mess made! And to not really have to do too much thinking about it all..
And for those of you who noticed yes I did figure out how to Stitch those 12x12 pages.. YEA ME!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tick Tock

Tick tock... so much to do and so little time. Getting ready to go to VA TECH for Parents Weekend on Friday night... and Mike is going to Richmond for work on Wednesday... Was thinking of going with him so I could pop in on Christopher and spread that MOM LOVE around! hehehe---
Wishful thinking?
1) Haircut
2) Find something stylish that doesn't scream MOM to pack for the weekend
3) Shop for a special treat for my lil Madison
4) Find someone to watch the dogs for the weekend
5) Get a list of SB projects I need (ok want) to complete
6) Vacum all the hair bombs that jake has left in the family room ( I love shedding dogs)
7) Figure out if I want to refinance the old mortgage....
8) Wash Windows
9) Start on cleaning the basement (again)

Tick Tock!

Friday, September 09, 2005

My favorite son!

Using my time wisely tonight-- The guys are off doing "guy" stuff... Mike drove down to Richmond and he and Christopher are off to the Races... tonight its the Busch Race and tomorrow its the Nascar Race. So I'm doing the last few pages of the Fourth of July album that I was working on last week.... And did I mention this is a picture of my favorite, bestest, cutest son Christopher???? Sure is!

Why point fingers?

What you probably don't know is that we don't watch the news in our house. We gave it up -- there are only so many hours in the day and life is hard enough without hearing the horrors that the citizens around us want to do to each other.... now I am up to date on current events... I have a radio in my car and my internet browser gives me the top stories of the day and thats enough for me.. I can hold an intelligent conversation--- without the sensationalism that the media wants to bring to every event. I don't know when news turned into tabloid style journalism but I don't like it and I don't want to support it.... I mean in this area even the darn weather forecast can sound like something out of the Enquirer-- really 2 inches of snow and the broadcasters are pumping us with "The storm of the year"....
But bring on a national crisis and I am drawn to the TV... And I think it has to do with wanting to see the stories of heroism, of neighborly kindness or the goodness that comes out of a bad situation. If my nightly news could just show some goodness maybe I could watch.....

Today the news is that the FEMA director is being pulled... everyone seems to want to point fingers at someone else... It was a storm, a natural disaster and the same people who say government is too big, too much in our business are now saying that for some reason our government is responsible for fixing what mother nature did.... Simplistic aren't I??? But really who among us believes that the money we pay in taxes really saves the day??? not me...
What I do believe is that the only responsibility the government had was that it lets generation after generation live in poverty---yes LETS them do this... its much easier to collect a check then it is to become educated, then it is to work two, three jobs to support their families... perhaps had the government decided that people needed to TRY then we wouldn't have seen so many people stay in New Orleans.... They would have known it was time to get out... Now don't get me wrong I am not bashing the people who stayed... there are many reasons why someone would stay but if they did by their own choice then why is it SOMEONE ELSES fault. And why should the government then be responsible to come in and search for you??? Why should soldiers have to come in to stop looters??? I know there were people without transportation, elderly people, and a whole lot of people who probably would have left if they could... but not everyone is in that category. The citizens of New Orleans have always known there could be a natural disaster, just like the citizens of FLA know they will get hurricanes every year and Californian have earthquakes.... so why wouldn't everyone have a plan???? EDUCATION--- the free education our government hands out but generations of people snub..... I'm tired of hearing the bad news-- shouldn't we be applauding those that did the right thing???? Applauding those that have opened their wallets, their homes to reach out to those who did the right thing and left their home when they were told. Shouldn't we be thanking the people who did the best they could in a time of horrific damage???
Sure when its all said and done there is nothing wrong with sitting down and figuring out what could have been done better... but I for one really can't believe that anyone purposely sat down the day of the storm and consciously decided that we'll just wait until people come yelling at us for help..... So stop the blame... or at least put the blame where it belongs --on all of us for allowing our government to enable people to continue in a cycle of poverty.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I got mail

Yes I get mail every a matter of fact I get a mailbox full everyday... but today I got real mail.. and there is nothing like it!! Funny how we communicate daily via the internet, cell phones and even blogs but that a small little envelope with your name handwritten on it in the mailbox can bring such joy!! And of course I had to share because in the envelope was alittle note and some pictures ...ta ta ta dum... of MADISON!!! Its only been a week since I've seen her in person (or puppy as it may be) but alot has happened in that week... she got her stitches out of her eye and her chest!!! And from what I hear shes turned into a fully energetic PUPPY
I had to share!! With all this mail and puppy talk did I mention that the letter was from my daughter? Just seeing her handwriting makes me miss her-- But I know that she knows that pictures will keep me busy and happy!

And did you notice the first picture??? TWO EYES!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day weekend

We've been going to the lake for Labor day for a longgg time... and it was just as wonderful this weekend as in years past..only the real treat this time was the weather... sunny skys, warm air and a breeze to die for!!! lots of sitting and chatting on the deck, on the boat -- nothings better then being with a family you love, friends you care about and a husband who you would start all over again with!

Heres one of my nephews-- hehehe I Almost got a smile! Posted by Picasa

Another perfect sunny day! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 02, 2005

OFF to the lake

Got my bathing suit.. got my scraps, got my trimmer, got my October CK..... what more could I need for a 3 day weekend at the lake.... oh yea... my camera!

Thursday, September 01, 2005